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SPECTACULAR Climbing in Austria. Summit "Hochplatte" 7000 ft
Friday June 8, 2018 8:48am
Credit: Andreas He is the one
May 31st I decided to go from Munich to the Alpes in Austria. We went to the "Ammerland Alm" to start a really nice tour.

But there was a problem: fron 12am on there was a thunderstorm warning. That's why we really started early in the morning.

Up on the mountain "Hochplatte" there were some parts more difficult than we expected. It took us longer. So we didn't make it back till 12am.

But what happened then? Check out my tour-video.
Enjoy 5 minutes of SPECTACULUR pictures, suspense and good sound.

I would really appreciate it if you give me Feedback.

How did you like it?

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Andreas He is the one
About the Author
Andreas He is the one is a mountain climber from Munich, Germany.


Gym climber
sawatch choss
  Jun 8, 2018 - 09:51am PT
(+) pretty scenery in a new place to me
(-)Shaky camera, panning too fast for resolution of camera, and music that seems awfully dramatic for a via ferrata hike.

Trad climber
  Jun 8, 2018 - 09:32am PT
It is a beautiful place. With the over-the-top dramatic music though, I was waiting for the side of a mountain to blow off, or a flash flood to rip trees out of the banks on the sides of the river and take out your crossing while you are on it. Or maybe a crazy display of ball lightning chasing you down the trail?

Iím just teasing in a light-hearted way, but the music is a mismatch for the content.