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Snake Dike 5.7R
Half Dome

Yosemite Valley, California

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Topo Summary
Half Dome is the single most striking granite formation in Yosemite National Park. Snake Dike is the easiest technical climbing route to the top of Half Dome and boasts an unreal summit rising 5,000' from the Yosemite Valley floor and amazing views of Yosemite and the High Sierra. For more info on this climb, visit our online route beta page for Snake Dike...

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      Half Dome, Snake Dike
formatted for printing (PDF: 176K, 4 pages)

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Half Dome's Snake Dike, one of the great Yosemite classic climbs
Photo: Chris McNamara

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Nutcracker, 5.8, 6 pitches
Central Pillar of Frenzy, 5.9, 5 pitches
Middle Cathedral Rock, East Buttress, 5.10c, 11 pitches
Royal Arches, 5.10b or 5.7 A0, 15 pitches
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The Nose after winter storm.
Photo: Chris McNamara

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Your guide to climbing one of the best free climbs in the world.
Photo: Chris McNamara

Learn to climb 5.11 — the best free climb in Yosemite
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This pack will to help you obtain the skills needed to climb one of the best 5.11 climbs in the universe: Astroman. First, we outline the basic philosophy behind training for Astroman. Next, we take you through a detailed program that includes ten multi-pitch climbs and over 30 single-pitch routes. This pack includes:
El Capitan, East Buttress, 5.10b, 11 pitches
Sentinel Rock, Steck Salathé, 5.9, 15 pitches
Higher Cathedral, NE Buttress, 5.9, 11 pitches
Serenity Crack and Sons of Yesterday, 5.10d, 8 pitches
Middle Cathedral, DNB, 5.11, 19 pitches

The Rostrum, North face, 5.11c, 8 pitches
Washington Column, Astroman, 5.11c, 12 pitches

Southwest Buttress of
Cathedral Peak
Photo: Greg Barnes

The Best of the High Country
Tuolumne Ultra Classics

Spectacular rock and amazing views make Tuolumne Meadows a Sierra gem. With few tourists and cool temperatures this is an ideal summer destination for both face and crack climbing. This pack includes:
Cathedral Peak, Southeast Buttress, 5.6, 7 pitches
Matthes Crest, South to North Traverse, 5.7, 10 pitches
Mt. Conness, West Ridge, 5.8, 8 pitches
South Crack, 5.8, 6 pitches
Mt. Dana, Third Pillar, 5.10b, 6 pitches

Fairview Dome, Regular Route, 5.9, 9 pitches
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