Exciting Deep Water Comp in Spain with Sharma


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Mountain climber
San Diego
Nov 3, 2010 - 12:56am PT
This is a great climbing comp format. Very fun and exciting to watch.

Something for everyone:

Great dual Solo Deep Water climbing. Get to watch Top of the Game strong climbers. Great long plunging falls to watch as they go into the drink. And for those few (or just the one - Sharma) who make it to the top, an opportunity to do the big spectacular jump.

I still think they should try to really do a difficult platform dive ala Greg Louganis at the end. Then the audience can hold up cards 1 - 10 judging the dive. Then you get a climbing comp and a diving exhibition. Lol. But that is just the springboard diver in me.

Good job Chris Sharma. Dang he is like Superman strong.

beyond the sun
Nov 3, 2010 - 02:11am PT
Wow that was just awesome. Most climbing comps are utterly uninteresting to watch.

And, I have heard both reasons for water jets in high diving. I think i remember that they add air into the water to make it softer and let the falling person better judge the distance. In high diving I think it is more a matter of the former, and in this I think it would be the latter, since at the comp the jet isn't really near enough or strong enough to the impact point to do much else of anything.

Trad climber
new paltz, ny
Nov 3, 2010 - 05:40am PT
that kid can still climb

i want that bottle
Michael Irwin

Trad climber
San Leandro
Nov 7, 2010 - 07:36pm PT
Mtnmun, it was Spanish.

Social climber
Mar 1, 2011 - 12:31pm PT
Chris' Spanish is pretty good.
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