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nick d

Trad climber
Topic Author's Original Post - Sep 28, 2007 - 10:36pm PT
Was digging through my magazines and saw these.



Trad climber
Mammoth Lakes, CA
Sep 28, 2007 - 10:53pm PT

Sheridan Anderson was classic!

nick d

Trad climber
Topic Author's Reply - Sep 29, 2007 - 01:55am PT
A couple more from the master!

The White Tower is my favorite!
Chicken Skinner

Trad climber
Nov 3, 2007 - 03:22pm PT


chico ca
Nov 3, 2007 - 03:52pm PT
Nita's man, Andy here. Anderson's "Curtis Creek Manifesto" is the best fly fishing primer ever. I just gave my bro a copy. Still in print. Google his name to read an excellent story on his life .

chico ca
Nov 3, 2007 - 04:15pm PT
Here's a couple of excerpts from the Manifesto. In the back he gives a nod to fishing buds Lloyd Price and Yvon Chouinard.

My 1980 receipt from the Yosemite Village sport shop is still visible
Steve Grossman

Trad climber
Seattle, WA
Nov 3, 2007 - 07:57pm PT
A classic from E. Lovejoy Wolfinger III from Mountain 30 1973.

Mighty Hiker

Social climber
Vancouver, B.C.
Nov 3, 2007 - 08:07pm PT
I'm lucky enough to have a copy of "The Climbing Cartoons of Sheridan Anderson" and of "Baron von Mabel's Backpacking", both of which are classics.

I also have a complete collection of Tami Knight's books and booklets, all thoughtfully autographed/defaced by the author.

Climbing humour is indeed a lovely subject. I believe Tami likens it to shooting a barn door with a shotgun - an easy target.

The books by G.F. Dutton, though not illustrated, are also wonderful gentle satires of our odd world.

Trad climber
Okanogan, WA
Nov 3, 2007 - 08:33pm PT
Anyone have the one panel cartoon with the caption: "Do you have to chalk up for everything?"

Social climber
The West
Nov 3, 2007 - 09:17pm PT
I do have that one, somewhere.

Trad climber
Golden, CO
Nov 8, 2007 - 09:47am PT
Bump. Just found this thread. I'd posted this cartoon of Philo's on the More Blanyon Stories thread, but it seems like it belongs here. I think it's priceless.

Anybody remember (and/or can post) that cartoon of Sheridan Anderson's with the big, ape-looking guy with knuckles dragging on the ground carrying a single huge cam? Always got a kick out of that one. I can't draw worth a damn but I always thought that being a cartoonist would be one of the best jobs you could have.
rick d

Social climber
tucson, az
Nov 8, 2007 - 09:59am PT
anyone have a copy of the "goo suit" cartoon from climbing in the 1980's?

Trad climber
Nov 8, 2007 - 10:57am PT

Gym climber
berkeley, ca
Sep 15, 2012 - 02:03pm PT

Any others?

Tami, do you have an old freebee to share?

Trad climber
Mountain View
Sep 17, 2012 - 06:45pm PT
I'm a fan of this one.

scuffy b

heading slowly NNW
Sep 17, 2012 - 07:02pm PT
There was a good one in one of the magazines maybe mid 90s,
I don't even know the artist.
Zaftig woman on a ledge, belaying, rope goes up out of sight.
She's wearing a cat-print hotpants suit, high heel go go boots, big hair...

Thought balloon something like "What's taking him so long? This is only
10d! If I have to lead this pitch TOO?!?!"
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