Southwest Face, Hut Tower IV, 5.11a


Alaska, USA

  • Currently 5.0/5
Avg time to climb route: 4-8 hours
Approach time: 2-3 hours from Gorge
Descent time: 2-3 hours
Number of pitches: 10
Height of route: 1,900'
This small pointy peak is the last summit of the great London and Werewolf Tower massif on the lower east side of the Ruth Gorge. The tower is completely hidden behind Werewolf Tower from the upper Gorge, lending to its relative obscurity. But this fin-shaped spire is a secret gem, consisting of some of the best rock in the Gorge. The Southwest Face of Hut Tower makes for a good warmup for harder rock routes in the Gorge, or it may be a great prize for intermediate climbers looking to get up any one of the legendary Ruth Gorge rock routes. First ascensionist Andi Orgler describes this route as “relaxing climbing in the afternoon sun.”
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Hut Tower - Southwest Face IV, 5.11a - Alaska, USA. Click to Enlarge
An overview of the line.
Photo: Joe Puryear
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