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Roger Breedlove

Cleveland Heights, Ohio
Topic Author's Original Post - Mar 19, 2010 - 01:57pm PT
Ed posted up a classic taste of his sensibilities on CLIMB and PUNISHMENT- An Open Telegram to Alex Honnold.

Welcome to SuperTopo Ed. Glad to 'see' you.

Trad climber
Mar 19, 2010 - 02:05pm PT
Welcome and Cheers mate!

Who is Ed you ask....? http://www.thebmc.co.uk/Feature.aspx?id=2092

Trad climber
It ain't El Cap, Oregon
Mar 19, 2010 - 02:05pm PT
I said this on the other post, but I love to repeat myself...

Drummond was doing pants-filling shite before many of us could fondle a nut.
A HUGE welcome!

Trad climber
Santa Clara, Ca.
Mar 19, 2010 - 02:06pm PT
welcome, Ed!

Trad climber
It ain't El Cap, Oregon
Mar 19, 2010 - 02:06pm PT
This is wonderful...
My portaledge slowly filled with meltw#ter. Then eventually, I farted, and it was cold air that came out of me. Deep inside the furnace had been turned off, and I was going to die.

Trad climber
New Durham, NH
Mar 19, 2010 - 02:08pm PT
Welcome, Ed; I met you once before atop the NA Wall on a snowy October day, and you made a lasting impression on me then as I hope you do here in the future.

Please hang around after your initial post has run it's course on SuperTopo; we can all benefit from your words of wisdom!

Social climber
Mar 19, 2010 - 02:25pm PT
Welcome Ed Drummond & I hope you arn't put off by some of the typewritten spew that passes for commentary on this site. Please keep posting; the forum is a highly unforgiving place but if you, like the great writer Margaret Atwood " have a thick skin & a strong neck" you should be fine.

I remember well reading your prose in the mags 30 yrs ago. Many thanks for your voice & words; may they find further publication for future generations to read.


Mar 19, 2010 - 03:30pm PT
"I have always valued my health, but having done so much, I didnít feel aggrieved when it was diagnosed. I was a tree. I grew, and I cast my shadow. And now itís time to wind down, and that in itself brings a whole new set of challenges and interests. It has made me focus on getting things right. You donít get to repeat any day. Itís like making a will. I want to be as open and as authentic as I can about it with anyone who will listen. I want to engage with it, to touch it and feel it with accuracy."-Ed Drummond interview
(from link above)

Wow, good stuff. Bring it on Ed, and another welcome from me.

Trad climber
The state of confusion
Mar 19, 2010 - 03:32pm PT

Welcome, Ed.
Please jump in by the campfire, have a fish taco & a beer,
and tell us some of your stories!!!!


Big Wall climber
A Token of My Extreme
Mar 19, 2010 - 03:35pm PT
Welcome Ed!

It is a treasure to us here every single time one of our recognized figures posts.

It brings well thought out posts.

It brings us credibility.

It enriches our community immensely.


(And scan some pictures too!)

Soda Springs, CA
Mar 19, 2010 - 03:44pm PT
Hey Ed,

Big Welcome! I always enjoyed our few brief encounters and conversations over the years. Hope all is well with you, from a quote above it sounds like you may be facing some health challenges? And the quote also indicates that you are living with thoughtfulness, clarity and grace as always.

Peter Mayfield

Trad climber
The beckoning silence
Mar 19, 2010 - 04:02pm PT
Hey Ed, welcome!

Your first post is a fine one indeed. Much appreciated!


Trad climber
Ouray, Colorado
Mar 19, 2010 - 04:22pm PT
Welcome aboard, do you still have your helmet?

Ice climber
Ice Caves at the Sads
Mar 19, 2010 - 04:33pm PT
welcome aboard Ed

Big Wall climber
A Token of My Extreme
Mar 19, 2010 - 04:59pm PT
Way to start off with a bang Ed.

Did you plan it that way?


Trad climber
Moorpark, CA.
Mar 19, 2010 - 06:10pm PT
Mr.Drummond, welcome to the taco, I hope we get more of you on these pages.

When I started climbing the FA of Arch was a fresh story, one that amazed and scared me at the same time.

I hope all goes well for you.

thank you


Trad climber
slowly dying in the OC
Mar 19, 2010 - 07:49pm PT
Welcome to the campfire! Glad you're here...it's almost story time!

Trad climber
The land of Fruits & Nuts!
Mar 19, 2010 - 10:31pm PT
Wow, Edwin Drummond...

One of the few "fauthers" of my time whom I really look up to.

I mean, I'm fond of the Harding, Robbins, Pratt generation too, but it was really the Higgins, Drummond, Smith, Cosgrove characters that really caught my eye and inspired my style.

Welcome Ed, hope you check in from time to time. Would love to read your thoughts. Many questions roaming around in my head too.
jack herer

veneta, or
Mar 20, 2010 - 12:55am PT
Wow, like Troll Wall? Wooould LOVE to hear that story!
Double D

Mar 20, 2010 - 09:31am PT
Welcome Ed!

Truly one of the living legends of climbing. Thanks for your years of inspiration.
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