Mescalito, El Capitan A3 5.8


Yosemite Valley, California USA

  • Currently 5.0/5
Recommended Gear

Below is listed some of the gear the SuperTopo team would take when climbing this route.

8 ea Wire Rivet Hangers
4 ea Keyhole Rivet Hangers
1 ea Peckers (3 total)
2 Knifeblades
2 ea Angles 1/2", 5/8"
2 ea Sawed Angles 3/4", 1"
2 ea Black Diamond Lost Arrow Pitons #1-3 (6 total)
2 ea Hooks (6 total)
8 Copperheads (mostly #2 and #3)
2 ea Narrow Cam Hooks
1 ea Wide Cam Hooks
1 set of Black Diamond Stoppers
1 set of DMM Peenuts
1-2 sets of Offset Brass Nuts
2 sets of Aliens
2 sets of Offset Aliens
3 sets of Black Diamond Camalots #0.75-3
2 sets of Black Diamond Camalots #4-5
1 ea Black Diamond Camalots #6
1 ea 10" (optional)
1 60m x 10.5 mm Lead Rope
1 60m x 8mm Static Rope
12 Black Diamond Oz Quickdraws
40 extra Lightweight Biners
12 Shoulder Length Slings
Climbing Harness
Petzl Reverso 3 Belay Device
Petzl Grigri or Trango Cinch
Free Climbing Shoes
Petzl Elios or Black Diamond Half Dome Helmet
Big Wall Gear Sling

Metolius belay gloves
Petzl Mini Traxion or Pro Traxion
Petzl Ascension Ascenders
2 Spectra Daisy Chains
FiFi Hook
Metolius Equalizer or Trango Equalizer

Metolius Half Dome Haul Bag or Black Diamond Zion Haul Bag or Metolius El Capitan Baul Bag
Black Diamond Cliff Cabana or Metolius Bomb Shelter Portaledge
3/4 Ridge Rest Sleeping Pad
Synthetic Sleeping Bag like the North Face Cat's Meow
Metolius Waste Case
Shell Jacket

Hydration Pack
Approach Shoes
Sun Hat
Small Knife
Cell Phone
Small GPS Device