Northeast Gully, Laurel Mountain 5.2


High Sierra, California USA

  • Currently 3.0/5
Avg time to climb route: 4-6 hours
Approach time: 45 minutes
Descent time: 2-4 hours
Number of pitches: N/A
Height of route: 3500'
This is a true “adventure climb” that derives its pleasure less from the technical difficulties and more from the unique rock, tricky routefinding, and sheer size of the mountain. This route is huge and involves over a mile of 3rd and 4th class climbing. From a distance, the line is clear. Once on the climb, however, you enter a maze of gullies and it is easy get lost. Think of this route as part Sierra scramble and part canyoneering expedition.

The rock in the main gully is mostly a pumice stone-like substrate that offers a clean and enjoyable passage through the surrounding sea of decaying loose choss. Along the way, various types of red, white, gray, and black rock enter the gully making this a geologist’s dream climb. The first ascent of this route marked the first time a belay was used in the High Sierra.
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Laurel Mountain - Northeast Gully 5.2 - High Sierra, California USA. Click to Enlarge
The route as seen from Convict Lake.
Photo: Chris McNamara
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