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Roger Brown

Oceano, California
Topic Author's Original Post - Aug 24, 2008 - 04:03pm PT
These are some of the photos I took while belaying Clint up Glacier Point Apron on the 14th. My mishap happened on the 16th. The first photo was taken from the anchor that I should have lowered out from insted of just giving myself a bunch of slack and going for it. I was running acrossed the slab faster than my feet could keep up. I was just starting to tumble when I run out of slack. I was carring a large rack of equipment and impacted the slab on my left side. I was backed up with a Gri-Gri so there was no worry of becoming disconnected from the rope. At least I got that right:-) I hung there till I got some air back into my lungs. I thought I was OK till I tried to move my left arm. The feeling in my side told me things were not good and that I needed to get moving while I still could. I reversed the Gri-Gri and pulled myself back to the anchor. I did the three rappels back to the base, and you know the rest from my last post. You folks don't have to tell me how stupid I am, I have been doing a pretty good job of that all week. I just hope I never forget. I took myself off the heavy pain meds this morning and will just do it on Ibuprofen. Since the X-rays show no fractures it is now just a matter of pain control. That will tell me when I can return to the project. Hope to see you soon, Roger Brown
This is Clint on Glacier Point Apron

Clint high on the Apron

This tree probably wasn't here on the first ascent. The route goes through the tree.

Anchor at top of Coon Yard Pinacle

Anchor two pitches above Coon Yard

Trad climber
Santa Clara, Ca.
Aug 24, 2008 - 06:02pm PT
Nice pics, CLint pretty much kicks ass! Everyone knows that.
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