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Rick A

Boulder, Colorado
Topic Author's Original Post - Dec 2, 2007 - 12:51pm PT
Jody’s recent thread featuring vintage Tetons photos included a great, staged shot that features Yvon Chouinard, pointing and looking with manly determination toward the heights, taken on the lofty porch of the Jenny Lake Ranger Station. It’s a nice example of what we used to call the “hero shot” and illustrates that this sort of pose was a cliché ripe for parody even in the 50’s. We did our best in the 70s and 80’s to honor the tradition as illustrated below.

Post your own hero shots here, whether they be the eye-shade and distant gaze, the arms raised in triumph summit photo (but only if intended to be ironic), or the “I’ve reached a jug, snap it now while I try to make it look casual” shot.

Richard Harrison, at Joshua Tree.


Social climber
Dec 2, 2007 - 02:07pm PT
hi Rick,I must have missed the Teton hero shot thread but would love to see them..do you remember what the thread title was ??
if only I knew how to post pics.. Catherine C

Door Number 3
Dec 2, 2007 - 02:55pm PT

He-Man "In the Power of Greyskull"

chica from chico, I don't claim to be a daisy
Dec 2, 2007 - 03:15pm PT
CathC, If i can post a pic -anyone can..This helped me..good luck.

Mighty Hiker's tutorial:
Here's an updated version - it seems to work, and has been sent to several, including dudeman. I'm sure there are better and even simpler ways, so feel free to edit. Please remember that these instructions are for techno-idiots such as myself, and so are in plain English rather than geek-speak.

It took me some effort to figure out how to post photos. And I had a lot of help, especially from Crimpie. But if I can do it, so can anyone.

1. Have photos on your hard drive, either from digital photos or scans.

2. Make sure they're reasonable e-size, not more than one or two hundred kilobytes. (To find out, right click on the image. One of the options will be "properties" - left click on that, and you'll learn the size.) A photo of more than that size takes forever for people with dial-up to download, plus ends up wider/higher than a standard screen and so impossible to look at. Many photos from digital cameras are 800 KB or larger, so must be downsized.

3. Go to Photo Bucket (www.photobucket.com), and create an account. A basic account is free, and all you should need. You'll need a user ID and password - don't forget to record them somewhere, for later.

4. Once you have a Photo Bucket account, sign in.

5. A page will appear, including stuff about “current album” and so on. It gives you three choices – “home”, “my album” and “find stuff”. Make sure you’re in “my album” – click on it. Once in my album, the words “upload to: ", followed by your user name, appear, with four icons (bars) below. Click on the “Images from my PC” button. Underneath there are three blank boxes, with the word “Browse” beside. Click on browse. You can then choose an image from your hard drive. (If there are several images, click on "add more", and keep adding.)

NOTE: Photo Bucket regularly gets changed and updated, but the basics seem to stay the same.

6. Once you've selected the image(s), click on "Upload". Photo Bucket then essentially takes the photo(s) from your hard drive and puts them in its memory.

7. In a few seconds, the photos (thumbnails) will pop up at the bottom of the page (try scrolling), together with icons to move, edit, delete or share. Ignore those. Click on the tiny box beside a photo's title (e.g. "DSC00081.jpg"), in effect choosing it. Then right click on the bottom of the four boxes below the thumbnail, the one that says “IMG code”, and copy it.

8. You now have a reference to the photo, in the right size. A "tag".

9. All you need to do now is start a thread, or post a reply to an existing thread. Type whatever message you want. Then put the cursor in the place you want the photo to be. Right click, then click on "paste". That sticks the tag in the place where it'll be in the message. Not the photo itself, just the tag - a reference for the ST server. If you're posting several photos, you have to go back and forth, transferring one "tag" at a time.

10. When you post the message, and it's added to the thread, the photo(s) magically appears - the ST server knows where to look, on the Photo Bucket server, and puts it/them in.

All the photos that you upload to Photo Bucket sit there, so even if your computer is turned off, they're there for people to look at. For practical purposes a photo on ST is in the public domain - if nothing else, Ouch may add a bear to it.

Ain't that fun? There are other places you can do these things, but I'm told PB is simplest
Rick A

Boulder, Colorado
Topic Author's Reply - Dec 2, 2007 - 03:35pm PT
Posting photos is easy after you work through it once. Better to share them now. Our kids will probably toss them once we are gone!
Here's the thread I mentioned.

Trad climber
Berkeley, CA
Dec 2, 2007 - 03:40pm PT
i'm interpreting "hero shots" to be "ridiculous posed shots"

blake, mountaineer coiled and ready to go

stan, 100% 80's

the old "ice axe at sunrise on Avalanche Peak" pose

if i photoshopped all those other people out, this would be a great shot of me with my ice axe thrust skyward!

pitched battle of solar engineer versus .. well, Caution Man. .

Dec 2, 2007 - 04:06pm PT
South Face Mt Watkins, 'Yvon type o' shot...Jim Wright, from about the same spot, SFMW:


Social climber
St. Looney
Dec 2, 2007 - 04:27pm PT
Oh, how I wish...I have some great ones that would have me friendless if I dare posted them! Some great giggles on our hard drives for sure. :)
Ricky D

Trad climber
Sierra Westside
Dec 2, 2007 - 04:29pm PT

Lucky The Weather Wizard awaits the snow...

Las Vegas
Dec 2, 2007 - 05:28pm PT
Karl Baba makes me look like a hero

Trad climber
San Jose, CA
Dec 2, 2007 - 08:27pm PT


Trad climber
Top of the Mountain Mun
Dec 2, 2007 - 09:15pm PT
Lars Johansen is my hero! Hasn't he got a sweet piddow.


Trad climber
Dec 2, 2007 - 09:28pm PT
the top of cry 'n time again. tuolumne meadows


Trad climber
Dec 2, 2007 - 09:47pm PT
Rick A

Boulder, Colorado
Topic Author's Reply - Dec 2, 2007 - 11:06pm PT
That's the stuff.

I,too, am a poseur. Old Wave route, Aiguille de Blaitiere, Rob Muir photo.


Trad climber
New York, NY
Dec 2, 2007 - 11:14pm PT
But Jody....Why's that guy carrying a roll of steel cable with him?


Social climber
Davis, CA
Dec 2, 2007 - 11:42pm PT

Ok, so it's not a hero. But it was a tasty turkey and swiss on sourdough.

Trad climber
Dec 3, 2007 - 12:35am PT
Even the younglings get in on the action.

Darren D.

Social climber
Dec 3, 2007 - 04:05pm PT
My best Richard Harrison impression:
the kid

Trad climber
fayetteville, wv
Dec 3, 2007 - 04:33pm PT
heres a classic of the late 80's..

and of the late 90's...
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