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Gym climber
Topic Author's Reply - May 14, 2014 - 10:19pm PT
You're the one who brought it up. Now, it sounds like you're backpedalling.

You're right, I am backpedaling. It's too hard to search this forum and I'd rather not wast my time. But, look up where I say "No Sketch, no." I remember that is the phrase I used when you twisted my words to indicate something other than what I said. You fancy yourself smart, you can find it yourself.

What do you think my views are based on my posting that cartoon?

OK, more straightforward this time (a rephrase of what I already said): I think that your posts represent your views. So to me, your posting of the cartoon indicates that the cartoon is a representation of your view.

If your views do not align with the cartoon, or your views are different from the opinions you post, tell us so we know they are not your views. Otherwise, we must all assume they are your views.

Is that clear? OK, let me try it again, and I'll be blunt: What you post, including cartoons, represents your viewpoint.

Please let me know if this doesn't meet your level of understanding.

More of the same.

I agree, more of the same BS quips from you.

Apparently, you're unfamiliar with part of one paper's conclusion, stating: "sometime between 200 and 900 years from now ..."

Compare that to, "On the one hand there might be some melting in 1000 years time ..." To me that's a misrepresentation of the paper's conclusion. The paper says that starting as soon as 200 years from now, we could see a 4-inch rise in sea levels, and then a faster rate of rise after that.

You claimed I posted a "reasonable study" which is a five-year old OpEd. I asked what you were talking about. You serve up more of the same.

OK, is this a twist of my words? You posted a five-year old OpEd and said it was a "reasonable take on the studies."

So, I must assume you know what studies you are talking about, OK?

You then ask, "What current studies are you talking about?" And I lambasted you because you had already written about the current studies. It was today, actually:


Trad climber

May 14, 2014 - 05:14am PT

I'm curious to know if you believe in the results of scientific study.

I do, mostly.

However, I'm skeptical of the media's coverage of climate related research.

From NBC:

West Antarctic Ice Sheet's Collapse Triggers Sea Level Warning

Two teams of scientists say the long-feared collapse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet has begun, kicking off what they say will be a centuries-long, "unstoppable" process that could raise sea levels by as much as 15 feet.

The Guardian:

Western Antarctic ice sheet collapse has already begun, scientists warn
Two separate studies confirm loss of ice sheet is inevitable, and will cause up to 4m of additional sea-level rise


New data has scientists at the University of California and NASA convinced we've "passed the point of no return" with a slab of ice that makes up 10% of Antarctica's total land ice volume, enough to raise the global sea level by 15 feet if it melts

When you wrote this post, did you know these media reports were based on current scientific study? More importantly, does the post you wrote represent your views? I believe the post does represent your view, but the way you slime about, one never can be sure.

One thing is for sure. I feel sorry for your spouse, if you have one. You don't shoot straight.

Gym climber
Great White North
May 14, 2014 - 10:35pm PT
So Chief, what does old climbing buddy say about ice conditions in the Sierra?
Is Ice Nine in or what?


Gym climber
Topic Author's Reply - May 14, 2014 - 10:54pm PT
Please do ref that statement KMAN with a direct quote from the "paper".

The Chief, look above, not more than a page. Sketch references the paper with the full quote.

Here, let me find it:

sometime between 200 and 900 years from now the rate of ice loss from this glacier could reach a volume sufficient to raise sea levels about 4 inches (100 millimeters) a century. At that point, according to the paper, ice loss could pick up steam, with big losses over a period of decades.

I don't think I misrepresented the quote that Sketch pull out.

Let me point out, however, this important phrase from the quote:

... rate of ice loss from this glacier ...

Yep, just this one glacier. 4" of sea-level rise. Now that's a big glacier!

Anyway, have a nice day/evening.

Social climber
joshua tree
May 14, 2014 - 11:00pm PT

This just in. Seems as though its not climate change that's causing Antarctica to melt at all. Eye witnesses say they saw alien spaceships landing and loading icebergs into their ships. Scientist took samples from the landing zones and said," the alien spaceships turbo charged nuclear inline6 plasma burning engines must be putting out an exhaust temperature of around 940 degrees. Thus causing the Ice sheets to diminish. One of the eye witnesses reported over hearing one of the short heavy aliens saying, "this stuff makes great beer!"

Social climber
joshua tree
May 14, 2014 - 11:24pm PT

"We hope this report will both influence public opinion as well as influence national security policymakers and leaders,"

Fuk Yea! that changes my opinion!!! Lets sat art a war on climate change! We can kick its azz
We'll make it 80' and sunshiny everyday!! Nuke the CO2!!
Fuk Ya! America. Gonna save the muthafukn world now!!!!

How's that Satan?

Social climber
joshua tree
May 15, 2014 - 12:12am PT
^^^Yea Sweet! They are the best dogs!
My last one, Jake. RIP. would sit at attention next to me watching the water. I swear he could see the fly land. And soon as the water would break, he'd jump in and go after it. If the fish was near the surface he'd grab it ever so gently. Never punctured one. Then swim back and hand it to me and sit at attention. Cause he knew he was gettin a cut. He loved that sushi!

Social climber
joshua tree
May 15, 2014 - 12:33am PT
Oh Man she's a Beuty!
You can jus see it in her eyes that she's think'in,,,,, about you!
Dang their good dogs!!! I love'em!

If only those guys on the political,religious thread could have a relationship with one.
They'ed know what sentience is!

Trad climber
Is that light the end of the tunnel or a train?
May 15, 2014 - 12:37am PT
Mine pretty much does the same. Cept she licks em to death before I return em to the water.

Well Chief that is a beautiful dog and a rare truth from you.
remove the fish's slime coat and chances are good they will die.
Catch and release means releasing live fish. Why don't you whack them on a rock too before throwing them back.

Trad climber
Is that light the end of the tunnel or a train?
May 15, 2014 - 12:54am PT
Chuff my mom is dead you classless clown.

Social climber
joshua tree
May 15, 2014 - 12:55am PT
Oh come now BK.
if a man can marry a man. Why shouldn't a man be able to marry his dog? It ain't about sex. It's about rights, and insurance and benefits. Who will take care of my dog if I die? I want her to be secure. Think about ur answer first, before Norton calls you a bigot.

Social climber
joshua tree
May 15, 2014 - 01:07am PT

Lets put it this way: do you like your woman loyal and obedient?

Yup jus like me!

Ur to easy BK. I'm surprised you've kept Chiefs interest this long.

Social climber
joshua tree
May 15, 2014 - 01:14am PT
This just in;
Climate change causing fires in California. Scientist say alien spaceships are radiating so much heat from their exhaust pipes its causing fires to spontaneously combust in Cali's climate changed drylands. Obama has been notified. His response," pour iceberg beer on it!"

Social climber
joshua tree
May 15, 2014 - 01:23am PT

Ok you like your women obedient and loyal. You also like your dog obedient and loyal.

You left out the part of me being loyal and obedient also. What goes around comes around.

Gym climber
Topic Author's Reply - May 15, 2014 - 10:32am PT
Sketch, a short reply here. You are a waste of my time.

You ask me what your views are, and I answered as direct as possible. I gather my belief of your views from what you post. Why should I guess otherwise?

Go back and read your own posts, perhaps you'll get a glimpse of your own views instead of asking others to help define them for you.

But now I'm beginning to get your game. You make snide one-line quips that don't really show any opinion, but are passive aggressive attempts to discredit what others post. While you don't directly state your belief, I have gathered, from reading many of your posts, your general opinion. If I am wrong, it's because of your lack of communication skills.

Also, the cartoon was not a joke about the overreaction of the media. It was a pathetic attempt to discredit the studies. "There might be some melting in 1000 years..." You read the whole thing wrong, saw in it only what you wanted to see, which is par for the course.

The media didn't overreact, it posted summaries of what the scientific studies revealed; is the news itself sensational? Yes, it is very sensational.

Lastly, the MSM has been getting hit with the fact that they are under reporting the discoveries of climate science. Your attempt to say that the media is over reporting is flimsy and was a rather poor effort. You picked one very real story and showed how three different news outlets picked it up. Hardly over reporting.

Now go back and show us how they reacted to the release of AR5 (if you can find the stories in the news) and try again to make your silly point.

Ice climber
Brujo de la Playa
May 15, 2014 - 11:01am PT
Oh man. Reduced to dog-sheeit.
Wade Icey

Trad climber
May 15, 2014 - 11:06am PT
What is truly "compelling" is you and the rest of your guru clown bus Warmist brigade and the "reality" that you keep posting your insistent delusional bullshet of a dreamland utopia. Where everything is "normal" and constant. Nothing changes. Not even the climate.

that is awesome chef.

May 15, 2014 - 11:07am PT
This breed here is one of the coolest breeds of dogs.

Bev Johnson and Mike Hoover had one named Murphy.

"Hoover!! I thought Murphy is female" I asked.

"She is and her full name is Shirley Murphy," he said lol.

One day there was a pack of coyotes and Murphy was barking at em.

Hoover said; "Go get em Murph ..."

I said; "Mike they'll kill her?"

Mike just smiled and said nothing.

After a long time Murphy still isn't aback and I was really get worried.

Mike just ignored me.

Finally after a a long period time had passed and just when I thought Murphy was toast she appears with the whole pack of coyotes in a playful mode.

Holy sh!t I was blown away .....


Gym climber
Topic Author's Reply - May 15, 2014 - 11:12am PT
These glaciers already contribute significantly to sea level rise, releasing almost as much ice into the ocean annually as the entire Greenland Ice Sheet. They contain enough ice to raise global sea level by 4 feet (1.2 meters) and are melting faster than most scientists had expected. Rignot said these findings will require an upward revision to current predictions of sea level rise.

“This sector will be a major contributor to sea level rise in the decades and centuries to come,” Rignot said. “A conservative estimate is it could take several centuries for all of the ice to flow into the sea.”

So what does this mean for society? Curbing greenhouse gas emissions, and particularly the use of coal, makes sense for a host of reasons. But whatever happens on that front, there will be no new “normal” coastline for centuries to come.

This is from Sketch's NYT OpEd (the corrected one that is).

I read the quote from NASA news release, and I read Revkin's summary.

I gotta wonder, why does Revkin dumb down the news release? What is his ultimate goal? The NASA report says,

A conservative estimate is it could take several centuries for all of the ice to flow into the sea.

All of the ice??!!

From this Rivkin says "no new coastline for centuries to come"? Wow, is that ever an attempt to dumb down the news.

Looks like Sketch digs OpEds that dumb-down the seriousness of climate change. Am I right Sketch? Tell us, what's your view.

Trad climber
greater Boss Angeles area
May 15, 2014 - 11:28am PT
With the oceans scheduled to rise to disastrous levels, why is real estate right on the coast selling for the highest prices ever?

Why would anyone invest anything buying land that will soon be underwater?

Maybe the Smart Money knows something the scientists don't. It wouldn't be the first time.
Dingus Milktoast

Gym climber
Maestro, Ecosystem Ministry, Fatcrackistan
May 15, 2014 - 11:31am PT
For you chaz....

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