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LOST RACK at Lover's leaf in South Lake Tahoe this weekend....
Wednesday August 7, 2013 7:03pm
Hey Guys,

I know that this isnít the best place to put this, but Iím not sure where else to go. My girlfriend and I were climbing at the Loverís Leap in South Lake Tahoe this past weekend for one last climbing excursion before she leaves for a job across the country for two years. We were climbing with friends, but finished early and couldnít get into the cars, so we posted up in the parking lot and sorted our gear. When our friends got down from the crag, we were in such a rush to get back home and start packing that we forgot our rack, harnesses, shoes, helmets, and rope (essentially everything). We didnít realize until we were unpacking the car.

We have been super stressed out over the move and me finishing my degree, and this has just been a giant punch to the gut. If you happen to know anything, please PM me any info you might have. I called the forest service and they havenít heard anything. Thanks so much for your attention and help in advance.


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