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mouse from merced

Trad climber
The finger of fate, my friends, is fickle.
Sep 14, 2012 - 09:15pm PT
Jack, Skeet, Skeet's gal, the Reverend at west end of Bradley OH.
Jack, Skeet, Skeet's gal, the Reverend at west end of Bradley OH.
Credit: mouse from merced
Mike Dwyer, the Reverend.  Yosemite Parkway, Merced.  1971. <br/>
DORF.  1...
Mike Dwyer, the Reverend. Yosemite Parkway, Merced. 1971.
DORF. 1966 Econoline, heavy duty. $1,000.00 used laundry van.
Credit: mouse from merced

This pair of photos were taken near the end of an epic trip, and show the shaked down DORF in a rest stop in Merced on 140, that "bridge of sighs and fond goodbyes" for homeward-bound Yosemite travelers, the last decent view of the Yosemite for many, the "Bradley Overhead," so-called, crossing the Santa Fe which comes in from Planada. You've been there.
Recently it is being modernized and it's partly the UC's fault, but that's subject that's over my head and of local interest only. And yet Yosemite traffic will see the results in 2014.
Anyway, the friend we phoned from the rest stop, Jack Walter Meade, jetted over to jive with the Flames, being one of the originals in Merced. Muskrat and I had been to Eiger and taken a leisurely route back with the booty destined for Tuolumne Sporting Goods. Who here has done business with the Reverend and TSG?

Jacky got off his Triumph and we all gathered around the back end of the van, opened it for his viewing an let him feast his flat lander eyes on what the mountain men were up to this winter. It was February, 1971.
We didn't have as much gear by far as Jeff had intended to get and he says this is why, from the horse's mouth.

He got in with someone to show a purchase order and they took us to the warehouse and there was a staggering amount sf inventory at that time. And the man politely explained why it was not for sale. It was the custom to place your orders well in advance so that they could be imported, and this gear was largely spoken for. Well, Jeff was not put off, just accepted it as his due for being a n00b at buying wholesale. TSG was off to a rip-roaring start.


But he did score several hundreds worth of goodies, and this is what Jacky got to see. At least one set of new Bonna 2100s for Jeff's use. Maybe another set, I think some Bonna 2400s. Does that sound right? For the Silvrettas? Bindings, maybe a half dozen pins, a few sets of Silvrettas, some skins, WAX, WAX, and lots of extras, heating and scraping and corking tools, pine tar remover, ski tips, ice ax tips, and some skis for others who asked him to get them.

We had to visit Monterey on the way up, stopped in to visit Brother Don, got some blow so we could rap the night away with our old friend from the year we all lived in PG. My treat. Jeff sneezed it into the shag rug. We turned to Coors. Left for Berkeley next day, picked up Skeeter and his friendly lass along when visiting the North Face and Horton. We already had Mike Dwyer (with the Rev) who we picked up twixt Monterey and Berkeley. Monter. Berkel. Ey.

The last lap from here to Degnan's Dorms was done by DORF in a record* one hour and forty-five minutes, by my navigator's timepiece, including the load, myself, Jeff, our sh#t, the three passengers and their sh#t.
Six cylinders. Three speed on the column. Extra stringer in the body, a biggie that pre-dated the wider Chevy vans so vulgar and cheap they made a song up over it. Gack... Chevy...
And the Reverend never lies!

*I put this record in the shade several times, but never this fully-loaded.

mouse from merced

Trad climber
The finger of fate, my friends, is fickle.
Sep 14, 2012 - 09:51pm PT
A further true story of a trip to Eiger on behalf of Curry Company, same vehicle, the brave and worthy DORF, my new bride Dolores riding shotgun. "Currrry, Babe, it's freezing in here." We started off this trip in virgin snow going up to the Wawona Tunnel, no chains, blissfully in command.

I am remembering right now.

Gosh, I think it was in January, the hemming and hawing of where in the hell to put the XC rental stock where it was best for the renters had ended. and the place had gone from the original building by the Village PO to the Lodge Gift Shop (if you can believe it), only to go back to square one a short time later. Dolores and I had a chance each day to visit at lunch in the caf on our meal tickets, and at our breaks. We had a room in the top floor of Tecoyah in the Village and used the window reefer to keep our food. Two single beds pushed together.


So the trip continued with not problem, fortunately for the bliss factor, and the trip stopped short at the Grapevine for many hours of snooze. I was glad to have chosen the alpine start. "Our spot in the queue was real close to the head of the line, but behind some other guys."

We descended on Ike and Shari with all the glee imaginable between a recent bride and her "old married sister." Ike and I sat around burning the midnight oil and some of his stash, getting to know one another a lot better, thinking of possiblities for the future. Shari cooked up her famous enchiladas, too. Yet more bliss. We adjouned to the DORF in the Sideway Driveway. Yet MORE BLISS! And we had panny cakes for breakfast.
Credit: Ansel Adams
We got on the road, heading east on 118 from its intersection with 101 at what Ike and Shari called Okie Flats. Ike had lived there all his life and had a good gig installing well pumps with his pop, Ike Senior.

We got to Eiger, presented the purchase order, rolled the van to the doors and they got our stuff together. The route over the Grapevine was clear and we had no trouble with returning to the Valley, stopping in Bykersfield at one of the all-time eateries on the way through the San Jaoquin Valley.
By all means, chow down clown.
By all means, chow down clown.
Credit: Some hick dude.
We fed and sped. Through fog, you betcha. As thick as frozen peanut butter. Nastier than the porn I bought to enliven things at Tecoyah. You know those little decks of playing cards sold out of a vending machine. These were accepted with less glee than I would have hoped.
Pulling in late-late, we parked the van, she and I got a few hours, she got dressed for work and I ran her to the Lodge, caught breakfast, and met Len Singer at the Curry Wsrehouse. We off-loaded and I reported to the shop and left Len to the receiving.

I got some remuneration after niggling with the c*#ks@ckers in charge who were set to stiff me until I showed them the gas receipts my ever-mindful money-trap lady had carefully saved. It was a whole twenty dollars. That was some cheap gas.

This is my Eiger winter story. I hope it takes you back to silent snow falls, trackless roads, happy endings.

Credit: Tommy de Paola
This precious book was one of our daughter's very favorite as a four-year-old. I want to say a very big thank you to the Fossil who lately joined us, as he actually prompted these vignettes. See how he is?

Ajaccio, Corsica, France
Feb 7, 2013 - 06:05am PT
EIGER Hexagons
EIGER Hexagons
Credit: nutstory

Ice climber
chingadero de chula vista
Feb 7, 2013 - 06:23am PT
Say mouse did y'all ever go by P O B 161 in Montrose? As near as I can tell it should have been right down Rosemont from me, but I never saw it.

Mail is handled differently in La Crescenta. For example, the local parks, Two Strike Park and Crescenta Vwalley Park, have their own mailboxes.

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