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Yosemite Valley, rock-climbing paradise  
Photo: Library of Congress

Yosemite's Best Free Climbing Routes
When rock climbers die, they can only hope that they end up in a place as perfect as Yosemite Valley. The weather is great, cracks flawless and beauty unsurpassed. As a general rule of thumb, Yosemite climbs tend to be steep, smooth, and sustained. Below you will find our list of the 100 finest single and multi-pitch climbs in Yosemite Valley. Use the below chart to see which routes are available on the SuperTopo web site or use this chart to compose your dream tick-list of Yosemite classics.

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1 - 4 of total 4 routes found. 
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Route Name Formation Review
Half Dome - Two Hoofers 5.12 or 5.10b A0 - Yosemite Valley, California USA. Click for details.
Two Hoofers
5.12 or 5.10b A0, Half Dome

Two Hoofers follows the blue line.
Photo:Chris McNamara
Half Dome
5.12 or 5.10b A0
3 Star Rating
Southern Belle
5.12d R, Half Dome

Half Dome
5.12d R
5 Star Rating
Half Dome - Snake Dike 5.7 R - Yosemite Valley, California USA. Click for details.
Snake Dike
5.7 R, Half Dome

Snake Dike follows an amazing feature to one of the most incredible summits in Yosemite.
Photo:Chris McNamara
Half Dome
5.7 R
5 Star Rating
Half Dome - Blondike 5.11b R - Yosemite Valley, California USA. Click for details.
5.11b R, Half Dome

Blondike is the red line and Two Hoofers is the Blue Line.
Photo:Chris McNamara
Half Dome
5.11b R
3 Star Rating
1 - 4 of total 4 climbing routes found matching: Half Dome

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