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Chris Summit

Climbing and Bouldering in Northern California

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Chris Summit (yes itís his real name), was born to climb. A Northern California native he started climbing and bouldering on the rocks around his home in Santa Rosa where he grew up and still lives and climbs today. In over 20 years of climbing Chris has found and developed several new areas and established first ascents of sport climbs, traditional climbs and many boulder problems all over Northern California. He has also written 6 guidebooks including his now out of print Wine County Rocks (self published) and Bay Area, Northern California and Tuolumne Bouldering as well as Bay Area Top Ropes by SuperTopo and with Tom Slater co-authored the bible to Nor Cal climbing, California Roadtrip, A Climbers Guide, Northern California by Maximus Press. This gallery collection has images from each of his SuperTopo guidebooks as well as a few other random images from all around Northern California.

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Climbing and Bouldering in Northern California

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