The Grack, Center, Glacier Point Apron 5.6


Yosemite Valley, California USA

  • Currently 5.0/5
Recommended Gear

Below is listed some of the gear the SuperTopo team would take when climbing this route.

1 set of Nuts
1 set of DMM Peenuts
2 sets of Cams .5-2.5"
1 60m x 10.2 mm Lead Rope
1 60m x Trail Rope
8 Black Diamond Oz Quickdraws
15 extra Lightweight Biners
10 Shoulder Length Slings
Climbing Harness
Petzl Reverso 3 Belay Device
Petzl Grigri or Trango Cinch
Free Climbing Shoes
Meteor or Half Dome Helmet
Gear Sling

Hydration Pack
Approach Shoes
Sun Hat
Small Knife
Cell Phone
Small GPS Device