Right Chimney, Three Penguins 5.10c


Desert Towers, Utah, USA

  • Currently 3.0/5
Avg time to climb route: 2 hours
Approach time: 10 minutes
Descent time: 30 minutes
Number of pitches: 2
Height of route: 130'
The Three Penguins is a short but proud tower located just minutes from Moab. Because of its position on slender rock pedestal, the tower feels taller and more exposed than it is. In spite of its name, this route is not a chimney though it does require 20 feet of offwidth climbing at the summit. The rock quality is awesome relative to other Arches routes. The climb starts with tight hands and ends with offwidth and involves and even amount of every size in between.
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Source: SuperTopo Guidebook Staff Last update: November 15, 2008
Three Penguins - Right Chimney 5.10c - Desert Towers, Utah, USA. Click to Enlarge
A view of the route from the road.
Photo: Chris McNamara
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