I am scared of snakes, I have a ????


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Patrick Sawyer

Originally California now Ireland
Aug 12, 2014 - 12:54am PT
Go to Ireland, no snakes to worry about, but without a tent you might die of pneumonia waiting for a dry day to climb.

Not true, there are plenty of snakes in Ireland. Some have unusual names, like Denny O’Brienisi, or M Lowrousy, or Enema Kenny, or Seannie Quinnis, or Seannie Fitzpaddy, or the rockstar turned saint, Boner

Most of these snakes can be found under the rocks they slither from, but more likely places are the Dáil, banks, development companies, or even the higher echelons of civil services and government.

And the only tents they will be found in are the corporate hospitality tents at events like the Galway Races.

Be wary of these snakes, they are mean and vicious, and their bite is worse if the victim is a working or middle class person.

And real Irish climbers do not need tents in the cold pissing rain. A pub will do. (But then see below)

And what is Ireland famous for ?

Tami, that's not fair. In the EU countries like the Czech Republic, Finland and the Baltic nations have a much higher problem of alcoholism, but yes binge drinking by Irish youngsters is a concern. Any different in Canada or the US?


Tvash, I had to google Tieton. That place looks like real fun climbing. However, my late father being a Washingtonian and I have loads of relatives in Washington. I understand that the eastern part of the state has loads of rattlers.
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