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Gold Wall tr 3/08 - Click for details
 Gold Wall tr 3/08
My buddy Micah and I climbed Gold Wall in the spring of í04 and Iíve itching to get back up there since. As the South Face is known for perfect finger cracks/stopper placement...

by Nanook
1,464 Jan 29, 2015 28
California climbing - Click for details
 California climbing
Donini has a thread, "The Problem with California Climbing" or some such... and it is with a bit of guilt, where a lot of the country is suffering under winter storms, that we...

by Ed Hartouni
1,143 Jan 28, 2015 25
Tricked the kids into a little climbing! - Click for details
 Tricked the kids into a little climbing!
Ok, that's about the extent of the climbing. But it was a pretty day. I thought we would go amble on Golden Gate Bridge and ...

by NutAgain!
694 Jan 27, 2015 20
Helicopter rescue in the south of France
by David C
1,878 Jan 27, 2015 22
Gold Member II - A Wall of Solid 24 K Granite - Click for details
 Gold Member II - A Wall of Solid 24 K Granite
A week after the South Face of Watkins with Tommy Caldwell, i called up my longest-known climbing partner Mark Melvin. Mark is the guy who first took me up the West Face...

by Chris McNamara
8,919 Jan 26, 2015 31
Central Pillar of Kick Ass Hand Jams (Frenzy)
by karodrinker
2,664 Jan 26, 2015 43
Type 2 Fun on the Shield with Whitemeat! - Click for details
 Type 2 Fun on the Shield with Whitemeat!
Being afraid is relative to the situation you are in. If you are afraid while truly knowing you are in no danger, are you really that gripped? I may have employed the me...

by Jaysen
6,196 Jan 25, 2015 83
Purposelessness in El Chorro Spain - Click for details
 Purposelessness in El Chorro Spain
Not exactly a bigwall trip report, but I'll leave a link for you guys who are interested. The is actually some gnarly aid lines in el chorro... but i had to leave the...

by Jaysen
606 Jan 25, 2015 10
No Country For Old Men:  Wanderlust in Parched Land - Click for details
 No Country For Old Men: Wanderlust in Parched Land
"All rise, for the honorable Robert Oliver, Superior court judge, Fresno County." I stand then return to my seat with 200 other Fresno civilians in a stuffy jury selec...

by micronut
3,690 Jan 23, 2015 57
Voyager, Fifi Buttress - Click for details
 Voyager, Fifi Buttress
-A resurrected TR- This climb looks good on the approach. From the base it continues to look good. As you climb pitch after pitch, it keeps on looking good. In summary: i...

by le_bruce
683 Jan 23, 2015 12
Pinnacles in the New Year - Click for details
 Pinnacles in the New Year
An early start to drive to So Cal without the morning commute in the Bay Area got me out over 152 and onto I-5 fairly quickly. When the rolling hills West of I-5 light up afte...

by Mungeclimber
1,912 Jan 22, 2015 45
The Gift:  New Year's Eve and A Long Day on Half Dome - Click for details
 The Gift: New Year's Eve and A Long Day on Half Dome
Dick Clark is getting old. And so am I. Its 11:15pm on New Years Eve and Iím doing my best not to be a party pooper. Kids run around in the living room, couples play cards ...

by micronut
7,206 Jan 22, 2015 72
Dawn Wall From Silver Strand (WI5 600ft) +VIDEO
by Vitaliy M.
3,668 Jan 22, 2015 63
Spring Sessions - Red Rock & Joshua Tree  - Photo Intensive TR - Click for details
 Spring Sessions - Red Rock & Joshua Tree - Photo Intensive TR
Spring is in the air in the desert, and aside from my allergies kicking up to full force, that also means it is one of the best times of the year to climb - aside from all the...

by W.L.
2,177 Jan 21, 2015 28
Gabel/Dignes  Mosstrum/Supernova Wall  Yosemite - Click for details
 Gabel/Dignes Mosstrum/Supernova Wall Yosemite
Gabel/Dignes Coming to Yosemite on the 140 brings people in front of Elephant Rock, The Rostrum, and a cache of other fine cliffs that are pleasing to most viewers eye...

by bob
1,827 Jan 20, 2015 29
Beyond Lunacy (7 pitch 5.11c at Reed's)
by Vitaliy M.
2,749 Jan 19, 2015 34
Bouldering & TopRoping in Sisters OR
by mfsb
1,641 Jan 18, 2015 6
First Big Wall: El Cap, Lurking Fear - Click for details
 First Big Wall: El Cap, Lurking Fear
My Complete Blog Post Day 2: Monday, Sep 24, 2012 A bit before noon we headed over to El Cap Meadow for lunch and to stare at El Cap. Becca, Wizard and I split u...

by Vanishing Spy
2,010 Jan 15, 2015 10
mini-TR: P3 Reed's Pinnacle Direct (OW) - Click for details
 mini-TR: P3 Reed's Pinnacle Direct (OW)
From atop P2 it's easy to change your mind about doing P3- there's a water streak, that maw is awful dark, my biorhythms are not peaking today, etc... On this day in June...

by NutAgain!
863 Jan 15, 2015 15
Ain't Skeerd:  A Halloween TR on The Nutscracker - Click for details
 Ain't Skeerd: A Halloween TR on The Nutscracker
Its Dark. I mean reely dark. Like two days before Halloween dark. So dark I can smell myself. And cold. Me and Jr. are rackin' up in the pick-o-nick parking lot un...

by micronut
5,664 Jan 15, 2015 43
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