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YOSAR Sentinel Rock Yosemite Rescue on June 17, 2014
Friday June 20, 2014 1:49pm
I was there at the meadow across from Church Bowl. Saw the YOSAR team on the ground, then captured HD video of helicopter landing after second drop-off of rescue team on Sentinel Rock to secure the 1 injured climber.
Captured HD video of helicopter taking off to go retrieve injured climber from Sentinel Rock area.
Captured HD video of YOSAR helicopter returning from retrieval, and climber on line in air, along with YOSAR team's initial catch of climber in basket.
Saw the rescued climber sit up in basket before transferring to vehicle.
I'm able to provide video and photos to those 2 climbers. Contact me if you're them. Hoping all okay.

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Mr Eb
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Mr Eb is a trad climber from California.

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