Loon Lake (The Loonies)

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Northern California Bouldering, USA

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The Getaway Boulders - Loonys
The Getaway Boulders - Loonys
Credit: Chris Summit

The Getaway Boulders - Loonys

Credit: Chris Summit
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santa rosa
  Oct 26, 2015 - 07:29pm PT
LOON LAKE - Lake Tahoe Bouldering Area - October 2015
The Getaway Slabs and the adjacent Getaway Boulders are on Private Property and now have NO TRESPASSING signs currently in place. Everything across the creek downhill and west of the Rubicon 4x4/Jeep Trail and the main Loonies bouldering area is now, unfortunately, PRIVATE PROPERTY. Problems #5-34 on pages 96-98 inside the current edition of Northern California Bouldering by SuperTopo are now OFF LIMITS.
Bouldering at these areas or usually any areas with access issues and not respecting boundaries and landowners could threaten current and future access possibilities. A few bad attitudes can make all climbers/boulderers as a community look bad and often lose out in return. Respect usually gets you respect in return. The loss of Getaway is sad but not a really big deal for Loon Lake bouldering overall since there are many other good boulder problems in the area to enjoy.
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