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Nick Danger

Ice climber
Arvada, CO
Jun 5, 2017 - 06:39am PT
WOW, just WOW!

Trad climber
Santa Monica, California
Jun 5, 2017 - 08:37am PT
All humans are equal, some raise the equality bar to unattainable levels ergo, are they human? Good question.

Alta Loma, CA
Jun 5, 2017 - 09:24am PT
Might not have been asleep but trying to stay out of the view from the ground cameras. .....

Tom said he was trying to sneak a candid pic of Alex but he was spotted.... hehe

Mountain climber
Tustin, CA
Jun 5, 2017 - 02:24pm PT
WTF is next? Great job (Alex)but that bars keeps edging higher and higher...
john hansen

Jun 6, 2017 - 07:24pm PT
In Toms photos # 14 shows Alex at one of the crux move,s.

I wonder if this shows him doing the "karate kick" move, Tommy was talking about in one of the links above.

Was this the same spot that some have done as a dyno?

EDIT: Thanks dhayan ,, much safer with a static move.

culver city, ca
Jun 6, 2017 - 09:15pm PT
^ yes

Big Wall climber
santa cruz, ca
Jun 7, 2017 - 07:18am PT
Woo!!! TFPU
Dapper Dan

Trad climber
Redwood City
Jun 7, 2017 - 01:56pm PT
Phenomenal report Tom...

Trad climber
Jun 7, 2017 - 01:57pm PT
Incredible. Excellent shots, Tom.
Chris McNamara

SuperTopo staff member
Jun 7, 2017 - 02:03pm PT
Excellent shots, Tom. And great captions, as usual.

Trad climber
Jun 7, 2017 - 03:28pm PT
I heard that Alex "backed off" his first attempt. Is it really a free solo with all those fixed lines everywhere? On a free solo, you send or die. I know this will be an unpopular viewpoint, but its not a free solo when rescue is at hand on every pitch. A pinkpoint in some respects. Alex is miles and many pitches out of my league. But to call it a free solo is kind of questionable. Its not really free soloing when you can back off. I know people on the taco will attack me for saying that. I only free solo 5.8. Sorry if I offend. I totally admire Alex's amazing style and balls that require a dumptruck. Great achievment. But it will only be a free solo when backing off and rescue are not options for the climber. Bring on the hate folks. Im used to it.

Trad climber
Jun 7, 2017 - 04:00pm PT
I can only imagine that you are used to it because you don't think things thru twice. Of course its a free solo, he never touched any gear, climbed without a rope and started at the bottom and climbed to the top. Now if you want to debate the ethics of having a rescue available that is one thing, but to think that a rope hanging near him changes the basic nature of the climb you aren't thinking very clearly. Had he fallen on any move on the entire route he would have not been caught and died. The ropes would not help. I don't know what else you could ask for.

Gym climber
Jun 7, 2017 - 04:12pm PT
The only way I can see Chainsaw's post having much validity is if Alex and his team had some sort of preset rescue signal, where Alex could start yelling for help and immediately have a rope tossed to him.
Actually, let me edit my response--I guess having ropes hanging near you would change the character of the ascent if you knew you could grab them if you got freaked out or tired or whatever . . . so now I'm not sure what to think.

Jun 7, 2017 - 04:23pm PT

LOL watch the video and say it's not a "real" free solo

Gym climber
Jun 7, 2017 - 04:36pm PT
Just how many ropes were hanging around there next to the crux sections that he supposedly could have grabbed anyway?

If there were no ropes near any of the crux sections and he didn't have a pre-arranged rescue signal, which may well be the situation, then I agree the ascent is totally legit.

Sonoma County
Jun 7, 2017 - 04:45pm PT
rad report Tom.

holy f'in hell chainsaw - is it ok with you that he rubbed his feet on the ascent?

Trad climber
Jun 8, 2017 - 08:35pm PT
The only thing that would have made it cooler would have been less media coverage, fewer cameras. And shitty capitalism is already in full swing: Evans is getting messed with by National Geographic.

Jun 9, 2017 - 12:55am PT
and unfortunately the wayback machine appears to have only captured 5 out of the 19 pics...

requires a copy pasta due to the st coding automatically splitting up the link... but better than nothin i guess:

hard to know what the whole deal is given all we are likely going to hear is Tom's side... but sounds like an unfortunate deal regardless of how it all ended up this way... sad to see that something so beautiful, on all fronts, couldn't have been resolved in a more mutually beneficial way...

Trad climber
San Diego, CA
Jun 9, 2017 - 01:01am PT
A big F*#K YOU to National Geographic.

Trad climber
San Diego, CA
Jun 9, 2017 - 04:46am PT
^ Sounds like Tom signed an agreement not reading the details and NG misrepresented the nature in a verbal communication.

Then standard corporate d#@&%ebaggery ensues once he posts the photos. As if it'll have any impact on them at all! F*#k off.

Tom, your pictures were awesome.
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