Jose Pereyra dies on Potrero Chico.


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Novice climber
Minnesota, USA
Topic Author's Reply - Jan 10, 2003 - 05:31pm PT
I too did not know Jose as a climber, but he was my first friend. I met him the day he was born and spent the next 20 years discovering life together. I remember our weekends together building legos, our trips to the beach, the time he broke his arm, the first day he tried to surf, the first time he flew, and many more. I had not seen him for some years, but knew about his love of climbing. I knew it made him feel free, more connected to nature, and to the real essence of being human. I will miss him.

Novice climber
Topic Author's Reply - Jan 10, 2003 - 06:34pm PT
Jose's nickname between ours friends was "El Che".
Because even he had grown in Venezuela he was born in
Argentina. The first image that comes to my mind when
I think about him is the image of Jose jumping into the
water in a big swell (Mar de Leva) in Los Cocos Beach at
La Guaira, Venezuela. He was probably 14 years old
those days. I met Jose that day and started a large
friendship relation until these days. Last time I saw him
was nine months ago, like happens to me, the years had leave
theirs traces on him. But his spirit was younger and
brilliant. We remembered the first time we went together
to climb, those times when we surfed together and the many
friends we missed. We spoke about our common interest on Castaneda's work and we spoke about the Nagual.

Wherever Jose is he is already in a dimension he
wanted to explore. That is why I'm convinced he is
enjoying that new live with the same wonderful spirit
he enjoyed his material live.

We friends from La Guaira, we miss you.
Victor Pereyra

Novice climber
Cupertino, CA USA
Topic Author's Reply - Jan 10, 2003 - 07:01pm PT
I knew Jose since he was born. I am his father and you have no idea how much we all appreciate this outpour of love and solidarity. It started in the Huasteca, with all the Mexican friends that shared with us setting Jose free to fly in his fifth dimension.

I did not know Jose as much as some of you seem to know him, or as much I would have wanted to know him, but we shared some great moments in recent times, specially the last time I saw him, last summer in Yosemite, when he climbed a 50 ms wall with his two little brothers, Julio (9) and Gabriel (11).

It is very good to hear and confirm what we knew, that Jose was intrinsically a good person that touched many lives in a positive manner. He was also a profound thinker and we will try to bring some of his unpublished writtings out for all to share.

Thank you all and let us continue embracing life to the full, as he would have wanted us to do.

Novice climber
Barcelona Spain
Topic Author's Reply - Jan 11, 2003 - 04:29am PT
Reaching the top of Kukenan Tepui has been one of the most spiritual,magical and fullfiling journeys in my life.
Jose THANK YOU for helping me get there. You are an incredible inspiration to me.
Missing you

Novice climber
Topic Author's Reply - Jan 11, 2003 - 07:03pm PT
Conocimos a José Juis en Bachillerato. Fuimos compañeros de Cristina su hermana. Queremos recordarlo como aquel muchacho más grande, inteligente, estudioso, que era admirado por su personalidad.
Desde adolescente ya tenía claro lo que le gustaba, nunca eran cosas tradicioanles, sin embargo él seguía adelante.
Te recordaremos con el afecto de siempre, estaremos siempre cerca de Cris y Conce.
Juan Vera

Novice climber
Monterrey, NL. Mexico
Topic Author's Reply - Jan 12, 2003 - 05:39pm PT
I live in Monterrey, Mexico. On Christmas Eve, Jose and Paul (my son), came back at home after a 14-day rock climbing adventure in The La Huasteca National Park. They along with their friend Paco, achieved successfully the summit of the San Judas Tadeo Mountain.

They were so excited describing us details of the expedition. They were very hungered, and just when mama Frida (my wife)was taking the roasted turkey out of the oven...., dirty hands picked pieces of turkey up, enjoying tiny delicious turkey's slices.

Life is full of uncertainties, and nobody knew, that this gathering was going to be the last Jose´s Christmas dinner among us.

We remember Jose's positive attitude in life. A deep thinker and we enjoyed the way he taught us his vision on life. Jose will be always in our hearts.

11-days later, after the fatal accident, we met Jose´s family. His parents Victor, Concepcion and his sister Cristina. A wonderful and blessed family having a son like Jose.
We love you all.

Trad climber
Lake district
Jan 13, 2003 - 07:55am PT
Hi Everybody, my name is Leo Houlding. I like to think I knew Jose pretty well. We met in the fall of 98, when I was a complete big wall gumbie. Every valley season since have spent much time lost in each others imagination.

He is the first truely deep friend I've lost. Honestly I'm still a little shocked.

Jose has had such an immense and profound effect on my life I can say with certainty I would not be the man I now am were it not for him.

He was a Burjo. A spiritual teacher. Every time we hung out he would discreetly divuldge and discuss another level of knowledge, then test it. Usually so discreetly it's not until long after that the lessons became clear.

The last time I saw him was in October. We spent 8 days with 4 unexperienced wall climbers, but great friends on the NA wall.

Both Jose and I were injured, he had a swollen knee and I was still recovering from the smashed ankle and gained last winter on Cerro Torre (where jose helped with my rescue).

We got Javier, Blanca, Harry and Louis to lead every pitch whilst jose and I drank cocktails, smoked and discussed the nature of the universe, our place in it, Mescalito and big wall climbing. We took 300kg of stuff, 3 cabana port-a-legdes, a mini keg of grolsh, a huge boom box etc. etc.

Hey if you can't climb in good style, climb "good style"!!!

I set up all the hauls, camps etc. Jose did nothing but watch and release the hauls. With a 200m haul line, we did the whole route in 5 massive hauls.

When we topped out, Jose had the revelationary idea of tying together our vast amount of rope and lowering all 5 haul bags off the top of ZM all the way to the ground. It worked perfectly!

He also said to me that after that experience I could safely call myself a big wall climber, I wonder what he meant?

I could sit here and write about Jose all day. He was not only my hero, mentor, teacher, he was one of my very closest friends, I can not write this without a tear, he taught so much but there is still so much more to learn.

The last e-mail I received from him was 16th Dec. In it he said that Mexico is a very special place, perhaps the place he would like to stay. I think, as ever Jose knows something we don't... but I still miss him from th bottom of my heart.

Jose we love you. I'll see you on the other side.
el escalona

Big Wall climber
Jan 13, 2003 - 09:04am PT
I had the opportunity to share some moments with José...some in La Guairita , some others climbing in Suesca and the last time in Yosemite when was breaking the record in the regular route of the Half Dome. I have in mind only goog memories with him...Always friendly,genteel,gracious,positive, funny,etc.

Viejo Jóse: All the best for you in this journey. You will be always with us ...We will miss you.


Trad climber
Orange County
Jan 13, 2003 - 05:15pm PT
I was on El Cap afew years ago with my wife and a friend. We were cruising along in a multi-day old-school approach and I was gazing into the void below and spotted two climbers starting up after us. It soon became apparent that they were moving WAY faster than us and would catch us before my wife finished her pitch. My initial reaction was one of irritation with the potential cluster f*#k that their passing us would entail. However, after watching their speed ascent style I realized that they could go right by without impacting us negatively. Pretty soon they were right on top of us and as D.P. led through Jose had a few minutes to hang out at our belay. D. was very brusque and all business but Jose was very friendly. It was the only time I ever came in contact with him but as they faded into the distance I remember thinking "That guy was cool" (i.e. not the dick that some climbing celebrities are).
jeff benowitz

Jan 13, 2003 - 05:50pm PT
geologists talk to biologists, biologists talk to chemists, chemists talk to physicsts and physicsts talk to g-d. listen quitely, there are some interesting conversations happening at the deli in the sky.

Jan 13, 2003 - 11:45pm PT
i am eduardo jose's cousin and eventhough i had not seen Jose in many years i always admired and, in a way envied his comitment to what he loved, I read his writings on physics and i was really convinced that he had a real grasp on what life was about. After reading all these mails i am deeply touched by how much all loved him, and in my sadness that bmakes me very happy and proud about Jose. So, Jose wherever you are, gracias por dejarnos ver que se puede vivir a fondo, un abrazo grande
Eduardo Escobar

Jan 15, 2003 - 11:57am PT
I knew very young, surfeamos , we mounted patineta and we are a very good friends. It is very sad to think that a good friend is dead, I hope is making mountain climbing with Jesus Christ in the Sky.

I will remember you for always. You friend Eduardo

Social climber
Jan 16, 2003 - 01:09am PT
Conoci a Jose hace 25 anos, en Caracas - Venezuela y juntos compartimos el mar y el cielo. "El Vegetal" como soliamos llamarlo tiene miles de historias que contar.
El aprendio desde muy joven el valor que tiene cada segundo de vida, aunque teniamos caminos diferentes siempre el destinos nos unia una y otra vez. En los ultimos 3 anos mi casa, era su casa de SLC-Utah. Jose cambio mi vida y la de mi familia.
Conociendo a Jose se que el disfruto cada segundo de ese dia, pero eso no nos quita este terrible dolor, y al igual que El Chuti, nos deja un gran vacio.
Ahora me doy cuenta que la ultima llamada que nos hizo fue para despedirse, pero todavia seguimos esperando oirlo abrir puerta y decir QUE HAY DE COMER!!..... Hola.

Big Wall climber
Caracas, Venezuela
Jan 17, 2003 - 10:16am PT
preculsor e impusador de las actividades al aire libre, que siempre supo como estar en la cresta del alto nivel en la actividad que hiciera
nos sumamos al duelo sus compañeros escaladores, pilotosde vuelo libre, montañista, academicos, surfista y otros.
Hablar de un hombre universal es hablar de Jose
Jose te queremos y te pensamos
gracias por tu ejemplo
tus hermanos....

en la guairita te recordamos en cada boulder en cada ruta y en la travesia.
en las nubes nos haces falta para que nos marques la termal.
en la montaña corremos y fluimos hacia arriba
en la guairita nos dabas tus clases de vida

Tatiana Cartwright

Trad climber
Jan 17, 2003 - 01:04pm PT
Jose. Eres parte de Suesca por siempre. Ojalà estes alucinando en eso que està despuès de esta vida. Fercho y yo te extrañamos mucho. Amor infinito estès donde estès.
Wendy Lagerquist

Sport climber
Price, Utah
Jan 18, 2003 - 02:01pm PT
I met Jose in Utah when he wanted a ride to the ski resort in 1994. He and I quickly became good friends. I was a ski instructor for the University of Utah, and he was new to the area learning how to ski. He quickly surpassed me in skill. He excelled at everything he tried. I will miss our trips to the desert and his fascinating conversations about the metaphysical. I will especially miss his hugs. I will never forget him.

Social climber
moab, utah
Jan 19, 2003 - 10:59pm PT
I first met Jose in Salt Lake City. Suddenly he just kept turning up everywhere, everytime I went climbing. It's impossible to believe that he won't again. I'll never forget the time I was leaving on a little roadtrip to Hueco Tanks, five or six years ago. I was having a rough time right then, and I really wanted a solo roadtrip alone with my dog. But Jose asked if I could drop him off in Tucson ("Tooksan"), where I was stopping to visit my brother anyway, at the bus station. How could I say no? Next thing I knew, we were skipping the bus station and headed to my brother's house. We climbed as a threesome for a week, then Jose just continued on with me to Hueco. I finally booted him out of my car and left him at Pete's. Then I started to miss him! Luckily, not much time ever went by before Jose was around again. In Patagonia last winter, I met him on the trail as I was leaving. He was trying to trick me into meeting up with Dean instead of going back to the States, ever the true friend. He knew what was best.
Last June, we got married in Moab. Two days before the wedding, Jose called to tell us he was driving out and bringing Chongo. Dean was so happy he was almost in tears. Jose had his trademark Farrakhan sunglasses, and this pretty amazing opalescent purple buttondown shirt. For months afterward, my mom kept asking me how Jose makes his living, and when his book will be finished. I guess they had some fascinating conversations at the reception. But perhaps the highlight was waking up the morning after our wedding to find Chongo and Jose already installed in our house, fully at work on the book as we were packing for our honeymoon. It was very romantic. They housesat and helped us out by eating all the leftover wedding food in the fridge all week while we were gone. Jose kept saying to me, "We have to climb something together in the Valley this fall." We never did--he did a route with Dean, but I never did another route with Jose. Here in Moab, we still can't believe that we're not going to see him next season in the Valley. We didn't want to lose Jose, not yet. In our hearts we haven't.

Boulder climber
Montreal, Canada
Jan 20, 2003 - 03:08pm PT
I met Jose 20 years ago when we both started climbing in La Guairita, Venezuela. My best memories of him are not about climbing though, but of the many simple and wonderful moments that we shared traveling, playing, laughing.

Jose and I share the same birth date, May 20. I’ll always remember one day on our birthday when Jose convinced me to skip my biology class and go with him to the “tallest swing in the world”. He then drove me for about an hour to the rolling hills outside Caracas to a wooden swing hanging by a thick rope from the tallest branch of an immense tree. There was a hill by the tree, so we climbed the hill and swung from very, very high. It was exciting and fun. We spent many hours there, swinging like little kids. I never found out who built the swing or how Jose found it. But it was certainly a magical way to spend our birthday’s afternoon.

Other times he would invite me to a river to show me an underwater blue cave, or we would travel to mountainous Merida by bus, or he would offer me an Escher paper puzzle. Whatever it was that he did, it was filled with real intention, true meaning, love and joy for life.

I am now a long-retired climber, mother of a 2-year old with another baby “en route”. I haven’t seen Jose in many, many, many years, but always thought that I would meet him again. I know now that all these great memories will keep him alive in me.


Social climber
caracas, new york
Jan 22, 2003 - 12:13pm PT
I met Jose (accenting on the "o" as we call him) about 10 years ago when I was starting to climb in La Guarita... he didnt climb that day but something about him made it clear that he was in his nich... I think he left for Utah around those days... and later I saw him on one of his first visits... He came to la guarita with no shoes (had to borrow mine); hicimos travesia juntos un par de veces...A few months later I came to the states I came to the US and alled him to see if I could stop by SLC to climb together... I stayed at his house for 3 months, climbing with him and some of the friends he introduced me to.
Well, that house became my house the following winter as a moved to SLC to finish school and live with him for 3 years.
I could probably sit here and write for a week about the memories I have of those days... the high lights may be my first day backcountry skiing to "Gobblers Knob" and our trips to indian creek and other desert areas, and I can't forget numberless burrito or pasta dinners in our kitchen. Jose wasn't one of much talk but was a definite example of a man true to his passions.
I left SLC 3 and a half years ago and saw Jose last that same year on my last visit to the valley; he was walking around barefoot, doing a bigwall about every other day... my last climbing memory of him is probably of trying Midnight Ligthning together... he was pretty close. The day I left the valley I remember looking up to El Cap wondering what pitch he would be up to then.
Although we never ran into eachother again since, tons of our closest friends did; so I guess we had aa idea of how we were doing... I was surprised by a mail from him late november; I replied telling him about me teaching math for the past three years; I did'nt expect a reply, I told him.
The day before his accident I was scared shivering on a runout thinking of how Jose would be laughing at me if he had been there...
well, we ,as steph says, weren't ready for him to go I guess he is enjoying his 5th dimension...

Jose (con acento en la o)...echamele guindas al pavo!

Trad climber
Jan 23, 2003 - 05:30pm PT
Mi muy querido,respetado y apreciado Jóse,mi pana,yo se que nunca te iras realmente!!!...Eres uno de los pocos individuos que realmente llego muy cerca de entender la verdad del universo!! tal vez te la llevaste contigo!!!inolvidables momentos juntos!!en compañia de Alexis,Chongo,Alexandra, todos los escaladores de la Guairita (Venezuela) y por supuesto, del valle de "Yosemite"..nuestro lugar de estudio hacia la inteligencia superior!!!..`Jóse la ultima vez que nos vimos,en Caracas Venezuela(casa de Henry Gonzales) quedamos en hacer unas "arepas" juntos,ahora te dedico todas las que haga!!! vida no termina se transforma en energia..siempre viviras en los que te conocimos de verdad ..te adoro!!! zarithza maria!!


My dearest,respected and,loved Jóse:you will never be dead to me.You are simply the only person i know that got really close to the understanding of the truth of the universe!!,My friend... unforgetable moments we shared alog with Alexis,Chongo,Alexandra,the climbers of our beloved "Guairita" and,off course Yosemite Valley; our place of learning the superior inteligence!..last time i saw you was in Cracas-Venezuela at Henry Gonzales place,we talk about getting together to make AREPAS(our tipical venezuelan meal)..from now on all of the arepas i´ll make will be for you!! doesn´t end it only transforms into energy- now you know it! will live forever in the soul of us "the ones that really know who you are"..I LOVE YOU!!..zarithza maria lionza and bruce lee!!
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