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Russ Walling

Gym climber
Vulva, Wyoming
Topic Author's Original Post - May 7, 2009 - 11:52am PT
The curtain came down on the "Walt Show" on 5/7/1999...... it seems like only yesterday..... "Don't be late"

pic stolen from SirLoin and Walleye......

Marty(r) posted a few thread links a while back:

Deuce4's thread--http://www.supertopo.com/climbing/thread.html?topic_id=516439

Kevin Fosburg's thread--http://www.supertopo.com/climbing/thread.html?topic_id=130117

426's 'Hero' thread--http://www.supertopo.com/climbing/thread.html?topic_id=101748

Karl Baba and Mussy on 'Wild Thing' thread--http://www.supertopo.com/climbing/thread.html?topic_id=24241

Something I started a while back--http://www.supertopo.com/climbing/thread.html?topic_id=54414

SirLoins thread:

The accident report from American Whitewater:


Big Wall climber
A Token of My Extreme
May 7, 2009 - 11:54am PT
Rest In Peace Brother.
As long as we remember, and talk, he's not ever gone for good.

May 7, 2009 - 12:00pm PT
Gone but not forgotten.

Trad climber
The state of confusion
May 7, 2009 - 12:06pm PT
That's for sure, Mimi.


Trad climber
Santa Clara, Ca.
May 7, 2009 - 12:22pm PT
I wish I could've met him.

Rest in peace, Walt!

Gym climber
Mammoth Lakes, CA
May 7, 2009 - 12:30pm PT
RIP bro... see ya' soon enough, jb

Trad climber
Placerville, California
May 7, 2009 - 12:36pm PT
at the heights and depths of our domain, a warrior is made from the inside out.

an enchanted warrior hoarding widsoms and genius borne of satisfied wonder.

the warrior's sleep is seasoned with the riches of achievement, and the loving respect of his peers.

Crestline CA
May 7, 2009 - 12:37pm PT
Walt... you left way too soon Bro... you were surely one of the most interesting, and unique climbers ever to come our way in yosemite.... you left us all with broken hearts that will never heal... thanks for the memories...thanks for the friendship.

mars...it's near nevada...
May 7, 2009 - 01:07pm PT
wish i could have met the man - he sounds like one hell of a guy...

as long as you remember them, no one is truly gone...

Social climber
wuz real!
May 7, 2009 - 01:10pm PT
Walt was the real sh#t, how many of us are gonna get a ten yrs after thread with ernest posts?

Live by Walt's best qualities, ignore the the sh#t he hipped you to ignore. We all have flaws, play to your strengths!

Trad climber
May 7, 2009 - 01:10pm PT
Never met Walt Shipley myself, but from all accounts, he was a remarkable person. One who was "Bigger than life". No doubt he will be a climbing legend for many years to come. In the ranks with Yabo, Muggs, Dano, et al.

Quote from the American Whitewater accident report:

" ANALYSIS: (Walbridge)

1. Paul's effort to save Walt by jumping into the current above Cherry Bomb falls was courageous and smart. In attempting the rescue the entire group demonstrated impressive teamwork. A less skilled party would have found themselves portaging the falls and chasing the body downstream!

2. Class V whitewater is, by definition, a dangerous place to swim and a tough place to recover a swimmer. That it could kill a man of Walt Shipley’s skill and experience should serve as a warning to everyone who paddles this type of water.

Social climber
wuz real!
May 7, 2009 - 01:28pm PT
Gotta meld some threads here, lets take this Walt thread, and point it to the pagan sister thread;

Analysis by a wacked out Jaybro; hug 'em while you got 'em! I don't think Walt was ever much of a physical hugger, but if you had an earnest talk with him, you got more assurance and understanding, than all but the most sincere hugs. If you got time, aim your life at that!
Russ Walling

Gym climber
Vulva, Wyoming
Topic Author's Reply - May 7, 2009 - 03:34pm PT

Got your back... edited to fix
east side underground

Trad climber
Hilton crk,ca
May 7, 2009 - 03:45pm PT
RIP walt - glad I had a chance to crack a few coldies with ya, cheers!
Fat Dad

Trad climber
Los Angeles, CA
May 7, 2009 - 04:28pm PT
Only met Walt once. Back in the day, I was hanging out with the Nabolsi on Spring Break and we bumped into Walt while tooling around at the Lodge. He had soloed Tis-sa-ack recently and treated us to a slide show with a borrowed projector set up in front of the stage where they give those rangers talks. Awesome stuff.

He entertained us later that evening hanging out in the entrance to the Four Seasons/Mt. Room Bar. He wore a really tight fleece skull cap (he called it a Polly Dome), bugging out his eyes and hissing at the tourons who walked by.

beneath the valley of ultravegans
May 7, 2009 - 04:40pm PT
Ten years? On the real? Whenever I hear Hawkwind--or think of guys in capes--I think of Walt!

Russ, I remember you leaving the rec.climbing notice of the accident on the cutting board like it was yesterday. I think you were shocked but not surprised, if that makes sense. You two were so close, I know it hit hard even if it didn't show.

Your "Shipley Drive" up at Little Egypt is a fitting tribute. For us mortals not up for an OE soloing binge that can get us pretty close to some of that crazy Shipley purity.

(Walt, groping for the familiar on Bad Sign)

Don't be late...
Captain...or Skully

Social climber
North of the Owyhees
May 7, 2009 - 06:35pm PT
Still miss arguing with ya, Walt.

May 7, 2009 - 06:40pm PT
A nod of respect to one of the badass pioneers. My next coldie goes down for WS.

Sad to hear you guys lost a friend. My condolence to ya.

Hobart, Australia
May 7, 2009 - 06:55pm PT
Miss that guy all the time.

Captain...or Skully

Social climber
North of the Owyhees
May 7, 2009 - 07:24pm PT
You'd have dug Walter, Mike.
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