West Pillar, The Eye Tooth V, 5.10c


Alaska, USA

  • Currently 5.0/5
Avg time to climb route: 10-20 hours
Approach time: 1-2 hours from Gorge
Descent time: 5-10 hours
Number of pitches: 23
Height of route: 2,900'
The Eye Tooth (9,000’) is a southern sub-peak of the greater Mooses Tooth massif. Its tiny pointed summit caps one of the largest and steepest west facing walls on the east side of the Ruth Gorge. The West Pillar of the Eye Tooth is one of the finest alpine rock climbs in Alaska. This El Capitan-sized free climb scales an incredibly aesthetic buttress in the heart of the Ruth Gorge’s Tooth peaks. While the route has an occasional loose block, the rock is overall very sound, well featured, and highly textured. On the climb, one gets the feeling of being “really out there” as a sea of granite sweeps up above and below you.
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The Eye Tooth - West Pillar V, 5.10c - Alaska, USA. Click to Enlarge
An overview of the line.
Photo: Joe Puryear
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