Lost wedding ring 21-24 May 2010


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Denise Umstot

Princess of the El Cap Bridge!
May 26, 2010 - 02:31pm PT
I know the climbers that were in site #6 from Maine. Let me know if you need their e-mail address. I will try and get into contact with them too.

Trad climber
Kalispell, Montana
May 26, 2010 - 02:32pm PT
Credit: ionlyski

Trad climber
The state of confusion
May 26, 2010 - 02:57pm PT

That's really distasteful, Ionlyski.
He wasn't wearing it while climbing. . .

hanging from a crimp and crying for my mama.
May 26, 2010 - 03:00pm PT
Argh! That is so horrible I will never want to wear my ring again! Yikes! What an injury!
This is freaking me out!

Mckinleyville, Ca
May 26, 2010 - 04:03pm PT
Actually, I just needed to see ionlyski's picture to decide that my ring must be removed before I climb much more. I have never been able to remove it from my finger (due to over-size finger joint).

I've always liked the symbolism of the permanent ring -like the vow; but my hand did nearly become fixed gear in the first crack we climbed this weekend.
Lynne Leichtfuss

Sport climber
Will know soon
May 26, 2010 - 05:17pm PT
Roger.....so great to see you again ! Thanks for the time early on in helping me thru challenging life circumstances. Meant Much.

Now, the ring. You really do not strike me as someone that loses things. Try digging around in your pack etc. really carefully. I've found that rings and other things can become invisible in the seams.

Ciao and Peace to you and your special family. lynnie

Ice climber
May 26, 2010 - 07:25pm PT
This might have been taken care of already but here it is again.


I was at Devil's punchbowl on May 1 and found what appears to be a man's wedding band it has engraving on the inside I found it near very direct wall. Contact me if it's yours identify it and we can arrange to get it back to you
Roger Breedlove

Cleveland Heights, Ohio
Topic Author's Reply - May 26, 2010 - 07:38pm PT
Hi Lynne,

You are right about not usually losing stuff, except the stuff between my ears. But the Valley will turn anyone's head around--took me 10 years to extract myself from its grip and I had to move 2000 miles away. Maybe Ed is right.

When I discovered it was missing, I turned everything inside out: pack, suitcase, and the car I had rented, all in the parking lot of the Priest Grade Cafe. I had the hotel in Buck Meadows do the same thing to the room and the rooms adjacent to ours. Then I did it again, including the adjacent cars to mine in the parking lot (the owners were really engrossed in their breakfasts and didn't seem to notice. Maybe Steve was running interference. Everyone should eat at the Priest Grade Cafe as they travel to and from the Park.)

I tried to get the back seat out, even though my pack was always in the trunk, but couldn't figure out how it was attached and the guy I was returning the car to had a worried look on his face as I was bending the edges every which way. He had already inspected the car and given me the bill and was afraid the car would be undrivable once I was through with it. Good thing I didn't pop the hood in the Valley--I would have pulled the engine.

The two leads give me hope, especially the notice on the Camp 4 bulletin board from Max. I have sent e-mails to both Denise (upthread) and Gabe (on Mountain Project). Anders has filed a report in the Valley on my behalf. Thanks again Anders.

I am hopeful.
Roger Breedlove

Cleveland Heights, Ohio
Topic Author's Reply - May 26, 2010 - 07:46pm PT
Hi Melissa,

I thought it was so cool to be able to meet you. Too short. Jay and Rik started talking about tiny little edges and it made me want to relieve myself so I excused myself. On the way back to your table, I stopped to talk to Steve and John. Then you and Jay were gone. I'll bet you went climbing or something. It wasn't even 11:00 O’clock yet! I thought you guys were real hard climbers! I looked for you the next day and asked Ed, but we figured you had left the Valley. I hope that there is another time so we can chat longer.

Best, Roger

hanging from a crimp and crying for my mama.
May 26, 2010 - 08:11pm PT
Yeah! I am hoping for a happy ending! Please have all my Good Luck Roger.

Gym climber
berkeley, ca
May 26, 2010 - 11:11pm PT
Roger ring bump.

I was hoping to extend the sociable morning until the weather let us know that we should be staying indoors, but it wasn't meant to be. I'm not sure that we could have had a better time if it was sunny and balmy. When it's so cold that it's snowing instead of raining, at least the rock stays pretty dry!

I saw the 5.10 ow when we got down and tried to find you guys, but it was raining then (perfect karma...rain exactly as I get to my truck), and Ed tells me that you moved along to make your own social calls. Maybe the lost ring is telling you that you need to visit again...and that it will be here for you when you do. I hope you get your ring and another visit! All the best...

Mountain climber
Visalia, CA
May 26, 2010 - 11:16pm PT
I lost mine in a talus pile while bouldering two years ago. I check every time I'm there.
I'll keep the eyes and ears open. Hope you get it back.

Trad climber
Kalispell, Montana
May 26, 2010 - 11:40pm PT
Steve-Well I know. I did hesitate and maybe it should be on another post. I know Roger wasn't wearing one but actually you'd be surprised how many people I see wearing rings and watches on the rock. Those photos are pretty common and it's REALLY easy (eventually guarranteed) to wedge it in a crack; and you aint gettin it out.

Sorry you're the queasy type. I hope Roger finds it.


.....in a single wide......
May 26, 2010 - 11:41pm PT
Lost mine bouldering around Black Mountain on San Jacinto in '88. My 3 year old son and I spent an hour or more frantically and fruitlessly digging around in the dirt at the base of the boulders.

Never wire a wedding ring since. Fast forward to 2010. 27th Wedding Anniversary. Picked her some nice Navajo jewelry; bought myself a silver band. Not for the finger (unless it is a special occasion?). Silver chain around neck will have to suffice.


Trad climber
Kalispell, Montana
May 26, 2010 - 11:43pm PT
Actually, I just needed to see ionlyski's picture to decide that my ring must be removed before I climb much more.

Rrider-glad to hear it. It's inconvenient I know but take the time.


Trad climber
turn around, bright eyes
May 26, 2010 - 11:44pm PT
i would f*cking freak out if my husband didn't wear a wedding ring most of the time. obviously i would want him to leave it at home for climbing & snowboarding.

Trad climber
Placerville, California
May 27, 2010 - 05:41am PT
my wifey and i fore-went the ring thing.
she's still a little pissed.

i built her a house instead. so far, i've yet to lose that.

though i try.

and it doesn't have a key as our 1920 door came with petrified gum in the lock, so i cannever lose the key?

Credit: Norwegian
though in the building and maintaining of the 'stead,
i lost myself.

so if you find me wanderin about the alleys or byways, mumblin
foul thoughts outloud, just leave me be.

i'll find my way back..


Social climber
May 27, 2010 - 05:59am PT
hey there roger... oh my... say, i lost a special ring once.. not a wedding ring, though.. so i sure understand...

will be praying it will be found and returned...
and in a very special way, that will near abouts make it all worth
the loss...
(sure love it when god does those kind of miracles).. :)

god bless so much...

Mighty Hiker

Vancouver, B.C.
May 27, 2010 - 11:06am PT
Still on the case. Swapping messages with Roger as to whether I need to visit the likely 'lost' locations today. At least the sun came out, after a rainy night. May update later.

Must have precious.


Edit: Roger, please post any updates on the situation here - I may not have access to e-mail until early this evening. Ed: I'll check the spots you mention.
Ed Hartouni

Trad climber
Livermore, CA
May 27, 2010 - 11:13am PT
places to look:

the east parking/turnout on 120 at Upper Cascade Creek (Roger parked his car on the downhill side of this turnout)
the obvious sitting rocks just below the climb Pot Belly, which is the first climb you encounter as you walk up to Knob Hill

At the base of Church Bowl Terrace (Anders was there) at Church Bowl
a quick look at the parking area (though the surface was recently redone with soft soil)

At the base of CS Concerto and Fecophilia Manure Pile
the parking on the Northeast side of the picnic area (near the latrines at the start of the path up to the cliffs)

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