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Social climber
Charlevoix, MI
Topic Author's Original Post - Oct 14, 2007 - 01:35pm PT
Hey Ken,

Ever thought about pitching Facelift to Mike Rowe from Dirtyjobs?

Chicken Skinner

Trad climber
Oct 14, 2007 - 01:45pm PT

No, I had never heard of him. I don't watch TV that much. I did a search and it seems appropriate. I have always been more concerned that the Facelift is successful and runs smoothly than getting media attention. The ABC coverage was purely accidental. They found out about it by checking out National Public Lands Day events.


Trad climber
Oct 14, 2007 - 01:49pm PT
Dirty jobs!
That would be great coverage! It might help make the public more aware of needing to keep our Parks clean. Plus, I will love to watch the climbing part.

Might not be a bad thing to self promote it for that series.

Oct 14, 2007 - 04:13pm PT
From what little experience I have in encouraging communities to pull together, progress is generally measured on the ground. If somehow one manages to avoid a serious mistake then maybe people will keep coming out full of good will and a determination to have things get better. But people, across all the usual internal group divisions, have to come out.

Facelift has grown as it has, I believe, because Ken is pretty much a genius at this.
Mighty Hiker

Social climber
Vancouver, B.C.
Oct 14, 2007 - 07:17pm PT
National Public Lands Day in 2008 is Saturday, September 27th, so now's the time to plan ahead. This presumably means the 2008 FaceLift will be September 24th - 28th. (Ken?)

Chicken Skinner

Trad climber
Oct 14, 2007 - 08:28pm PT
That is correct Anders. Put it on your calendars. Sorry, I was taking a short break(not really) before putting together the opening of the Denny exhibit and the Ansel Adams art auction, both slated for November 9th. Also trying to finish the plumbing in my addition so that we have a bathroom again.

Jstan, thanks for the compliment. I doubt I am a genius, just committed or some might think I should be.

Crestline CA
Oct 14, 2007 - 09:06pm PT
As Mike Rowe would say..."I can smell it now!!" Love the mans voice...
Ed Hartouni

Trad climber
Livermore, CA
Oct 15, 2007 - 01:25am PT
I second jstan's view, Ken, you are a genius at this...

Social climber
Charlevoix, MI
Topic Author's Reply - Oct 15, 2007 - 08:55am PT
For sure Ken gets the Gold Star. I was just putting it out there for him to think about. I would hope that this type of voluntary stewardship would be as infectious as a herpes outbreak at a Rainbow Gathering, and with more coverage it may spread outside of Yosemite.

Just my $.02


PS No offence to the Rainbow Group, it was just the funniest thing I could think of.... It's Monday and I'm a little tired.
Chris McNamara

SuperTopo staff member
Oct 29, 2007 - 02:03pm PT
cool online video about ken and the facelift


chico ca
Oct 29, 2007 - 02:11pm PT
Chris,Thanks for the link... yes, very Cool.

Oct 29, 2007 - 02:15pm PT

Trad climber
Santa Clara, Ca.
Oct 29, 2007 - 02:18pm PT
In the video Ken says. "The only real (organizational) skills I have is that I've been known to throw a good party".

Classic!!! (and true).


Mar 25, 2008 - 09:53am PT
face lift link (the one above moved, sorta):


Trad climber
Denver, CO
Mar 25, 2008 - 10:02am PT
We can always rely on Ouch! for some
humor! Ha ha ha!!!!
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