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Trad climber
Bolinas, CA
Nov 20, 2012 - 02:38am PT
It's illegal to oversell the site. It's caused some problems for legit groups in Yosemite as well as in Jtree. Fun read but some of you are members of those groups who've had to deal with this and it's caused grief from the NPS due to scalping of sites. Now we have to deal with more regs because of jerks like this. Even trolling to scalp just exacerbates the problem. This a-hole is causing more problems then Fatty ever did.....
Print your name.....Tony Lewis

Trad climber
Cali Hodad, surfing the galactic plane
Nov 20, 2012 - 02:53am PT
i'll bet ya can't do SB & i can. if so, i get the site for free!

if ya can do SB, and i can't, i pay double fer the site! ($900)

if we both do it, we break even! (and you get away from the wifie & the kids and get to go bouldering for a day)!!

you just said on the 'Woodson 2012' thread that you cud do it off the couch and you rated it "V3+ tops"!!

and you say you know some "trick" .. then go ahead and feel free to use it!!

i will do it as a straight undercling no "tricks" (& no knees)!!

yer just a hop, skip & a jump from mt. woodson!
Josh Higgins on 'The Silk Banana' Mt. Woodson
Josh Higgins on 'The Silk Banana' Mt. Woodson
Credit: splitter
"There was Silk Banana, the obscenely strenuous lieback, which niether of us had tried before..." - Josh Higgins (

edit: the woodson guide &, etc. says its V5+/.12c ... dunno? (1st cupple moves maybe) but i think its much harder!

here is a vid of the 'Pullharder' crew (Josh Higgins & buddy) trying it that ^^ day! (btw, evidentely they cudn't do it)!

check it out...


Social climber
Wolf City, Wyoming
Nov 20, 2012 - 08:55am PT
Yeah, who can't resist triple retail?
Funny sh#t

Jim Henson's Basement
Nov 20, 2012 - 09:24am PT
I is funny LOL

Methinks Scetchy is co-trolling there since there's no reservation system for HVC.

If this is for real.. Anyone who wants the site can just lurk and take it for regular NPS rates today. If the OP's "stupid kid" really has a tooth-thing to take care of he's hardly going to hang around trying to patrol the perimeter of a camp-sight indefinitely to extort money. The scalp-e would probably have to pony up an extra $90 on top of the scalp-rate to get the paperwork to match BTW.

Yeesh.. for that kinda dough I'd just get a hotel.

Sportbikeville & Yucca brevifolia
Nov 20, 2012 - 12:05pm PT
The 'co-troller' you referred to can actually identify and report this site without a 'reservation system' using the poster's given information. I did :)

Kinda like working in the biz, it's not what you know, it's who you know.

OT Edit;
Why don't you and E stop by for some campfire fun/dinner. we'll be at the hs thur-sun.

lawrence kansas
Nov 20, 2012 - 12:28pm PT
Hey Brian, can I share the site with you for $425.00?

Sportbikeville & Yucca brevifolia
Nov 20, 2012 - 12:32pm PT
you might want to check w/the rangers office before you hand over any cash.

jus' sayin'

Trad climber
Josh, CA
Nov 20, 2012 - 02:04pm PT
A fool and their money are soon to part...

Trad climber
Nov 20, 2012 - 02:23pm PT
A better troll would be someone scalping sites at the Pit.

I have a site at the Climbers Ranch for the next 9 days and I cant use it. I was so psyched to get out for the annual Thanksgiving week, but the dude wants to stay home and watch that stupid football game and my kid has some sort of hormone problem and can't stand to go more than half a day without seeing his girlfriend.

Ammenities include: Spacious, wide open vistas. Close to fine dining, Near the park - but avoid the fighting over sites in Hidden Valley campground and people asking if they can park their car in your site. Exemplary custodial manager on call; just post on this forum and he'll come running with his trash tweetzers!

My loss is your gain. 9 days starting on Tuesday. $4,500 or best offer. PM me.


Trad climber
Cali Hodad, surfing the galactic plane
Nov 20, 2012 - 05:38pm PT
SO, who is this "Brian" dood?

(does he REALLY exist & did he REALLY come up with the $450???)!

And, for that matter, WHO THE HELL is this "PerlonHex" d00d???

BTW, I was VERY serious about SB!

And I am STILL willing to put MY money where MY mouth is!!

...just sayin'!!!
Jon Beck

Trad climber
Nov 20, 2012 - 06:23pm PT
I would like to think that there is nobody stupid enough to pay 450 bucks for a site at HVCG, and then be stupid enough to pay the money over in town without a clue as to whether the site even exists.

Trad climber
Cali Hodad, surfing the galactic plane
Nov 20, 2012 - 06:55pm PT
Jon B,

I haven't been out to Josh in years. I don't recall ever paying anything for a site. i recall paying to get into the park (at times)!! maybe we paid something for a site, it wudda been minimal (like c4 was, bitd) i was shocked to see "$450", but i am pretty clueless as to what's going on out there these days. 9 days at $450 wud be about $45-$50 a day. It does sound absurd. Especially for a single family. But, I thought maybe they are sites for multiple famlies/cars/people or whatever?? Dunno!!

Anyway, I didn't know if it was (or is) a "troll" or a "scalping" or not.

I thought he (PerlonHex) was legit.

I HAD (up until this thread) thought it was still free to camp & climb there. And i have (family has) a Golden Eagle Pass (FWTW). I would like to go out there. But, if I had won the "bet" I would have prollie gone out there for a few, but most lkely simply given it away to someone more worthy of spending a full 9 days at Jtree (most likely what i wudda done)!!

I didn't realize that he (PerlonHex) only has a few posts on ST!!!

SO, WudEvah!!!

edit: i guess i'm purdy lame, eh? one of the LAME, ones! lol

but, i am totally serious about SB, no matter how "lame" it may sound or actually be!!!

EDIT: justthemaid - "I think Randy was pulling our legs." -- Randy Levitt??

He use to (maybe still does) live in San Diego (i think he is a lawyer)! And SB prollie is V3+ for him, eh? And if anyone could do it "off the sofa" it would most assuredly be HIM!!

SO, if I was him, I would take me up on that bet!!!!!!!

Or do you mean Randy Vogel? I suspect you mean him (now that i think about it)!

WELL , the same goes for him (what i said about RL)! He is basically in the same league as RL and also use to live in the vicinity, etc (actually, he was the one who is a lawyer)! I would also recommend that he pony-up if he is interested in making some extra "$$$"!!

I am starting to feel like a dentist (this is getting to feel like pulling f'n teeth)!!!!!!!

Jim Henson's Basement
Nov 20, 2012 - 06:59pm PT
I'm not aware of any type of internet confirmation on campsites up there so the business with mentioning the IP track made me think Randy was pulling our legs. He could certainly report the site and the internet post to the NPS and rat them out though. Pretty funny if he actually busted them LOL.

Trad climber
Cali Hodad, surfing the galactic plane
Nov 20, 2012 - 08:40pm PT
PerlonHex - SB is V3+ tops. MH was my old stomping grounds for 15 years. I can still do it right now, off the sofa, and is a trick.

I have NO idea who you are! And you are welcome to your opinion as to hard it is as far as you are concerned. If you have done it (like you claim) and call it "V3+ tops" kool! BUT, what I have trouble with, what bothers me, is your referring to it as a "trick" (or as Johannsolo called it "a parlor trick"). Are you simply parroting him, or what? He can't even do it (yet)!!

I have no idea what your talking about. I suspect you have watched the vid of the "Pullharder" guys. How can anyone turn that into a trick? It is a pure undercling. Feet on face, under-cling upper flake and grunt!

What bothers me is that it is extremely disrespectful to the FA & SA! (Rick Piggott & John Long)! Rick never said anything about a "trick". I talked to him about it on several occasions, bitd! He thought it was damn hard. Was very proud of getting the FA of it. For you (& Johannsolo) to write it off as some trick or parlor trick (whatever that is) is very insulting to the FA & SA!!!

You can call me a drunk "give up the bottle" or whatever. I could care less what you say, think or consider me (its irrelevant). But to either start, or to continue to perpetuate some asinine rumor, that SB is a simple trick, is bogus! Particularly under the pretense of feeding some preposterous troll!

So, whomever you are (famous or not) that IS lame!!! IMO!!!

Furthermore, I am NOT trolling anyone (fwiw)!

I'll leave it at that!

Social climber
Nov 29, 2012 - 09:23pm PT
Big Mike

Trad climber
Nov 29, 2012 - 09:40pm PT
Well trolled sir.

Trad climber
Where the Hoback and the mighty Snake River meet
Nov 29, 2012 - 09:46pm PT
Just so I'm clear here;
1) HVCG is first come first served.
2) You had a site reserved that you could not used
3) That means you had a buddy SAVE THE SITE for you

If this is all true, then;


It is also illegal.

So, if this is all true, I say we turn the wanker in to the NPS

Trad climber
AKA Dwain, from Apple Valley, Ca. and Vegas!
Nov 30, 2012 - 12:36am PT
Isn't camping at HVCG only 10 or 15 dollars a day for camping?

If so, Perlon is making a profit of about 300 dollars for 9 days.

If he paid for a site for 9 days and couldn't use it, I could see him
giving the site to someone, for what he paid for the site.

Trying to make a profit off the camp site is something only an A$$HOLE would do.


Sportbikeville & Yucca brevifolia
Nov 30, 2012 - 12:40am PT
Cosmic, this guy can't possibly be for real.

If by some bizarre circumstance he does exist, he got exactly what he deserves.


{this page left blank intentionally}
Nov 30, 2012 - 12:41am PT
I have learned much in the ways of The Taco from this thread.
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