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  Steve Schneider on the Shield Headwall, El Cap.
Photo:Corey Rich

Yosemite's Best Big Wall Climbing Routes
Thirty years after the “Golden Age,” Yosemite Valley remains a mecca to big wall climbers. The reason is clear: there is no place on earth with the same combinations of size, rock quality, good weather and accessibility. In short, its damn hard to find a better large rocks to throw yourself at. The 54 climbs listed below are among the most classic in Yosemite.

Topos of all of Yosemite's best big wall climbs are available in our guidebook Yosemite Big Walls: SuperTopos.

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51 - 67 of total 67 routes found. 
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Route Name Formation Review
Ten Day's After Washington Column
A3 5.8
3 Star Rating
The Cosmos El Capitan
A4 5.7
3 Star Rating
The Nose El Capitan
5.14a or 5.9 C2
5 Star Rating
The Secret Passage El Capitan
4 Star Rating
The Shield El Capitan
A3 5.8
5 Star Rating
Tis-sa-ack Half Dome
A3 5.9
4 Star Rating
Tribal Rite El Capitan
A4 5.5
4 Star Rating
Triple Direct El Capitan
C2 5.8
4 Star Rating
Wall of Early Morning Light El Capitan
A3 5.8
3 Star Rating
West Buttress El Capitan
A3 5.9 or 5.13c
2 Star Rating
West Face Leaning Tower
C2F 5.7
4 Star Rating
West Face El Capitan
3 Star Rating
Wet Denim Daydream Leaning Tower
A3 5.6
3 Star Rating
Wyoming Sheep Ranch El Capitan
A4 5.8
3 Star Rating
Zenith Half Dome
A4 5.8
4 Star Rating
Zenyatta Mondatta El Capitan
A4 5.7
4 Star Rating
Zodiac El Capitan
A2 5.7
5 Star Rating
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