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6 months of Weekend Warrior-ing in the Sierra, January to June 2014 - Click for details
 6 months of Weekend Warrior-ing in the Sierra, January to June 2014
Long time lurker, but rarely, if ever, post here. I have never written a TR in my 5 years of climbing. But I am SICK and tired of all the political bullshit and wankery I see ...

by rfshore
2,446 Aug 13, 2014 42
Smoke and Flames--Touron from Merced - Click for details
 Smoke and Flames--Touron from Merced
One morning, I woke up, and....Rejoice! Rejoice! Where are you going now, Mr. Mouse? What you do, what you see, Sooo depends on where you go, donít it? Tryiní my bes...

by mouse from merced
494 Aug 13, 2014 13
Ruth Gorge Climbing: Whiteouts, Snickers and Pakistani Mangoes. - Click for details
 Ruth Gorge Climbing: Whiteouts, Snickers and Pakistani Mangoes.
Here you go: Ruth Gorge: start to finish. If you want the formatting to look nicer, I have the pretty much exact same TR on my personal blog I keep for my parents: www.trackin...

by chick_on_ice
2,747 Aug 12, 2014 62
Tenaya Peak - Click for details
 Tenaya Peak
Getting yourselves up for a SIX AM departure from a cozy RV park in Lee Vining, say what you like, is nontrivial. But We Did That. I think they call it an "Alpine GMT-3" sta...

by murcy
942 Aug 12, 2014 15
Unique Hoodia Review
by hoodia
174 Aug 12, 2014 2
Gabel/Dignes  Mosstrum/Supernova Wall  Yosemite - Click for details
 Gabel/Dignes Mosstrum/Supernova Wall Yosemite
Gabel/Dignes Coming to Yosemite on the 140 brings people in front of Elephant Rock, The Rostrum, and a cache of other fine cliffs that are pleasing to most viewers eye...

by bob
976 Aug 11, 2014 23
Rockbound Lake and an Unnamed 12,000' Peak
by this just in
606 Aug 11, 2014 27
Whitemeat is back... Sorta... - Click for details
 Whitemeat is back... Sorta...
Well, as many of you know, I broke my ankle on my first day of summer. It was the first day of my season of climbing in yosemite that I had been waiting for for 180 school day...

by whitemeat
1,465 Aug 11, 2014 31
Castle Dome - FA of the Southeast Arête (IV, 5.10) WARNING: Many photos - Click for details
 Castle Dome - FA of the Southeast ArÍte (IV, 5.10) WARNING: Many photos
Castle Domes have been on my list of places to visit for quite a while. Per Secor and the AAJ the only recorded climb in the area was done in the late 1970s by Jack Roberts an...

by Vitaliy M.
3,100 Aug 11, 2014 57
The Crags of Summer: A TR - Click for details
 The Crags of Summer: A TR
Dearest Supertopians: I've been threatening to post a TR for some time, and I think posting one is part of being a legit Taco. So I hereby make good on that threat. Not a l...

by Bad Climber
573 Aug 11, 2014 12
First weekend of August's storm, how it looked from Lamarck/Darwin Bench - Click for details
 First weekend of August's storm, how it looked from Lamarck/Darwin Bench
Very basic, short vid. We'd hoped to do the Evolution - not to be. But hook is set. What a beautiful, beautiful region. Never got of...

by le_bruce
556 Aug 08, 2014 8
Time for an Evolution - Click for details
 Time for an Evolution
My interest in the Evo Traverse started in 1997 when I rolled into a stocked camp at Evolution Lake and Galen handed me a glass of wine. Peter was sitting there next to the...

by Jerry Dodrill
2,437 Aug 05, 2014 41
Arctic Dreams - Click for details
 Arctic Dreams
Longyearben is the capitol of Svalbard. It is also the only settlement on the entire archipelago. Getting this far was easy enough; relatively inexpensive too, if you're...

by KabalaArch
658 Aug 05, 2014 11
Photo-essay from the Palisades - Click for details
 Photo-essay from the Palisades
We spent a week in Dusy Basin on the western side of the Palisades in the High Sierra. The highlight of the trip was an ascent of West Arete on Mt. Winchell. That route was pu...

by Misha
1,016 Aug 05, 2014 67
Two Seniors And A Stalwart Youth, Slaying The Dragon - Click for details
 Two Seniors And A Stalwart Youth, Slaying The Dragon
First things first. The mighty Lepton showed up for Fathers Day. (Yaaay me!) He was helping out with a massive landscaping project, wherein I...

by survival
2,196 Aug 04, 2014 56
The Incredible Hulk - Sunspot Dihedral (IV 5.11b) C2C
by Vitaliy M.
2,711 Aug 04, 2014 41
Banff Canmore Short Sweet
by MH2
553 Aug 04, 2014 20
Snake Dike, July 2014 - Click for details
 Snake Dike, July 2014
SNAKE DIKE 2014 Reed and Kirt had attempted Snake Dike in 2013, but followed two other climbers up the wrong route 100 feet to the left (probably Blondike), to...

by Reed101
660 Aug 04, 2014 8
Big Mike Goes to Shuteye - Click for details
 Big Mike Goes to Shuteye
Warning: Meeting people on the Internet is inherently dangerous. Especially Canadians, but us climbers need to feel alive and since it is no longer the all or nothing days,...

by this just in
906 Aug 04, 2014 32
Missing piton distress!
by duckdodger
666 Aug 02, 2014 14
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