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Topic Author's Original Post - Aug 14, 2008 - 04:37pm PT
Gene asked me about this:


Small, compact, light
Minimal waste smell when toting or in use
Each WB comes with TP, an antiseptic wipe and the magic smell-eating powder

Costly; 60 bucks for the case with 6 bags, $3 per Wag Bag (can be re-used per mfr--depends on amount of waste per use, IME)
Can't completely rid the case of odor (tried soap, disinfectant, alcohol; smell must be permeating the seams or material)
Gotta knead (may be a Pro for some)


Cheap; under $10 if triple-wall drain pipe is used instead of PVC (way lighter also; use a $5 gasketed expanding plumbing plug for closure, not threaded)

Shape/size can be awkward
Hard to empty, hard to clean/re-use

Overall I like the WC. The bags are generously sized; I was able to use it inside my ledge fly in bad weather, which I would never try with a lunch-size paper bag.

That lingering smell is annoying, though. I borrowed Gabe's (thanks, man). Taking it to/from the climb in a turkey basting bag is a solution.


Big Wall climber
Yosemite, CA
Aug 14, 2008 - 07:39pm PT
WC pros- easy to use, not bad smelling.

WC Cons- is all that plastic good for the environment?

We bought a bunch of wag bags last year, so I am still using them, but double use is the MINIMUM. The packaging rates it for much more and I have been triple using them.

Once they are gone, I think I am going back to paper bags. Honestly, I am not sure, but I am thinking better for the environment.


Topic Author's Reply - Aug 14, 2008 - 07:50pm PT
Holly, The plastic used in the WBs alleges to be a biodegradable type.

I'm sure the re-usage factor depends on the amount of waste. Small person/little waste=more uses. I could go two max, and there was one that was enough to give the magic powder a total run for its money. Details I know everyone will relish.

= ]

Social climber
san joser
Aug 14, 2008 - 08:11pm PT
The "BigWallPaul" method is far and away the best way to take a dump on a big wall:

1. Crap in a plastic grocery bag- you know, the kind they want to outlaw in San Francisco.
2. Put your used TP in the same bag.
3. Put bag into that empty can of Chef-Boy-R-D and then fold the lid over.
4. Duct tape the top of the can.
5. Toss can into bottom of haul bag.
6. Toss can in trash when you get back home. (I've left these cans in my trunk for weeks with no smell problems).

Advatages of the BWP system over other methods:
1. It's basically free. The plastic grocery bags are free and you already paid for the can. Duct tape from your water bottles.
2. No odors. You ever smelled anything thru a steel can? And you won't have be subjected to your partner's 4 day old turd that's been marinating in the poop tube.
3. Space and weight. You're alreay carrying the cans, so your not adding any extra weight or bulk to your haul system.
4. Insurance. The cans won't break, burst, or leak while hauling. No chance of having a gross epic.
5. Convenience. No dealing with it when you get back on the ground- just toss in a trash can. (Don't tell me it's not "healthy" or "environmental" to toss these cans in the trash. It's just poop. It goes in a landfill and will degrade over the next hundred years along with the rest of the garbage. Do you know how many millions of poopy diapers (baby diapers and Depends) are in landfills? Somehow we survive.

The last thing I want to do when I get off a big wall is open up a poop-tube and deal with disposing of week-old festering and steaming turds!

Poop-tubes are bulky and heavy. Every time you "go" you have to open the thing. You have to empty it at some point (and then store it in your garage). Yuk.

Specially designed "bags" are costly, can break if squashed, and usually allow some smell out. These bags may be of more use on Shasta or Rainier since you won't be hauling nor will you be carrying canned food.

Hey Chris Mac: there is no trademark on this method.... maybe you can include it in the next big wall guidebook as an alternative to the other methods?


Topic Author's Reply - Aug 15, 2008 - 12:27pm PT
BWP method:

People still duct tape water bottles? I guess you have to to use this method. Or carry a roll of tape (which I do on campin style walls). There are many times wall climbing when cans are not present but coilage may be imminent.

I wonder what ultimately happens to those cans compared to a disposed used Wag Bag or paper bag.

Can't say the method sounds optimal. Maybe in '92. Thanks for posting, cns.
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