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Bludgers Revelation, Slime Wall, Scotland - Night Ascent - Click for details
 Bludgers Revelation, Slime Wall, Scotland - Night Ascent
Blog link with pictures - Hope you enjoy! Sometimes I agree to things and immediately realise what a terrible decision I’ve made. In a way, this trip was one of tho...

by martinmckenna
223 Jul 02, 2014 2
Bhatoba Pinnacle in a Day (PIAD)
by SunnyJamshedji
277 May 12, 2014 2
Awesome Autumn – Cloud Tower, Donner, Zion, More Red Rock & Tickling the Toes of Giants
by W.L.
290 Oct 31, 2014 4
Tres escaladores mas tonto que todo en "La Cierta Edad" Red Rock 5.10 - Redux
by HighTraverse
307 Jul 28, 2014 5
Red Rock Romp – Bros Trip IV - Click for details
 Red Rock Romp – Bros Trip IV
So I’ll start off by admitting that this TR is a year late. Yes, that is an incredible amount of procrastination. I debated skipping the write-up entirely, but we just compl...

by timmaly
310 Oct 18, 2014 5
Skippy & the Toid go to the Dolomites - Click for details
 Skippy & the Toid go to the Dolomites
Hi All, This is part two in a trilogy that I am creating is Scott's memory. In 1994, Scott, Robert, Tracey and I, along with a Discover Channel Camera Crew went to th...

by Crump
318 Oct 22, 2014 10
Moose River (ox)Bow trip, an OT TR
by perswig
319 Sep 25, 2014 11
small granite BUT good granite - the Swiss Graübunden area - Click for details
 small granite BUT good granite - the Swiss Graübunden area ...

by stefano607518
330 Jul 29, 2014 5
2013 yosemite valley and J tree
by axeman
349 Sep 01, 2014 3
a drive-by clambering on pico de orizaba - Click for details
 a drive-by clambering on pico de orizaba
i offer up this tale as partial penance for my ot contributions to st. not so much for past transgressions, but rather in the true spirit of penance: because i know i wi...

by nah000
360 Sep 03, 2014 3
No climbing but there are desert photos if you're bored
by Travis Haussener
377 May 26, 2014 5
Cooke Booke Trip Report 7/12/09 - Click for details
 Cooke Booke Trip Report 7/12/09
Cooke Booke Trip Report 7/12/09 Davidji and I headed up on Saturday night. Amazingly we found a legal campsite at Porcupine Flat. We did our part to stimulate the econ...

by Zander
394 Jul 31, 2009 34
Colo. TR – via my 92 year old mother-in-law
by Naitch
398 Sep 26, 2014 10
OT: surfing w/ kids in Pacifica - Click for details
 OT: surfing w/ kids in Pacifica
Fun way to spend an SF Bay Area afternoon, perfect season for it, I'll let the pictures do the talking. We saw lots of hug...

by NutAgain!
399 Sep 08, 2014 8
Visiting My Old Friend Stonewall - Click for details
 Visiting My Old Friend Stonewall
The following trip report is posted in its entirety - feel free to check out my blog for more like it! I guess the earliest memory I have is sitting in the front ya...

by GDavis
401 Dec 03, 2013 3
Tr\[i\]ad Wars on Chanderi
by SunnyJamshedji
402 Jun 25, 2014 10
TR 2008-12-30 Gary's Crack Menace - Click for details
 TR 2008-12-30 Gary's Crack Menace
The menace: The crew: Queen of Wyde: Ed H with injured foot (and wall of fame in foreground): Scuffy showing us how the arm...

by nutjob
408 Apr 25, 2009 15
TR 2011-04 Pinnacles scrambling with kids
by nutjob
411 Nov 03, 2012 14
Ireland's Highest free standing tower
by Donegal Sea Stacks
413 Sep 25, 2012 2
Grapevine, Grindhouse & Sally (Backwaters Bouldering, MT) - Click for details
 Grapevine, Grindhouse & Sally (Backwaters Bouldering, MT)
More fun out in the backwaters Pat on the FA of Grapevine Grape Slab The Grindhouse Project The brother ...

by TKingsbury
414 Mar 14, 2009 20
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