Lightning Bolt Cracks, North Six Shooter 5.11b


Desert Towers, Utah, USA

  • Currently 5.0/5
Avg time to climb route: 4-6 hours
Approach time: 1 hour
Descent time: 1.5 hours
Number of pitches: 4
Height of route: 325'
Lightning Bolt Cracks is not only the best route to one of the best desert towers, it would be a great climb anywhere. Excellent rock and the full variety of crack climbing—from fingers to chimney—highlight the climb. The crux is right off the ground, though the top of the first-pitch crack is tough, too. After that, Lightning Bolt has the bonus benefit of looking harder than it is—although it’s pretty hard!
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North Six Shooter - Lightning Bolt Cracks 5.11b - Desert Towers, Utah, USA. Click to Enlarge
The climbing route as seen from the base.
Photo: Dougald MacDonald
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