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How To Big Wall Climb

Author: Chris McNamara
ISBN  978-0-9833225-1-1
Difficulty: C1-A5
Pages: 144 pages
Edition: 1st edition, January 2013 

Key Highlights

A detailed 6-month plan to get to the top of El Cap
Photo sequences for key sections
40+ color action photos from Yosemite and Zion
Gear info and buying advice
Bonus speed climbing and clean climbing chapters

Try before you buy!
Take a look at our Free Download of How to Pendulum (PDF 3.3MB) that also includes the introduction and basic gear advice.

How to Big Wall Climb is the first step-by-step aid climbing guide that takes you from your first step in an aider to the summit of El Capitan.

Like anything worthwhile, big wall climbing requires hard work. That said, it's not that difficult to get to the top of Yosemite's El Capitan, the top prize of the world's rock climbers. To scale El Cap you only have to free climb 5.9 and know very basic aid climbing skills. The daunting challenge is to put those skills together efficiently, a trick most climbers never master. That is where this book comes in. It's the first How To big wall book specifically organized and clearly designed to address the process of building big wall skills, step by step.

Author Chris McNamara has climbed El Cap more than 70 times and has set several speed records there. He has climbed more than 100 big walls, is a noted wingsuit BASE jumper and is the founder/CEO of SuperTopo, publisher of highly-regarded climbing guides for areas ranging from Alaska to Red Rocks with special attention to Yosemite.

If you are a reasonably good climber psyched to do El Cap or a similar bad ass big wall, you probably can do it. Each week read a new chapter in this book and follow instructions..

      View the Index and Introduction and 55 FREE pages!
    View Low Impact Climbing in Vertical Wilderness and Taking Care of the Big Stone

 2nd Edition - Make suggestions and see a Sneak Peak of the next edition

6 Key Points...

The Objective - Climb The Nose of El Capitan (or similar bad ass big wall).
Who can climb El Cap - Anyone who can free climb 5.8 and master basic aid skills. And who is psyched!
Time commitment - Two to six months, depending on how badly you want to climb a big wall.
The prize - Climbing El Cap and enjoying the process.
How to start - Read this book, borrow or buy the necessary big wall gear.
Guidelines - Your instructions are simple: Every week, open the book to the next chapter and get 'er done!


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