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Boulder climber
LA, california
Aug 7, 2008 - 01:03pm PT
Sally, I saw your post from a year ago and thought it was remarkably convenient that you didn't have any photos documenting this alleged collapse of the totem pole. I believe you said the film was stuck in your "mum's" camera... what a crock. Now you come at us with the most ridiculously obvious photoshop fabrication -- you can actually see the outline of the real IN-TACT top of the totem in the lines of the ocean in your photo.

Social climber
Sep 14, 2008 - 01:34am PT
hey there josh... wow... what a trip... i read it and pretty much understood it all--though i am not a climber... you did a great job writing it all...

thanks so very much for helping us "feel like we were there"...

Trad climber
Santa Clara, Ca.
Sep 14, 2008 - 01:41am PT
Hey Sally, why do you bother climbers here with your Tasmanian Devil problems, mate?

In case you didn't notice Islamic Fascism is overrunning your beautiful country. Maybe you should straighten out your priorities first before you worry about saving cancerous animals.

I do love animals. But I really hate Islamic radicals who want to pull us back to the 13th century....and they don't give a f*#k about your animals.

Ya know?

Trad climber
Santa Clara, Ca.
Sep 14, 2008 - 02:00am PT
Sally, what is the source of the cancer?

I don't belittle your choice in care, I just question your priorities. If the Aussies are polluting the little buggers, that ain't good.

My folks used to live in Cremourne (Out of Sydney), you guys gotta great country, take care of it.
dee ee

Mountain climber
citizen of planet Earth
Nov 3, 2008 - 09:20pm PT
Dang, I thought you meant THE Totem Pole.

Stoked OW climber
San Jose, CA
Nov 3, 2008 - 10:21pm PT
cancer, Tasmanian Devils, and politics aside, this sounds like it was a pretty awesome and memorable adventure. Nice story to read!

Mountain climber
Nov 3, 2008 - 11:41pm PT
Sweet TR and nice send, Josh! Great writing that gives a good sense of being on the scene. Love the photos. Thanks for posting!!!
Todd Gordon

Trad climber
Joshua Tree, Cal
Nov 4, 2008 - 01:15am PT
Sorry;....wrong pole.....

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