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Greg Epperson

Winter Climbing in Red Rocks, Nevada

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Greg Epperson was born in Keneytra, Morocco and started climbing and photographing climbing in Southern California 30 years ago.

Using ropes and jumars to create unique, birds-eye-view positions, Greg combined technical expertise, elaborate and extreme rigging setups, custom-made gear designed to create unimaginable shooting positions, and his singular stylistic eye. As a result Greg pushed climbing photography to new levels. His work consistently united shadow, light, form, and geometry from unusual and seemingly impossible angles. The distinctive and instantly recognizable “Eppi” images touched off a renaissance in cutting-edge rock climbing photography as other photographers adapted the methods and techniques pioneered by Greg. His images have provided a benchmark against which contemporary climbing photographs are measured.

Greg has spent most of his career shooting editorially, contributing to all of the world’s leading climbing publications for the past 20 years. On his list of visited locations are Iceland, Madagascar, The Torres del Paine in Southern Chile, Easter Island, The Cirque of the Unclimbables in the Northwest Territories of Canada, Yosemite's El Capitan and Half Dome and the mud spires of Utah's Fisher Towers.

His clients range from Patagonia, Nike and REI to The National Enquirer. Greg has self-published a book of his black & white climbing images, Rock Prints. His home is in the high desert just outside of Joshua Tree National Park.

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