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Bouldering & TopRoping in Sisters OR

by mfsb
Tuesday December 24, 2013 9:44pm
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If you read my last trip report about Central Oregon bouldering (down near the river in Bend) then you know the boys and I (Princess Ponytail, Hosh Miagi, & MFSB) have a climbing/bouldering show: FCMM.
AND -just like the last trip report- there is (to your delight or dismay) a video! Here it is:

Here is the previous trip report (in case you're interested):

After several weeks (months?!?) of climbing in Bend, we heard rumors there was more to be had in nearby Sisters (a mere 30 minutes from Bend). Check out a map here:

Luckily (hah), we didn't have the handy-dandy Oregon GuideBook yet -but you can get one here:

We, instead, did what we have ALL done for ages - namely - talked to climbers and put together the gist of where to go and what was there (along with lots of doodles on napkins and the like). Eventually, we found it, 'it' being here:

Our first trip was for a day, which included finding the damn place! After several hours of that, we began bouldering our minds out (as we were told it was a 'bouldering' place). Much to my delight i found there were high cliffs/boulders with anchors and a few bolted lines. Also, several cracks and off widths!
(missing photo - sad face)

In our enthusiasm, we climbed fast and hard and realized - too late - how SHARP the rock was! We LITERALLY were all bleeding from various cuts and wounds but it was such a pristine, quiet, beautiful spot, that it instantly became our new favorite place to go.
(missing photo - sad face)

After several all day Saturday jaunts, we decided to do the smart thing and spend the weekend. As the bouldering are is part of forest land there is designated parking AND a fire ring! Camping is also allowed HOWEVER there are people living on the road (and several offshoots) so please respect them and others who come there for the wilderness (hikers, birdwatchers, families, etc). NOTE: there are NO trash containers so ensure you carry everything out!
(missing photo - sad face)

The only issue we had that weekend was when an IRATE local come out and accused us of "burning the forest down" with our fire. She left, only to have TWO fire trucks come and go (after we got their blessing because we had a gallon water jug, a large dirt pile, and a fire extinguisher, AND we were in the permanent fire ring. THEN two sheriffs came out - in separate cars! They too told us we were fine and, actually, overboard on our preparedness. Even going so far as to lament their having to drive out on a (implied) 'ridiculous call from some chick living in the woods'.
(missing photo - sad face)

For the camping trip we brought all the climbing gear and top roped everything we could. Most of the routes are short so you can knock out plenty. Here is some more information from

If you are going to Smith Rocks you will probably stop by Bend for a rest day (unless you're coming from Seattle or Portland) and, if you're on a week/longer trip, you should DEFINITELY get over to Sisters. Its free, quiet, and offers tons of moderate climbing/tr/bouldering.
(missing photo - sad face)

Have Fun!

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  Jan 10, 2014 - 05:20pm PT
Bump for the local haunts!

What's the season??

Author's Reply  Apr 22, 2014 - 11:03pm PT
Re: "whens the season"

Pretty much any non-winter part of the year. They can get a lot of snow so... probably April through October. It gets cold...

Sport climber
Bend, OR
  Apr 23, 2014 - 05:09pm PT
Dang, I'd sure like to see a few pics. Maybe just make a Flickr album or something and link to that?

Also, as long as we're on the subject of Bend climbing, anyone heard of a place called "The Forevers"? PM me if mums the word.

Sport climber
Bend, Oregon
  Jan 16, 2015 - 10:02am PT
There are so many different groups calling the same crags different names. Its quite ridiculous that certain groups in our area, finds it necessary to rename already named spots. The forevers will forever be called "Cougar Buttress". There is also a guide to the crag somewhere, that has been developed recently. Or are you talking about the crack climbs close to Tumalo creek? That area is called The Powerlines, due to the large lines running overhead across the canyon. and just down stream from there is The Tick Ranch, lots of bolted sport routes of higher difficulty.

Boulder climber
  Jan 18, 2015 - 12:03am PT
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