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Trad climber
So Cal urban sprawl Hell
Topic Author's Original Post - Dec 30, 2012 - 02:20am PT
I've sent well over 100 emails and have only had 3 interviews, -which by the way went excellent-, great rapport and I felt I did extremely well overall.
So what can I do?
Some people tell me to just show up unannounced at the very work sites I've applied to but heck, I cannot afford to me driving all over LA.
I did just that at a place I really want to work for and got no where.

Please if you have any suggestions I would appreciate those.

Thanks, Karen

ps I have a freakin' Master Degree, WTF???
Clint Cummins

Trad climber
SF Bay area, CA
Dec 30, 2012 - 02:31am PT
More details on your occupation, industry, experience?

Sounds tough, but extra time searching may result in a good job will last longer?
I.e. don't just grab anything random, if you want to stay at a good one for awhile.

Trad climber
Dec 30, 2012 - 02:33am PT
Can you create your own employment and hire others too? Start a company? I've been very impressed with one of my employees because she isn't dependent on me to provide her work, and she comes up with ideas all the time, we are starting a second company now with another idea she had.

ps. I have a business degree but imho they are useless in real life like most of what I had to learn in school. The best way to learn is to do.

Mountain climber
The Other Monrovia- CA
Dec 30, 2012 - 02:54am PT
What do you know about fracking?
Fish Finder

Social climber
Dec 30, 2012 - 09:08am PT
"I did just that at a place I really want to work for and got no where."

It takes more than just one try.

Look outside your field of expertise.

Continue to be positive.

Be persistent - "Continuing firmly or obstinately in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition." without being a pest.

I personally dont like working for "the man" but when I did , I never went on interviews where they would only take your resume and not have the decision maker meet with you. It is important to make that contact.

Once you have that contact you call them ,say every Wednesday at 10:00 AM.
to discuss the job. Its great if on the first meet you could get some personal info like kids, marriage hobby etc. and bring that up in your next conversation.

Act like you belong.

Forget the rejections.

Never be defeated

It will happen.

It is a numbers game.

Edit: you should be pounding on the door of the 3 interviews you thought went well.

Trad climber
Dec 30, 2012 - 10:02am PT
Face it, its all a big game of musical chairs. You got caught standing when the music stopped. You've now been black listed and will never work again. Ha. Better buy a bike and ride around the world (that's what I'm doing). Gas is cheap on a bike. Good luck. :)

Trad climber
Toshi's Station, picking up power converters.
Dec 30, 2012 - 10:04am PT


Sportbikeville & Yucca brevifolia
Dec 30, 2012 - 10:15am PT
As an employer, I wouldn't take emails very serious.
However, I would notice someone that took the time and effort it takes to show up at my place of business.
It's all timing.

I remember those days and it was never easy but, it always worked out.

Jim Henson's Basement
Dec 30, 2012 - 11:20am PT
Hey Karen.. we feel your pain. The hubby and I were tossed into that job hunt pit-o'-despair in LA for 2 years. It was the demeaning experience of my life. 1-3 interviews per 100 applications was average BTW. Degrees and experience mean nothing when there is a glut of people with the same degree applying for the same job.

Not sure what your occupation is, but your odds are better meeting people face to face. Stopping by to introduce yourself in person will give you better odds that being one random, applicant in 100s. Yes... it totally blows to waste limited funds on gas. Work with public transportation if possible.

Unfortunately... The consensus among most of the people that land decent jobs these days is that they "knew someone" who put in a good word for them, so you need to contact anyone who is in any way associated with any job you want.


The husband started with a temp agency doing maintenance work. He was later able to land a position at an apartment complex when they were hiring full-time. The fact that he had already worked with the staff and had a good relationship with them probably helped.

I ended up with a great job, but again.. I "knew" someone (a former neighbor) who was able to recommend me. My employment record on paper (professional artist) and my business skills in person are two different animals, so I may not have been considered otherwise.

Social climber
Dalian, Liaoning
Dec 30, 2012 - 11:24am PT
Come to China.

It's been very, very good to me.

Way better than the US.

Jim Henson's Basement
Dec 30, 2012 - 11:35am PT
Q: so what is your previous experience?

A: well ive been a commercial taxidermist.

Q: You prepare taxes?

Ron the answer is:

"Yes... yes I do" ;)

PS: My low-point was getting desperate enough to apply for Starbucks. They rejected my application (sans in-person interview) and sent me a letter that said "I wasn't qualified for the position". LOL Shows what the f*#k they know. Guess I wasn't young and dumb enough.

Trad climber
So Cal urban sprawl Hell
Topic Author's Reply - Dec 30, 2012 - 12:38pm PT
I am a licensed Marriage & Family therapist with a lot of experience. In order to become licensed one must accrue 3,000 hours of direct client contact, then take two heinous exams. I have more than those 3,000 hours working with a wide variety of individuals.

I'd love to work at the VA but they do not hire LMFTS, they only want social workers-boy does this piss me off!

To open up a private practice takes quite a bit of money, which in no way do I have.

Totally open to taking a job that I am over-qualified. However, I will not work for some of the agency's that I previously worked at while obtaining my hours, reason-way and I mean way- too stressful.

Btw, I live in Long Beach so if anyone has a lead on this type of work I would be eternally thankful!

Lastly, working out of my field, hum....haven't a clue what type of job to apply for, being a therapist is my only real experience, oh and one more thing-another pisser for me-3/4 of the jobs in this field you have to be bilingual.


Trad climber
Dec 30, 2012 - 12:47pm PT
PS: My low-point was getting desperate enough to apply for Starbucks. They rejected my application (sans in-person interview) and sent me a letter that said "I wasn't qualified for the position". LOL Shows what the f*#k they know. Guess I wasn't young and dumb enough.

yea, tell me about it. I've worked in Banking and finance for 20 years or so. Two grad degrees and a Chartered Financial Analyst certification. Used to make solid 6 figures. Living at my mother's for now and digging ever lower into the job market. People seem to think that if you can't find work its because your standards are too high. But its more complicated than that. Went recently to my credit union who has an opening for a part time teller. $12 an hour, but its work and would give me a chance to reestablish relationships. And actually working for a credit union sounds pretty cool to me. Anyway, met the manager (just walked in)and after two questions she basically told me not to bother applying. Need "cash handling experience". I try to explain, I have 3 degrees and 140 IQ. I can learn anything in a day. Didn't fly. Of course I can understand the world from their point of view. Who wants to hire a 58 year old when there are cute and malleable 20 something co-eds walking in the door every day looking for work. But from my point of view its a tough pill to swallow. Big bank treasury departments (my old gig) won't touch a guy who's been out of work for 5 years. and for low end jobs I'm definitely overqualified. So my advisers say "lie down your resume", ie don't mention graduate degrees and down play your previous positions. Well, that is lying isn't it? And if I have to lie, why not "lie up" a bit. My brother-in-law, in similar situation, completely fabricated his last employer (who had conveniently gone out of business) and found himself back in a private office at a nice stable company. I really don't know how to play this one. So bicycling around the world it is for me.

Trad climber
So Cal urban sprawl Hell
Topic Author's Reply - Dec 30, 2012 - 12:47pm PT
Ron what is FED? Have applied to County positions (again the bilingual problem). Damn, I should have paid attention and learned Spanish in High School.

Must run now, please keep offering suggestions!!!


Kennewick wa
Dec 30, 2012 - 12:48pm PT
Once you have that contact you call them ,say every Wednesday at 10:00 AM. to discuss the job.

If you are able to talk with someone ASK if it would be ok to call back on a particular day and time. It shows you value that person's time. Also if you do agree call on that day and time. I have agreed to have someone call me and then they call on a different day (usually early). Strike one!

Make sure in interviews you talk about the company and what you can do for THEM! To many people talk about how working for a company would be great for the person. I want to know what you are going to do for my company. Yes, it's ok to say why you are attracted to a company (culture, community service, etc) but speak mostly to what you can do for them.

While I like hearing "I hear this is a great place to work", what really impresses me is when someone knows about the company beyond the obvious. EX. "I was really impressed that company X was willing to take some of the profits from tobacco and gun sales and use it to place bolts on Serenity Crack to make it safer." (using your best Darth Vader voice) Impressive!

Trad climber
Nome, Alaska
Dec 30, 2012 - 01:03pm PT
Hah, come to bush Alaska.. If you can come to work, Sober and most of the time on time you can have a great job. Key word Sober/drug free.

Ken M

Mountain climber
Los Angeles, Ca
Dec 30, 2012 - 01:27pm PT
Karen, I assume you know how to find a job within your specialty, and it just isn't happening right now, for whatever reason.

If spanish is a prerequisite.....well, you know what is involved.
If LCSW is prerequisite....well, you know what is involved.

But you don't need advice on that.

I would suggest that you open your horizons, somewhat.

What you should be superb at, is communicating, both orally and in writing.
There are many jobs at many companies where that is the primary function, and employers (I'm told) have great difficulty finding people who have those skills.

For example, pharmaceutical companies might find such a person very valuable as a pharmaceutical rep. (competitive field).

Hmmm....human resources, where you interview people and write reports......

How many people have you interviewed? Thousands.
How many reports have you written? Thousands.

Look at where your *skills* take you, not neccessarily your job title...

Trad climber
Dec 30, 2012 - 01:27pm PT
I am all for entrepreneurship. This job economy is T-O-U-G-H and has been for some time. For those of us past early 30's, we are often going to be passed over simply because we have been there, done that, and they know it is much harder to work us beyond ethical reason. We get sick, understand that our sick parent comes before going clocking in(especially when we can make up the work on at-home time) and have been around the block so know what they really are saying when they boldface lie to us.

Karen - I'd be interested to know about the mega expenses to start yourself up. No experience in that field, but beyond your licensing, what expenses are there? Of course I KNOW there ARE expenses, just wondering if there are ways to reduce them... such as:

 Office: Your home may be able to accommodate clients. As you know, many therapists work out of home office. Or, perhaps there is entrepreneur who has rented a larger space than they needed, and who is looking to recoup on it by sharing space. Or one of those situation where a group of offices share a space and share resource such as office equipment, front office waiting area. receptionist etc,.

 Business Card? I'd be happy to do the artwork for your fist card gratis. It may not be the most exquisite card on earth, but I do know graphic arts, and do all my own for several businesses.

 Getting your name out there? I can also help you set up and give suggestions on developing a social media presence. I'd be happy to give you a free consultation. Doctors DO use social media, and I think a family therapist could do very well in getting their name out there.

No doubt there are directory fees, trade shows to attend and such. But can those be delayed or used very sparingly as you begin?

Possible to begin your own practice while doing a "get at least some money" lesser job?

I know it is hard - I myself have avoided going to work for others for 10 years now, and lived pretty sparsely to enable it. At 50 years old, out of the fashion design biz and on my own all this time, I know full well what I would have to look forward to in seeking work. It is hard to stay positive and strong during the process - good luck with your quest. I hope you will find just what you need.


Trad climber
new england
Dec 30, 2012 - 01:28pm PT
Might wanna pick up a rosetta stone spanish 101 disc.
Ken M

Mountain climber
Los Angeles, Ca
Dec 30, 2012 - 01:44pm PT
expanding on the "communications" theme, I see a LOT of jobs listed on Craigslist that might fall into this category.

You need to be interacting with a lot of people, and I don't mean just in a job-hunting mode.

Go to events where you can mingle with people AND HAND OUT YOUR CARD.
Have a goal to hand out your card to 10 people you don't know a day, and that takes some work.

Have a business card that is sufficiently general.
You can buy card stock at Staples and use a free online card creator to make cards specific to a particular need.

Events where you can meet people, like some of the Meetup things. I particularly like Zocalo Public Square events in LA, they are free, there is a reception where you can talk to people afterwards. A lot of influential people go to these.

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