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45 Days trip to Red River Gorge - Best crags and where to stay?
Wednesday July 12, 2017 2:52am
Hi guys...

Next april I am going to Red River Gorge for a 45 days trip. I'm going with my wife and we'd like to camp, do u know where is the best place to camp? I read some reviews about Migue'ls and Land of Arches?

Another tip that i'd like to get from u is the perfect crag list. The best crags that i found are:

motherlode, darkside, drive by, bob marley, and left flank...

I wanna try my first 5.13a...

do u guys recomend 2 days climb x 1 rest or 3 climb x 1 rest?


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lucasrocha is a boulder climber from São Paulo.

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Social climber
  Jul 12, 2017 - 06:17am PT
hey there say, lucasrocha... hope some folks get a chance to stop by, read this, and offer some info...

welcome, and, have a good visit here at supertopo...

Alan Rubin

  Jul 12, 2017 - 06:35am PT
Hi Lucas, You may want to post your questions on another website as well (this site has a heavy 'west coast slant')---I'd suggest trying Mountain Project, the Southern States Forum.

I don't climb at your level but have been to the RRG fairly frequently so will try to answer a few of your questions.

As for camping, for such a long stay I'd recommend Miquels. It can be a bit of an over-crowded slum at times--especially weekends during peak season, but it is really the 'center' of things at the Gorge so is a great place to meet folks and hang out, and there is also plenty of room and adequate facilities. Most significant of all for a long duration visitor is that it is significantly less expensive than any other campground. I've never stayed at Land of Arches but some friends were there this past spring and were disappointed. A major complaint was that it is very exposed and windy there. Other friends like to stay at Lago Linda. You should expect some rainy, cold spells during that time period so come prepared. The past few visits I have gone as a part of a small group and we have rented cabins, which was a very good experience, especially with the costs split amongst several people. However over such a long stay this would definitely be an expensive option.

As far as which crags to visit---with 45 days you surely can get to many of them--even with time invested 'projecting' a 13. Your list so far is a very good one. I'd definitely add in the Chocolate Factory, a few visits to various crags in Muir Valley, some of the 'older' crags such as the Military Wall and Left Flank, and in the recently opened Miller Fork area (which has its own guidebook) the Fruit Wall is considered to be the best of the bunch. Of course there are many other possibilities but this should get you started.

Enjoy your visit. It is a great area.


Trad climber
South Pasadena, CA
  Jul 12, 2017 - 09:39am PT
Sounds like it will be a glorious trip to enjoy that much time. I would probably explore more places if I had that much time, but there is a certain charm about hanging out in one spot too.

I suspect if you are climbing 5.13 you know your own body better than anyone for how many days to climb w/o a break.

Boulder climber
São Paulo
Author's Reply  Jul 12, 2017 - 09:56am PT
So....for now I have this

April 10th - May 15th RED RIVER GORGE
1 week BOULDER, CO
2 Days Arches National Park
5 weeks JOE’S Valley
5 Days Zion and Bryce National Park
1 Week Yosemite ( Just for hiking and Boulder)
1 Week SF - LA
10 Days Austin ( My sister lives there)
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