I want a !@#$%^& J-tree welcoming commitee too!


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Hardman Knott

Gym climber
Straight Outta Squamton
Topic Author's Original Post - Dec 14, 2005 - 12:39am PT
OK ladies, here's your chance to hang with The (one and only) Hardman™.

But please take it easy. Since I'm kind of old, I can only handle the company of two or three at a time...

I will be making an appearance at The Spaceship area from around the 19th Dec
till a few days after New Years. Yes, we will be hogging all the fuçking best spots, as usual...

Karl Baba

Trad climber
Yosemite, Ca
Dec 14, 2005 - 01:05am PT
Wait til Ouch gets ahold of that picture.

I shudder to think


Hardman Knott

Gym climber
Straight Outta Squamton
Topic Author's Reply - Dec 14, 2005 - 01:13am PT
Hmmm. That was a tightly cropped part of a 5382 X 3672 image @ 300 DPI.

Should I e-mail him the original 56 MB scan to work with?

As Ouch!'s all-time favorite U.S. President said:

Bring it on!!
Hardman Knott

Gym climber
Straight Outta Squamton
Topic Author's Reply - Dec 14, 2005 - 01:26am PT
Hey Locker, where's the cheapest place to get PBR in cans these days?

I thought the pic was rather flattering...

Social climber
Davis, CA
Dec 14, 2005 - 01:33am PT
I just got a twelver of PBR at Albertson's in Sac for 3.99. Haven't seen good beer that cheap in years, heh heh.

Don't worry about the welcoming committee, we will deploy locker to your campsite Dec. 19.


Dec 14, 2005 - 01:43am PT
It ain't no good without the thumbs! Come on Knotty.


Mountain climber
Templeton, CA
Dec 14, 2005 - 01:58am PT


Mountain climber
Templeton, CA
Dec 14, 2005 - 02:11am PT
It is some species of bird with a real high voice, possibly a parakeet. :)

See that rack? That was HK getting ready for a nasty two-pitch route on a dome in the Courtright area. Climb was so vicious he used about two pieces off that rack and then we free-soloed the last pitch. LOL!
Agent Kream

Dec 14, 2005 - 02:15am PT
Though I am in "deep cover", I will pass you some tasty doughnuts through the bushes...

Dec 14, 2005 - 03:04am PT

Big Wall climber
So. Cal.
Dec 14, 2005 - 03:44am PT
The Spaceship huh?

Trad climber
Portland, Oregon
Dec 14, 2005 - 03:55am PT
Man-boobs - it's never pretty...

Trad climber
places you shouldn't talk about in polite company
Dec 14, 2005 - 03:56am PT
1st of all, you don't have a nice rack

2nd, when i go to jtree, i don't look for a red carpet, i just hope it doesn't dump 18" of pow outside my tent

and 3rd, splurge, drink some good beer

Trad climber
So. Cal.
Dec 14, 2005 - 04:57am PT
Hair is over-rated.

Kojak was "Roots" for bald-headed white guys.
Ed Bannister

Mountain climber
Victorville, CA
Dec 14, 2005 - 09:03am PT
Thanks for the laugh and the nice photoshop job shack!

I've saved the original as after, and the pot bellied little arm version as before to show to design students what you can really do with Photoshop!

Sport climber
St. Louis
Dec 14, 2005 - 09:30am PT
Damn. Wish I'd be there. I'd give you a !@#$% J-Tree welcome. Where will you be staying - just in case?

Oh, and the artwork above - - priceless!!!

And, I thought your photo was flattering too Hardman. Thank God Locker doesn't like it or he'd try to do ya!

Trad climber
New York, NY
Dec 14, 2005 - 09:55am PT
I can't believe I missed out on this thread last night....Ouch! - That was your best effort yet(though prolly HK doesn't agree....).

PBR is *not* good beer, no matter how cool it was in Billyburg about 5 years ago... Believe me, as a child growing up in Wisconsin, supposed beer capitol of the U.S., home of the infamous Budweiser Clydesdales(which are the only good thing about Bud), I can tell you I tasted them all. Hamm's, Bud, Pabst Blue Ribbon, People's.......They were all barely drinkable, and even as a burgeoning alcoholic, I knew better. Now....Pete's Wicked Ale, on the other hand, which is of course not brewed in that sorry excuse for a brewing state - talk about things that make you go hmmmmmm.....

Knott - looks like your Welcome to JTree thread is the best of them yet!


Desolation Basin, Calif.
Dec 14, 2005 - 10:40am PT
18 packs of PBR bottles at Albertson's on Sierra Madre Blvd going for $6.99. Beat that!

Not to mention PBR on tap at Joe Jost's.
Hardman Knott

Gym climber
Straight Outta Squamton
Topic Author's Reply - Dec 14, 2005 - 11:49am PT
Gary –– thanks for the tip! And I thought 12-pack cans for $6.00 was a good deal...

I will be hanging with the usual suspects in HV very near The Spaceship.
I have a friend who cut down a small hard-wood tree in his yard, and most of it will
be shipped down there in 2 to 3 vehicles. The last time I was there I had over 300 lbs of split
eucalyptus in my little Hyundai––nice to have wood that actually burns for more than a few minutes!

Nice work guys! LOL. Ouch, you will burn in the Islamic Hell for that depiction!
Shack, I thought I was fat at 6' tall and 163 lbs, but that's just mean!!
Crimpergirl, get down there ASAP. We need to get some shots of you leading something
(even if it's Locker on a leash).

Dec 14, 2005 - 01:44pm PT
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