Locksmith Dihedral, Gatekeeper Wall IV 5.12a or 5.11+ C1


Zion National Park, Utah, USA

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Avg time to climb route: 1 day
Approach time: 1+ hour
Descent time: 2 hours
Number of pitches: 7
Height of route: 700' route, 1700' total
FA: Brian Smoot, Dave Jones, and Chris Rowins, 4/05. FFA: Mike Anderson, Colby Wayment, and Brian Smoot, 2006.

Locksmith climbs the first buttress on the unnamed peak east of the drainage on the northeast side of The Watchman. Scope this climb from the parking lot at the South Entrance to the park.

Rack: see topo.

Descent: rappel the route.

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Gatekeeper Wall - Locksmith Dihedral IV 5.12a or 5.11+ C1 - Zion National Park, Utah, USA. Click to Enlarge
Photo: Bryan Bird
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