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Clint Cummins

Trad climber
SF Bay area, CA
Aug 21, 2014 - 10:53pm PT
Thanks for the latest stories - I was worried you were running low!
Ian White

Mountain climber
Dubois, Wyoming
Aug 22, 2014 - 11:54pm PT
Lurking for years. I never say much round here. However, I gotta say, I've been checking in very frequently in anticipation of getting to hear the next story!!!! I don't get mobile for much at 2am, but we are all waiting!!!....

Dingus Milktoast

Gym climber
Maestro, Ecosystem Ministry, Fatcrackistan
Aug 23, 2014 - 07:36am PT
Go Ron go.

More drunken hunter shoots himself and his friends stories please!!!!!
Ron Anderson

Trad climber
Relic MilkEye and grandpoobah of HBRKRNH
Aug 23, 2014 - 08:37am PT
Alrighty then..

Ill call this chapter the "Plate people"..

Litter was a very low thing in my eyes. I found many piles of trash out in the woods but finding things in the trash with addresses and such DID NOT prove anything. You pretty much had to witness the event or find a camp that was trashed.

After every weekend , we had to remove hundreds of paper plate signs to camps- people nailing them into trees with reckless abandon. And the didnt use small staples as to not harm the cambium layer but rather things like 16p nails..

This soon developed into a pet peeve of mine. I hated those paper plates and they were seldom if ever removed in a timely manner after all party goes finding a particular camp with like fifteen paper plate signs leading to the camp. I had a large area and many more serious things to think about so i was never able to devote the time required for these minor offenses except once in a great while.

So one fall i was headed up Blu lakes road and started seeing fresh paper plates indicating a large gathering up in faith valley. I swear they were every 1/10th f a mile. Obnoxious red printing on those %$@#! paper plates.

I passed a good thirty plates on the way into that camp. I had decided that today was the day of putting some effort into the "plate people"..

Upon arrival to the camp, i found about twenty folks or so, kids, dogs and a general happy atmosphere. They were camped near the W fork of the carson river. They were all " look kids its a forest ranger"..

I gathered the kids and gave them all smokey coloring books and pins to wear. I then focused on the adults asking them about those PLATES! I explained to them how driving nails deeply into trees would let out a wounded scent to the air which attracted pine beetles - which would then kill the tree. I explained how no one ever took them down after utilization and that they then became litter blowing in the winds. Then i explained that this was also a violation of a law- and that damaging green trees was illegal.

I did so with a very nice host approach because this was an experiment of sorts to see if honey would indeed attract more flies. So after a lengthy meeting, i was assured by the crowd that all their signs would be removed on their way out in a day or two. And it was all grooovy.

Roll forward a day and i get a call from dispatch to meet some distraught parents on blu lakes road for a missing child situation. Both Alpine county and myself rolled on up to blu lakes road to meet with the parents who- you guessed it --were from that group of plate people i had contacted the day before.

We met them on blu lakes road and proceeded into their camp where the girl had gone missing. She hadnt been seen since early morning. The river was low and slow but still plenty of water for a youngin to drown in, so that was a critical worry to me. Problem one was that the folks had stomped all over hells green acres in their own search so their were tracks every where throughout the area.

We followed the river up stream for quite a distance and then down stream, and that little girl had covered about three miles of distance in that short morning when we found here right on the river bank with a handfull of wild flowers she had been collecting. She had no clue as to the frantic search for her and was like : "well sheesh ,, im fine "..

Well ,, as you can guess, the parents were beside themselves when we showed up with the wee one in the truck with here fresh bouquet of wild flowers for her mommy she had picked. You would have thought i was god lol! Slaps on the back hands shaking mine cheers and applause - and it was truly a good morning. On my way out i again reminded them to police those plates - and they said "dont you worry - we will get every one of em!

You know whats next right? As luck would have it, i had an appointment for a wood permit just across the road from that camp a ways, and as i was issuing that permit, i could see the folks in the camp getting ready to vacate the area,,BUT NOT ONE plate had been taken down.

I hurried through the appointment and then watched from an advantage point as the folks pulled out onto Blue lakes road and began heading down towards hgwy 88.. I watched as the passed plate after plate after plate after- well you get the idea.

They had lied to me. I had found their daughter and they still lied to me. "Them no dick lying SOBS" shinning me on- #$%@!*X!..!! So away i go - Down through the back entrance to hope valley campground with haste- to beat them to the bottom of the road. As they came pulling up to me - as i had parked on the road as to block it, they were all cheery and waving to me- perhaps they thought i was just coming up the road?

I greeted them with a smile and asked if they had managed to pull the PLATES.. I was answered with a "we sure did= got every one of em " LMAO!..

SO i just turn to my vehicle to grab my ticket book without saying a word. I then ask the first driver for his ID and i get a "what for"..

Then i explained to them that i had watched them leave and had beaten them down to the camp ground via a back way and knew that hadnt removed ANY plates. I chewed them a new one actually for out right lying to me even after finding their daughter. Told them i had done everything i could to make sure they had a happy visit to my woods and the favor was returned by a lying to my face. ( Im starting to enjoy this now) THe sheepish look to the adults was "priceless". I told them there was no justification for what they had done when one of the adults piped up and said " its just a few paper plates that will rot on their own"..

Grrrrrrrrrrr......%#$@!X@#!Plate People!!! I then explained to them that they were only one group out of many that would do the same thing. I explained to them that the trees would die a slow battle from beetles and the plates would adorn the country side for the next year. Somewhere out of the group, i hear that little girl pipe up and ask,, why they had left the signs and that smokey says litter is bad LOL! And i turn and say to them all,, from the mouths of babes...!! So i began writing citations..

Anyhow the plate people drove off with cites for littering and damage to living trees. One of them smugly says to me,, i thought you were cool. Funny i sya back to him,, i thought the same of you all.. Things arent always as they seem eh.._Oh and please sign here...

That was one for the plate people count anyhow. And as i Drove up the road collecting those plates, i smiled with every pull. It was a rare thing to bag some plate people..

Ron Anderson

Trad climber
Relic MilkEye and grandpoobah of HBRKRNH
Aug 23, 2014 - 08:52am PT
"The BUCK of pickets junction"

Remember the check station we set up for deer season at pickets junction?

Well that was situated right across from a salt sand shed for CAltrans- at the bottom of burnside lake road. For a few seasons in a row there was a buck deer, a very NICE four by four buck mind you- in fact one of the biggest i ever saw in alpine county that a day or two before the season, would show up and crawl into the back of that salt and sand pile in the caltrans shed ! LOL! And he didnt leave except to come out a night to feed in the near by meadow- then back to his little hiding spot.

Hunter after hunter after groups of hunters driving right by him all day and season long. Hunters would stop at the check station to ask where the deer were LMAO! " Up in those mountains" was the SOP answer. Needless to say, that was one smart ol buck that as far as i know probably died of old age somewhere in proximity to that salt shed.

edit: thanks folks- had no idea if anyone would even read this stuff lol!

Aug 23, 2014 - 08:52am PT
Dude you have a trillion GREAT stories!
Ron Anderson

Trad climber
Relic MilkEye and grandpoobah of HBRKRNH
Aug 23, 2014 - 10:19am PT
"FIre on the mountain"

I had a permittee in monitor pass who was cutting fire wood and poles that he had purchased through a permit. He was near the top of Monitor creek which had a very rough access. One morning on a routine patrol during some high fire danger periods i spotted a smoke coming up from that very area- it was early am and the smoke was whispy and just hanging lazily in the air about 200 up. My first thought was a large campfire- maybe archery deer hunters or such. But i knew i had to get there quickly, so i took a short cut ol log skid trail i knew of but rarely took as it was a @%$!#Z@!XX! to maneuver. But half way down and just before coming to a large ROCK that one had to EASE over- putting about a 45 degree angle to the vehicle --- i remember that rock but its far too late to slow down much in the very steep loose dirt. I hit that biotch right on the skid pans and ab0ut jarred the teeth right outta mah mead! I mean it made a sound of being in a truck that had just bee dropped 20 feet out of the air !

But that ol short bed 3/4 ton Dodge ram i drove back then was ,,, as the saying goes,, Ram Tough!

So i get down to the smoke- and its about a 60 foot circle of smoldering duff and grass. To the east there is a short rise and there is a burn pattern of grass that leads that way- but just BARELY a burn pattern- as the fuel/grass wasnt thick and it was just a few blades here and a few there. After going over the rise i find the wood and pole permittees camped and just starting to stir from the tents. Now, their fire ring which was clean to the bone around it was not really an issue although campfires had been halted due to extreme fire weather. What had happened was that they had set their hot saws down over by a pine tree then had gone to bed. The duff below the mufflers smoldered in a little TINY string of needle after needle- reacting to the down slope typical winds in the mountains and had headed generally down hill, over the rise and on for another 200 feet in a little line until running into thicker duff and just spreading out. It was literally one blade of grass smoking - contacting another and so on. Grass falls back TOWARD the point of origin in most creeping fires and each blade of grass produced this very effect. It was like the most perfect CSI shyt really. No disturbance , just a wild fire in the making and the techniques of arson school being dead on lol!

I got out a pulaski and a 5 gallon piss pump i always carried and began to contain the mighty smolder. I figure it will take me all of ten minutes to fully contain it. The noise i was making brought the permittee's scurrying over to see what was up. They joined in the "suppression" effort and we had it contained and controlled within about thirty minutes.

Now during this time, i thought they knew they were responsible for the incident. And after controlling it i asked them for their ids, and that i was making an incident report out. The comment was: we didnt start that fire- and we dont know how it was started..

So i show them those TINY little charred evidence remains the pine needle to pine needle to blade of grass trail that stemmed from directly under their saw and the muffler area , directly over the rise and on downhill to the 60 foot circle. They were amazed,, frankly so was i as the odds of that tiny trail actually starting anything was a million to one. Now BITD, that wouldnt be considered a big deal really- you just called it in and gave containment and control times. Normally the station might call to see if you needed assistance er sumpn.. And the choice to site was mine. But the camp and cleaned area of the camp fire and the mannerisms of the gents in question and the fantastically slim odds of that burn led me to let them off with a warning notice, as i thought their own self punishment they had going was good enough. They were truly upset at the event. Later that afternoon, the winds were kicking on the summit to thirty plus and the humidity was at 7%.. That smolder would have gone ballistic.

That was the most slim start to a wild fire i have ever witnessed and i took a series of pics - real CLOSE UP pics of the needle to needle to grass trait of the point of origin. We actually tried replicating that in controlled circumstance but never got it to go.

The pass was saved lessons learned and the deers and the coyotes did play~~~~...Even the engine crew got to get out of the station to later that day- patrol the burn and confirm controlled status to the "fire". ;-)
Ron Anderson

Trad climber
Relic MilkEye and grandpoobah of HBRKRNH
Aug 23, 2014 - 11:50am PT

The game warden in Mrkl, Norm Ruthford was a very sly Warden.. He would put an ol flannel shirt over his uni, then an ancient helmet and go ridding on one of those old honda 90's? Remember those ?

Anyhow, with that football looking helmet probably from the 1930s,, he looked like a DORK,, a DORK supreme actually.

Anyhow, here is how i dont know exaclty how many case reports started out for me:

While on routine patrol in Alpine county CA, Township so and so, Range yaddidah, section 12 ne1/4 of sw1/4. Toiyabe NF I came acorss~~~~~

i came across some people in hope valley resort who had just been fishing up hill where the plant truck had deposited five thousand trout just hours before. They saw me, a green uniform, and instantly shuffled over to ask me if there wasnt a limit on the river for trout.. I tell them of curse their is, its a five fish per person limit. They couple then tell me there is a certain family of a certain ethnic group at the bridge that has got to have ten times their limit by now. I tell them that is indeed some interesting news to me, and i jump in the rig to call Norm, who i had just seen up by hope Valley Campground. He answers and gets the scoop and i tell him ill set on them until he gets there incognito. The couple ask why i just dont go up there and i tell them because the state has a heck of a lot stiffer fine ! They got a laugh out of that one.

Ol Norm showed up in his "corky" get up and that group of folks begin to show him and brag on their good catches as they thought he was just some dummy on a trail bike. Ol Norm bends over and looks into one of the buckets and Then asks them for fishing licenses...

Apparently, they didnt know about such a thing called a limit because they didnt know of such a thing called a fishing license either.

He looks at me and just shakes his head, then begins to count 130some fish between three of them doing the fishing.

I did notice the couple who were the OP's slowly driving by on the highway,, a think i saw some thumbs up signals as they went by.

Ol Corky scored another for Alpine county and the state of California. It was hilarious that so many would laugh at him a little when hed pull up to a pond or creek. Sometimes hed take off the flannel shirt exposing his uniform before getting off that ol honda 90 ..that helmet MADE the image im tellin ya.

edit: He was a good friend to me, even approving me to haul off fresh roadkills once or twice.. Just told me not to banty round with it. I had deer hung at the markleeville station twice. ;-)
Clint Cummins

Trad climber
SF Bay area, CA
Aug 23, 2014 - 12:07pm PT
These are great, Ron! I'm laughing so hard the tears are comin' out!
T Hocking

Trad climber
Redding, Ca
Aug 23, 2014 - 12:52pm PT
Those Honda Trail 90's were sweet.
Switchable Hi/Lo gearing, could climb like no other.
Was my first motorcycle as a young teen.
Honda Trail 90
Honda Trail 90
Credit: T Hocking

Bitchin tales Ron,
carry on
Ken M

Mountain climber
Los Angeles, Ca
Aug 23, 2014 - 12:56pm PT
Ron, I mean this in all definitely have the makings of a book, here.
Ron Anderson

Trad climber
Relic MilkEye and grandpoobah of HBRKRNH
Aug 23, 2014 - 12:56pm PT
Thanks Dudes, glad your enjoying it. A near decade of things in the woods.

"The airplane wreck that wasnt"

It was first thing wednesday morning, and i had just come off two glorious days of climbing in Woodfords canyon and Carson pass.
The Sheriff pulls into the yard to inform us a plane may be down in the Ebbetts pass area. They will have a plane in the air shortly from CHP, and we are to head up and stage at various spots along highway 4 up the steep mountainous ebbetts pass. Its about 1/2 rock up higher with views of lofty 10,000 foot peaks to the west and east. Since i had so many SAR missions this was a natural to me and i was hoping we werent in for an ugly scene.

The night previous, a commercial flight heading into SanFrancisco had reported a clear ELT signal- which stands for "emergency locator transmitter" which are small electronic boxes that go off during a hard impact from a crash, to give off signals for a day or three.

Anyhow after delays, the CHP 210 is flying above ebetts and ends up hearing the ELT, just above Scossas cow camp and seems to be strongest right over the canyon near the highway..?? They would loose the signal when going out of site of the canyon around scossas.

At that very second i think,, man,, its either close,, or there is something UP here. So six rigs, between USFS and Alpine County are bumbling up and down the roads, scrambling for view points , climbing 4th class crags to get views, you name it. Like ants in an air raid we were.

Finally the CHP plane had to leave for fuel concerns but did report they lost the signal when the rear horizon lost the bottom of the canyon.

So that meant they were out there in the trees within a few hundred vertical feet of the highway. We had our "alley"..

We gather for a strategy session at Scossas, and i mention we should check the three camp spots and since i knew where they all were, i volunteered to bounce on up there for a looksie and the rest were to work every 1/2 mile apart- 300 vertical feet up either side of highway 4 where there were trees, hidden from bluffs etc etc etc.

Lot of thought to complex ground searches even in the smallest of target areas.

Upon reaching the second camp area in tall pines, i find two truck campers. I think to myself,, wouldnt it be funny if it was them, but truly dismiss the possibility. So i go into the camp site and get out to ask them if they had heard any planes going down the night previous to which they reply "no officer, we are deer hunting up here and have been here for since yesterday morning, cant really remember even hearing any light aircraft. They then tell theyd know because they are both private pilots. ????????

I say rrrrrreallly now,,, is there ANY CHANCE that one of you may have an ELT in one of your campers?? The look on ones of the guys faces went from flesh to white lol! He replies with a shakey voice,, yyyyyeah, i have a brand new one im going to install in my plane. Dont tell me its transmitting!!!!
Sho nuff, there in his camper was a brand new portable ELT with the switch to manual activation on as well.. It was with some "other junk" he said when a bunch of it fell out of the cupboard on the way into the campsite. ( it was a rough lil road for a ways. )

So,, in about 30 minutes there are five rigs at the campsite, all awaiting another CHP fly by to check to see if the signal is gone. Which finally came and confirmed the weak signal they once had was no where to be found .

That was one embarrassed pilot, but LUCKILY all the involved officers decided not to put the screws to him and we laughed and called it a good drill.
I should note it took a piss fir willy pig to "snort out" the source in da woods..And i rubbed it in on Alpine County and CHP.. Just a little..

It looked like Christmas morning on ebbetts pass road "wit all dem lights flashin aboot da place".

I did the struttin "barney fife" -cocked hat and all, over to the truck and left the scene, after doing a little shuffle of 70s disco moves and some dumb lyircs that were cracking the gathering up! Was all about me being the one to find the ELT of course- part of the "smallish" hint of competition.. But i did thank the spirits it wasnt another crash site.

The pine pollen that day was like green clouds of mist in the morning sun. Park for an hour and everyone had a green rig.!


Mountain climber
Aug 23, 2014 - 02:26pm PT
Ron, I agree with Ken that you have the makings of a book. Very entertaining stories with some interesting history as well.

Not that authors make money, but a lot of people would enjoy reading your tales. Find a good editor and you'll be set.
Ron Anderson

Trad climber
Relic MilkEye and grandpoobah of HBRKRNH
Aug 23, 2014 - 03:16pm PT
You dont think anyone would actually pay for this kinda stuff do ya?

And Tad,, you had a 90 eh lol! Mine was a suzuki 90 street bike with low muffler and huge cowlings lol!


Social climber

Aug 21, 2014 - 09:54pm PT
I like these tales Ron, how about some stories about the fish(es) that got away; that is if you got any.


Yes , i have ONE.

"Salt in the wound"

This was a threat and intimidation case i had stemming from a phat slob SOB cutting in a closed unit of that Blu lakes road cut i did and mentioned upthread. He was camped at hope valley campground, and his rig and little trailer looked like the cast form "oklahoma". He was a phat unshaven type with one of those beer gutts that looks as if it may burst. He was drunk and wouldnt co operate with me at all, even though i had tried the nice guy hist attitude repeatedly . He then went and got another beer, and was becoming quite loud, making the other campers near by rubber neck the scene.
Then , ol puss gutt decides to start insulting me calling me a host of names including bagging on my family and such getting louder and louder.

He was pissed that i wouldnt give him back his wood permit , the only ID ge would give me, and suddenly he made a move toward me telling me he was going to f me up and kick my azz and yaddi d=yaddi yaddi.
I lost it, had had enough and stepped right into his bulbous face - him being shorter than i and told him allright, if thats the way you want it, i was right here and hed end up with his face debarking that tree he stood next to. I then called him a phatazz lazy f-ing low life prick, er something to that affect. I really lost it there. So he backs off , goes into the trailer and calls for his wife and kids to "gittoninside". I left to wait for an Alpine county unit since it was in that campground that was partially the counties.

After arresting so we could get the info, and seizing the wood he had cut from just behind the campground in a closed area we let him go and had mandatory appearances issued to him. Of course he wanted to file charges against me as well.

That evening, i discover i had LEFT my LEO FILE where i keep all my cite records and such and it must have been at the hope valley campground the second go around with gutts magerkin.. I blaze up there but nothing, and the blimp has flown the campground, along with my file me thought. AAAAARRRRGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!

So next morning i call the Carson office, and mr DEA happens to be there up from Vegas, so he whizzes right up, that this was a threat and intimidation case and he was gonna be the case officer.

Warrants, searches , questioning at the beleicus maximus' residence in Minden Nevada with Mr DEA, myself, and a Douglas county officer turns up the file after the slob and the wife deny they have it. Only until they found out we could search the entire house did the wife start twitching like she had ants in her pants and gave up the info.

Lets roll forward, to the day of this case going to trial. Mr DEA is at S tahoe waiting for me as he is case officer. This has become a major deal to him. I hit a traffic boondoggle in Kingsbury grade where they had an accident IN A WORK ZONE, so the cluster fekk was hideous, and worse i was in a radio shadowed area- no calling any one..

this caused me to be late and by the time i got ahold of the dist court i had three minutes er some such, and was still 20 minimum away.

Mr DEA had to forfeit the case.. Ate CROW sammich and was not happy with me, and in fact i sorta feared for my well being in the parking lot of the court when talking to him. LIVID would be the term im looking for here. . Truly strained our relationship for a while there lol! He stuck his finger right in my eye and with him being close enough to kiss he says: Dont evrrrrr due that to me again my man..And he was solid red..

It made me sick to loose that case to the gut that ate pittsburgh -it truly did. And even worse, the day after i had to return the wood to him as well- my crow sammich.. And mannnnn was i in a mood.

The ONLY case i ever lost during my stint. The case of his against me was dropped by his lawyer. No consolation- i wanted that case to be tried.Salt in the wound..

But that wasnt the last salt in the wound,,due to my little unprofessional tirade against the blob, i was given the task of teaching the district training next year to noobs and regulars, on the "host program"...Coincidence? You be the judge..


Mountain climber
Aug 23, 2014 - 03:28pm PT
You dont think anyone would actually pay for this kinda stuff do ya?

If its put together in a nice readable format (experienced editors are the people to help with this), I'm sure people would buy a book of your stories.

I'd buy it in a second. You're a great story teller, Ron. You have a knack for picking out certain details.
Ron Anderson

Trad climber
Relic MilkEye and grandpoobah of HBRKRNH
Aug 23, 2014 - 05:00pm PT
Maybe i could convince CMac to do a Users of the SuperTaco adventure series?

There are some things i may or may not mention. I was being groomed heavily by the DEA guy who was a regional level 4- back then we didnt have level 4s in every district or even forest. He Never wore a uniform, and normally was packin concealed. He wanted me to join those ranks, and thats where the district had agreed to go with me. He said he had already invested too much into me. Never did know exactly what he was talking about there. But our first meeting wasnt so nice- in 1980 as the assistant supervisor of the dog valley engine crew. We had a saw turn up missing and they called on MR dEA to find out who had taken it. I knew who had by the fact he showed up with a brand new bling bling watch after a weekend. Coincidence like that bugs me.

Anyhow, Ol DEA starts to interrogate my crew one by one , using my office. He got to a member of my crew who was a bit "slow" developmentally but one hell of a nice person, honest as the day is long and one of my best workers.. He was the guy i had to pull back from the flames and remove his melted ass goggles so he could see me telling him to GTFO of there lol!

Any how Dennis comes running out of the office in tears upset like i had never seen him- truly working into his disability on the emotional end ,, and i snapped. Went charging into MY office and slammed the door and started telling him he was way out of line in causing my crew to come out of there in tears and that of all people there he would be the last to be suspected of anything wrong ever. DEA finally springs up and tells me to sit my ass down and listen to him. We were set to go to blows right then and there. I was young and all bad wit myself, and he was ex DEA with a "hot" past. Anyhow he appreciated my honesty with him and in the same breath told me that if i ever yelled at him and got in his face again like that he would knock me the -f out cuff me, and make sure i was rat holed for days as he put it. Thats how DEA and i met. Hed be in his late 60s or early 70s now id imagine.

To be around him, many had the willies. there was an aura about him,, that of a fanged snake perhaps - or at least that was my comparison. Id eventually work with him quite a few times over the years. You could hardly make him crack a smile with the best of jokes. He cracked me up sometimes though because hed wear swanky hats like indiana jones with a military field coat and shyt. Always an odd combination for his looks mannerisms or something. I eventually bought a used 9mm semi auto from him. A smith & wesson model 59.

Wonder if Mr DEA is still alive? hope so..Even though he gave me the willies too!

edit: GROOMED in the above post refers to the manipulation of ones career on the USFS into a certain direction.. those in management loved guessing where youd be the best for them and schmooozing or grooming you that direction.
Ken M

Mountain climber
Los Angeles, Ca
Aug 23, 2014 - 05:21pm PT
Ron, seriously, I know about this stuff.

There is a possibility of serious publishing to be done.

It would take little time on your part, because you've already done a lot of it.

There would need to be some significant editing done, although I'd personally not change the folksy style that comes naturally to you...I think it adds to the feeling of the pieces.

Trad climber
Aug 23, 2014 - 05:26pm PT
Really excellent stories and the "real deal." Keep them coming!
Ron Anderson

Trad climber
Relic MilkEye and grandpoobah of HBRKRNH
Aug 23, 2014 - 05:28pm PT
in this picture are two former DEA undercover specialists that were tr...
in this picture are two former DEA undercover specialists that were transfered into the USFS to "cool down" .. The dist ranger "Doc" Hiram B Smith in the first row kneeling just r of center r- of the girl with the superman shirt.
Credit: Ron Anderson

The was a LEO Clinic in Markleeville- round 82 or 3. Im on the extreme viewers left and Mr DEA is in the picture, can you find him? Utahs DEA dude was in the pic also and they are very near to each other. One is kneeling, the other standing behind him.

theres four of us on the left that were the "home boys". Me, Wayne Thompson Head of Fire prevention techs, Dave Webb, Timber Forester and Craig Wilson Head of prevention in Dog valley.. Wilson came from the Angeles National forest from a helitack crew..

edit: ODDLY enough, the woman,that would become the love of my life is in this pic too! 15 yrs later we would get together and shed rip my heart out and leave me for another. The best year and a half of my life followed by the worst hurt of my times that was.- and thats a totally whole nudder story lol! She left me for a level 4 in Austin Nv BUWAAAHHAHAHAHHA.. Talk about irony.. Shes in the middle row dead center..

edit: It would be hard to fill a whole book on my little stint Ken, unless i included my fire and timber days . But then it would be a whole nudder story..?? And truly im a bit surprised this all is so entertaining..??
Ken M

Mountain climber
Los Angeles, Ca
Aug 23, 2014 - 05:48pm PT
"Adventures of a Pro in the Forest"-

I think is the working title.
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