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SPECTACULAR Climbing in Austria. Summit "Hochplatte" 7000 ft - Click for details
 SPECTACULAR Climbing in Austria. Summit "Hochplatte" 7000 ft
May 31st I decided to go from Munich to the Alpes in Austria. We went to the "Ammerland Alm" to start a really nice tour. But there was a problem: fron 12am on there was ...

by Andreas He is the one
270 Jun 08, 2018 3
The Col-Col, overcoming my fears - Click for details
 The Col-Col, overcoming my fears
I started climbing at age 52, when I met my husband, who posts here as “Thirsty”. So far I have enjoyed all the different types of climbing and climbing related things we hav...

by Hungry
474 Dec 12, 2017 1
Mini-TR: cool beach climbing potential in Yachats, OR - Click for details
 Mini-TR: cool beach climbing potential in Yachats, OR
Some amazing campus traverses and mantel problems, lots of V0-V4 stuff which is they extent of what I can comment on. I was in flip-f...

by NutAgain!
501 Jun 21, 2018 9
The Conquest of Tillie's Outlook - Click for details
 The Conquest of Tillie's Outlook
Due to a gross oversight, Rock and Ice left this out of its 50th anniversary issue of Ascent. For your sweaty palms, sleepless nights, and edification, here's one for the ages...

by marty(r)
590 Aug 02, 2017 4
45 Days trip to Red River Gorge - Best crags and where to stay?
by lucasrocha
604 Jul 12, 2017 5
A Yosemite 1984 retro trip report - Click for details
 A Yosemite 1984 retro trip report
Nine and a Half Hours: an early Nose in a Day ascent with Romain Vogler. Alone - Off the wall, is about trying to solo Sunkist and coming unstuck. I’ve already wri...

by duncan
604 Dec 13, 2017 2
TADMO BL TRIP #2  Mo's 1st. - Click for details
 TADMO BL TRIP #2 Mo's 1st.
Mo had not gotten the chance to take a NorCal coast trip this year now that the van build is almost complete. So she suggested we head over Fri. & Sat. nights for some R an...

by T Hocking
608 Oct 05, 2017 7
Stettners/Window with John - Click for details
 Stettners/Window with John
The Stettner brothers Joe and Paul put up one of the most enjoyable alpine rock climbs in the park in 1927 when they rode their Indian motorcycles out from Chicago and put up ...

by Nick Danger
616 Jun 09, 2018 16
Yosemite visit 2009: an old thread re-purposed as a
by MH2
617 Feb 22, 2017 2
The Junk Show Takes On Red Rocks - Video
by Brooks Ryan
622 Feb 28, 2018 3
Desert tour
by deuce4
643 Jun 21, 2018 13
TADMO BL TRIPS #3 SoCal - Click for details
Well Mo and I put over 1700 miles on the TADMO BL with a trip to SoCal to visit my Brothers for Christmas. The I-5 drive south Sat. the 23rd sucked big time due to the ho...

by T Hocking
653 Dec 31, 2017 14
South Face of South Duke Taku Range AK - Click for details
 South Face of South Duke Taku Range AK
Here's a few of the FA of the South Face of the South Summit of South Duke. Pretty straightforward with good quality rock up to 5.9 and some WI3 ice/snow. I flew in with Coast...

by johnkelley
654 Jun 01, 2017 8
Hagerman Peak with Phil - Click for details
 Hagerman Peak with Phil
The east face of Hagerman Peak is one of the many interesting alpine faces in Colorado I had spied on some earlier bit of alpine tomfoolery that sort of just stuck in my head ...

by Nick Danger
660 Dec 12, 2017 6
Elephant Land Revisited - Click for details
 Elephant Land Revisited
First off, what is it with all the Sprinter vans? We are seeing more and more of these “adventure vans”. And then this: A Sprinter pulling an ATV? What? M...

by Ney Grant
671 Jun 09, 2018 19
TADMO BL TRIPS #4 Bridwell Memorial & #5 NorCal/Oregon Coast - Click for details
 TADMO BL TRIPS #4 Bridwell Memorial & #5 NorCal/Oregon Coast
Been putting the TADMO BL to good use recently with a trip to the Ditch for the Bridwell Memorial and a week long trip on the NorCal/Oregon coast to celebrate Mo's re...

by T Hocking
674 Jun 09, 2018 18
by Q- Ball
676 Jul 13, 2016 3
South Early Winter Spire SW Rib
by jennys slippers
713 Jul 11, 2017 2
Lizard Head in Winter with Charlie Pitts - Click for details
 Lizard Head in Winter with Charlie Pitts
Lizard Head Peak is the hardest summit to attain in the state according to the classic Ormes guide to the Colorado Rockies. Insofar as this refers to the summit of a peak, th...

by Nick Danger
726 Apr 10, 2017 3
My Favorite Phoenix 5.8 - Click for details
 My Favorite Phoenix 5.8
Smokin’ the Toad - 5.8 Lower Devils Canyon - Hackberry Creek A perfect line? Maybe. For a single pitch, it doesn’t get much better in my opinion. Sure, I love ...

by myers1210
739 Apr 01, 2016 2
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