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Getting to Eagle Wall, Red Rocks - Click for details
 Getting to Eagle Wall, Red Rocks
*This is the route my wife and I used when approaching Eagle Wall. I can't guarantee it's correct or that we took the easiest route through the terrain so please don't follow ...

by Paul B
167 Nov 19, 2017 1
45 Days trip to Red River Gorge - Best crags and where to stay?
by lucasrocha
435 Jul 12, 2017 5
TADMO BL TRIP #2  Mo's 1st. - Click for details
 TADMO BL TRIP #2 Mo's 1st.
Mo had not gotten the chance to take a NorCal coast trip this year now that the van build is almost complete. So she suggested we head over Fri. & Sat. nights for some R an...

by T Hocking
452 Oct 05, 2017 7
The Conquest of Tillie's Outlook - Click for details
 The Conquest of Tillie's Outlook
Due to a gross oversight, Rock and Ice left this out of its 50th anniversary issue of Ascent. For your sweaty palms, sleepless nights, and edification, here's one for the ages...

by marty(r)
469 Aug 02, 2017 4
Yosemite visit 2009: an old thread re-purposed as a
by MH2
483 Feb 22, 2017 2
South Face of South Duke Taku Range AK - Click for details
 South Face of South Duke Taku Range AK
Here's a few of the FA of the South Face of the South Summit of South Duke. Pretty straightforward with good quality rock up to 5.9 and some WI3 ice/snow. I flew in with Coast...

by johnkelley
528 Jun 01, 2017 8
South Early Winter Spire SW Rib
by jennys slippers
530 Jul 11, 2017 2
Lizard Head in Winter with Charlie Pitts - Click for details
 Lizard Head in Winter with Charlie Pitts
Lizard Head Peak is the hardest summit to attain in the state according to the classic Ormes guide to the Colorado Rockies. Insofar as this refers to the summit of a peak, th...

by Nick Danger
532 Apr 10, 2017 3
by Q- Ball
553 Jul 13, 2016 3
Right Angle - The 50th Anniversary Ascent! - Click for details
 Right Angle - The 50th Anniversary Ascent!
Warm greetings SuperTopoist's from a grey day in Bristol in the UK! It's been a while since I have been around these here parts as I have been very busy becoming a ...

by Bald Eagle
593 Oct 11, 2017 11
And May Its Bright Spirit Be With You Tonight
by MH2
605 Jul 02, 2017 10
2017-09 Quick hit for White Mountains and Saline Valley - Click for details
 2017-09 Quick hit for White Mountains and Saline Valley
I've been holed up in my house for ages, don't even get out to check the mail most days. I have a work project that is sort of like chasing a rainbow and I keep making excuses...

by NutAgain!
620 Oct 11, 2017 16
My Favorite Phoenix 5.8 - Click for details
 My Favorite Phoenix 5.8
Smokin’ the Toad - 5.8 Lower Devils Canyon - Hackberry Creek A perfect line? Maybe. For a single pitch, it doesn’t get much better in my opinion. Sure, I love ...

by myers1210
638 Apr 01, 2016 2
Chulilla, Spain - Click for details
 Chulilla, Spain
I had an ace trip to Chulilla at the end of 2016, so ace that I'll be going back later this year! I've done a report here:

by jezb
640 Feb 03, 2017 2
Trolls Traverse
by pedro binfa
647 Oct 11, 2016 4
Poison Duck Tour of Denver – S. Platte River 2017 - Click for details
 Poison Duck Tour of Denver – S. Platte River 2017
Some adventures are local, but local adventures are still adventures. Against all expectations, the South Platte River, which flows through Denver and is largely dam-discharg...

by Nick Danger
654 Aug 18, 2017 7
Snow Patch Spire - 25 Years Ago
by Crump
664 Apr 25, 2015 1
Squamish: Never Never Land (an old thread repurposed as a)
by MH2
664 Jun 16, 2016 1
Yet more on our route by the sea.
by David C
675 Jul 03, 2015 3
My Favorite Phoenix 5.7 - Click for details
 My Favorite Phoenix 5.7
Back to the Wall - 5.7 McDowell Mountain Preserve - Morrell’s Parking Lot Wall This route is by far one of my all-time favorite 5.7’s. Not just in Arizona but...

by myers1210
675 Apr 01, 2016 4
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