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Women Rock! : Time to Celebrate - Click for details
 Women Rock! : Time to Celebrate
Don't Even Be Shy: I Know You All Got The Pics. CragDarlins’ -post up yer proudest girlfriends. CragsMen -let's see yer moms, sweet hearts, daughters. (eKat...

by Tarbuster
3,344 Apr 07, 2014 69
Without a net - Click for details
 Without a net
More than jus the name of a Grateful Dead album, it's the way life is! It's also the name of a 200' four pitch (?) 5.8 Chimney route on Merrimac Butte North of M...

by Jaybro
1,281 Apr 27, 2015 29
With Donini at Indian Creek - Click for details
 With Donini at Indian Creek
The highlight of my fall is a trip to Indian Creek, where great camping meets superb crack climbing. Each year I meet Jim Donini and other friends there for a couple of weeks...

by AKTrad
2,327 Nov 01, 2010 18
Winter Whitney Linkup: Car-to-Car East Face and East Buttress, Solo - Click for details
 Winter Whitney Linkup: Car-to-Car East Face and East Buttress, Solo
Marx said "the only antidote to mental suffering is physical pain." Don't know if who said it was Karl or Groucho, or some Marx in between. And I wasn't sure that trudging thr...

by zoom loco
5,297 Mar 02, 2014 27
Winter Solo of Moonlight In A Day - Click for details
 Winter Solo of Moonlight In A Day
Went back to Zion this February to make another ascent of Moonlight. This time I left the partner and the haulbag on the ground. Enjoy. Sorry for not posting to ST but it's ea...

by GHowland
2,090 Mar 14, 2012 4
Winter in Tuolumne Aug. '10 - Click for details
 Winter in Tuolumne Aug. '10
I signed on for some harder climbs this time... Scorpion- Medlicott This climb has multiple challenges- gymnastic start, hard slab moves, HARD face moves, hard cr...

by Jay Wood
1,445 Sep 01, 2010 12
Winter Fun in the SUN - Click for details
 Winter Fun in the SUN
This winter has been a lot different from the usual routine I had going. For majority of my climbing trips I opened up to less onsighting and more falling. In addition, I trai...

by Vitaliy M.
2,394 Mar 25, 2014 28
winter break vegas time!!!! - Click for details
 winter break vegas time!!!!
So, its been a while sense I have posted a TR on here... Lets see how it goes! We had a winter break, and my brother is off for 6 months after fighting fires in AK a...

by whitemeat
1,146 Dec 28, 2015 13
Winter Attempt on The Prow - Click for details
 Winter Attempt on The Prow
I am awake and I have no idea what time it is. It sounds like the rain and wind has stopped, that is good at least. I am starting to get the chills and I don’t know how to get...

by Kreutzer
1,738 Mar 09, 2016 15
Winter Ascent of The Watchtower via Moonage Daydream - Click for details
 Winter Ascent of The Watchtower via Moonage Daydream
For pictures of better quality check my blog: One more entry I did not post her...

by Vitaliy M.
3,216 Mar 11, 2013 45
Route: Suser gjennom Harryland (VI A3 5.10b, 18 pitches, Halvor Hagen-Kyrre Ostbo, 1996) 4th Ascent and 1st technical winter Ascent (15th Jan - 29th) (N...

by Andy KP
2,921 Jul 16, 2013 29
Winter Ascent (?) with the Voo-Doo Ballerina - Click for details
 Winter Ascent (?) with the Voo-Doo Ballerina
Just woke from one of those lucid fever dreams. You know the kind you just want to go unconscious, but you are trapped in an endless disturbing cycle of wacko nonsense. The...

by wallgumby
1,729 Jan 22, 2014 16
Wings - Click for details
So last night my iPad gave up the ghost as I sat down to write. (Thank you, Karl Baba! Wink.) Pictures will follow after I get up the energy and find a pleasant-...

by LilaBiene
2,625 Mar 13, 2014 22
winged ascent - Click for details
 winged ascent
post-meningitis send, courtesy of wings and adamame's excellent leading. i guess i'm getting better.... still need rest but happy to get up there. ...

by insatiable
985 Nov 01, 2011 10
Wine Tasting in ElCap Meadows with Piton Pete - Click for details
 Wine Tasting in ElCap Meadows with Piton Pete
So on our last day in the valley before heading back home we did the mandatory stop at ElCap Meadows. One last view up the captain, a few posing pictures and paying Tom Evans ...

by Reinhard Brand
1,029 Oct 21, 2014 6
Windjammer to Wind Chill - Click for details
 Windjammer to Wind Chill
It's said that good things often come from failure. There are parables about it, and this TR could qualify as one as well. We had failed two weeks earlier - here’s that TR: ht...

by le_bruce
1,959 Sep 10, 2014 30
WINDHORSE, Lone Pine Peak- Attempt #1
by Myles Moser
2,219 Feb 28, 2012 18
Windfall to Windchill (IV/V 5.11)
by Vitaliy M.
3,464 May 10, 2014 78
Windfall to 1/2 of Wind Chill - Click for details
 Windfall to 1/2 of Wind Chill
Headed up this way to do the linkup in April, got off route on the second half of Wind Chill, escaped. Rrrrracking up, not all that early The approach is like Man...

by le_bruce
1,718 Jun 07, 2014 25
Wind Rivers. 1969 - Click for details
 Wind Rivers. 1969
STICKING NEEDLES IN THE HAYSTACK Mountains… Grey and angular mountains with white clouds to the west. Puffy clouds and five sparkling lakes. Pure sun jewelling...

by Jello
2,721 Feb 01, 2015 63
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