ANYONE HERE--ponds? DE'icer? best, safe, etc...?? HELP! :)


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Topic Author's Reply - Oct 11, 2018 - 01:04pm PT
hey there say, rottingjohnny... oh my... :( very sad to hear this...

this happened to our dear aunt, one year... she fell through
ice of her pond... it was one of the years, too, where the
season was a warmer winter... thus-- perhaps she misjudged...
she used to work on her pond, through-out the winter, ... my
mom thought it was due to the ducks, there... etc...
as they were active there... (ohio) ...

thank you for sharing...

our best childhood memories, were of the OTHER pond, at our
grandpa's in ohio...

my mom grew up with ponds and she instilled this in us...

for me, though, (and her, in about mid-city) ...
well-- we had to have very small yard ponds...

but-- it really does do something for your spirit...
having live creatures, there, making use of your land...

my japanese friend, in japan, loves her fish, too... :)
i know they are in a lot of the art, too...

digging a hole for fish, :))
it just must be in our bloodline, :)

mine cost me about 60 bucks to make (i only had so much to work with)...
am very thankful, i have a bit more, now...
as, it cost 'hhahaha' more than the pond, to get the de'icers, :))

but- i am a very thankful gal, here, and, hope the fish make
it through the winter, :)

(they would have ended-up 'feeding' fish, for sure, otherwise, in the
ol' pet section, of the grocery store)

thanks again, everyone, for chipping in... :)


ooops, forgot to note... not a mid-westerner, ahh, but a 'california gal' ... then, south tex-mex, and now, in micighan...

folks were mid-west, though, :)
say-- wonder if the 'pond' thing, at first, was a
european thing?--

gramps was from slovenian... and started our family-traditions of ponds...

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