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Crisis in Yosemite - My fall of a lifetime - Click for details
 Crisis in Yosemite - My fall of a lifetime
In late September, 2011 I took a 170-footer off of the Washington Column in Yosemite. This is my account of the experience that went terribly wrong. Fall climbing season...

by TBair
8,398 Sep 19, 2014 122
Sewellymon's NE Yosemite Casual Backpack - Click for details
 Sewellymon's NE Yosemite Casual Backpack
Here I am old and slow. Driving up 395, I consider my hiking options. 2 ½ days/ 2 nites. Pack full of vittles. Pondering the Mt. Conness circumnavigation from Saddlebag...

by Sewellymon
852 Sep 18, 2014 26
Arctic Dream- Alaska HD Video
by MarkWestman
564 Sep 17, 2014 11
Mithral Dihedral, AWESOMENESS - Click for details
 Mithral Dihedral, AWESOMENESS
So so so so so so so so damn fun. This was my first ever 14er and not my last! many more to come! It was a 5 star climb in a 5 star area with 5 star friends. A very memorable ...

by whitemeat
1,550 Sep 16, 2014 40
TR 2010-06 Steck-Salathe on Sentinel - Click for details
 TR 2010-06 Steck-Salathe on Sentinel
Picture it... 4:30pm. Our hot dusty and parched bodies plunging toward the Sentinel Beach. I pause long enough to remove my boots, and jump in with my jeans and long...

by nutjob
3,452 Sep 14, 2014 36
New Lembert Dome route - Click for details
 New Lembert Dome route
A short trip report of a new route on Lembert........ So others may enjoy. Logan (can't remember last name but posts once in a while and was on TM SAR) put this...

by wstmrnclmr
1,260 Sep 12, 2014 12
Hooky Wednesday: Cardinal Pinnacle Sneak. - Click for details
 Hooky Wednesday: Cardinal Pinnacle Sneak.
We have been bad workers...we take days off mid-week for climbing! This week we didn't get fired for climbing Cardinal Pinnacle West Face! Give us a break, would ya ...

by MisterE
753 Sep 12, 2014 20
Playing Hooky from Work: A Solo Ascent of Geochronology Wall (I, C2, cl.3) - Click for details
 Playing Hooky from Work: A Solo Ascent of Geochronology Wall (I, C2, cl.3)
On August 30, 2011, I had a carpe diem moment. I had just acquired my first set of aid hooks and was desperately wanting to push myself in a crash course on hooking. Hoo...

by PellucidWombat
41,505 Sep 12, 2014 73
OT in the Heartland:  9/11/14 - Click for details
 OT in the Heartland: 9/11/14
EDIT: Many of you have viewed this TR from last year. It was mis-titled, as you can see. It should have read 9'll"/13. It's part of why I call myself a "tard climber," see...

by mouse from merced
941 Sep 12, 2014 14
"We have to buy chicken wire?" A Bugs TR - Click for details
 "We have to buy chicken wire?" A Bugs TR
Never in a million years would I have believed someone, a little over three years ago when I first walked into Planet Granite, had they told me that my choice to walk into tha...

by SeanH
4,323 Sep 11, 2014 46
Regular NW Face of Half Dome in a day beta
by MX
2,451 Sep 10, 2014 11
May Valley Pilgrimage - Click for details
 May Valley Pilgrimage
Get ready. ...

by Grippa
690 Sep 10, 2014 21
Windjammer to Wind Chill - Click for details
 Windjammer to Wind Chill
It's said that good things often come from failure. There are parables about it, and this TR could qualify as one as well. We had failed two weeks earlier - here’s that TR: ht...

by le_bruce
1,182 Sep 10, 2014 30
OT: surfing w/ kids in Pacifica - Click for details
 OT: surfing w/ kids in Pacifica
Fun way to spend an SF Bay Area afternoon, perfect season for it, I'll let the pictures do the talking. We saw lots of hug...

by NutAgain!
361 Sep 08, 2014 8
The Sphinx (9,146 ft) - Cotton Mouth Khafra (FA) 1800 ft, 5.11-
by Vitaliy M.
2,183 Sep 08, 2014 40
Having Fun in the Wasatch
by Travis Haussener
423 Sep 08, 2014 4
I Usually Take My Coffee Black: More Tales of the Wide - Click for details
 I Usually Take My Coffee Black: More Tales of the Wide
A few years ago now I was surfing the web for a list of offwidths to climb in Yosemite. I was still new to the idea of the wide, but was fascinated. I came across the ...

by christinafreschl
1,435 Sep 08, 2014 36
Spire 4 - Click for details
 Spire 4
I am showing my son how to post a TR. We will work on it for the next couple of days. We went to far up the wrong way, but we still stopped to look at the Gill arrow. This ...

by mike m
7,330 Sep 07, 2014 121
margaret lake, kirkwood lake, shealor lakes (and the rocks nearby)
by i'm gumby dammit
715 Sep 06, 2014 29
Lightning,huckleberries,raspberries,a snowflake on the Elephant's Perch - Click for details
 Lightning,huckleberries,raspberries,a snowflake on the Elephant's Perch
[youtube=DsmoZcOzyes] ...

by Johnny K.
1,994 Sep 05, 2014 30
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