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Topic Author's Original Post - Oct 25, 2017 - 07:56pm PT
SUPERTOPO CLIMBING GOLD: 0.0 A Guide to SuperTopo Gold
SUPERTOPO CLIMBING GOLD: 2.0 Threads: Foundational Series
SUPERTOPO CLIMBING GOLD: 2.1 Threads: Individuals
SUPERTOPO CLIMBING GOLD: 2.2 Threads: Areas + Routes
SUPERTOPO CLIMBING GOLD: 2.3 Threads: Climbing Conversation

My hope is that this index of SuperTopo Climbing Gold will collect and organize the highest quality climbing related information, narrative and entertainment on the SuperTopo Climber’s Forum.

As such, the goal is not to catalog every single thread or tr, but rather to mine the best 1-3% [or so] worth of climbing related threads and posts that this forum has to offer. To add your favourite hidden and not so hidden climbing related SuperTopo gems to these index threads, just post the thread, tr, or single post that made a significant impression on you, to any of the six threads and i'll keep [in time :)] compiling and making them clickable on the first post of the applicable threads.

There are only two rules and two instructions:

Rules: 1. no self-authored nominations
..... 2. nominations need to be somewhat climbing related.

Instructions: 1. be specific regarding which threads or posts you deem worthy [ie. i need something more specific than "all of jimmy joe willicker's threads”]
..... 2. ask yourself whether it's just a personal fave or whether it rises to the level of quality that these lists generally rise to, thus far.

2.2 THREADS: AREAS + ROUTES [by subject]


General: Here are the 5.10 Standards- Abide [Mungeclimber: Jul. 20, 2006]
..... High Sierra Hardman Ticklist [Impaler: Jun. 14, 2012]
..... How Many El Cap Routes have you Done? [Todd Gordon: Jul. 9, 2007]
..... Index of Yosemite Valley Climbs [Ed Hartouni: Jan. 24, 2004]
..... southern yosemite [scuffy b: Feb. 4, 2009]
..... Tuolumne Meadows Appreciation [Tarbuster: Sep. 22, 2007]
..... What were the first few routes on Cookie cliff? [john hansen: Mar. 6, 2009]
..... Yosemite Wall Climbing Photos [Minerals: Oct. 20, 2006]
History: 1977 Airplane Crash in Yosemite [Licky: May 21, 2005]
..... Bircheff Climbing Pics Yosemite '70s [Smiley Cain: Sep. 15, 2008]
..... El Cap- 50 years Ago Today [Sewellymon: Jul. 19, 2007]
..... obscure history [Oli: May 31, 2007]
..... Old Camp Four etc. Photos [throwpie: May 18, 2010]
..... Old Parking Lot photos [deuce4: May 8, 2007]
..... Sorting out late 70s Valley climbing [Roger Breedlove: Aug. 15, 2008]
..... The 1980's. The missing history. Players. [deuce4: Sep. 12, 2014]
Routes: El Cap:Fourth Ascent West Face of El Cap 1971 [Peter Haan: Oct. 8, 2006]
..... muir wall [the kid: Jan. 2, 2009]
..... "Smee's Come-on" memory jog [Roger Breedlove: Sep. 19, 2004]
..... Steve Grossman care to reflect for us on Turning Point? [T2: Nov. 29, 2009]
..... Tis-Sa-Ack [Mighty Hiker: May 12, 2009]
..... Wings of Steel: Goto 2.0 A. WINGS OF STEEL
..... WOEML and the Compressor route [john hansen: Jan. 26, 2011]
Routes: El Cap Base: Ahab 5.10b? [Iztok: May 2, 2006]
..... Peter Pan [Ed Hartouni: May 21, 2006]
Routes: Elephant Rock: How "Road to Astroman" ended up at Plumb Line [Alexey: Jun. 18, 2010]
Routes: Glacier Point: hall of mirrors [martygarrison: Jan. 31, 2008]
Routes: Half Dome: Karma [Chicken Skinner: Jun. 26, 2006]
..... Karma done again! [Chicken Skinner: Jul 31, 2006]
Routes: Lower Cathedral: Overhang Overpass- bar dips and a hangover [donini: Apr 3, 2009]
Routes: Middle Cathedral: The Road to Space Babble [Wade Icey: Dec. 5, 2006]
Routes: Ribbon Falls: Photos of The Hourglass Left [Peter Haan: May 26, 2006]
Routes: Royal Arches: Hang dog Flyer [Peewee: Mar. 25, 2005]
Routes: Tuolumne: A Bolt, Body and Soul, and Commitment.. [Walleye: Aug. 1, 2013]
..... Bachar-Yerian timelinep-who did which ascent and when [shipoopoi: Dec. 28, 2009]
..... Bachar-Yerrian???? [Clayman: May 8, 2008]
..... Boa Roof, Tuolumne? [bachar: Jul. 10, 2008]
..... Bombs Over Tokyo [bachar: May 23, 2007]
..... Anybody done Chartres- Medlicott 5.9? [Jay Wood: Jun. 7, 2007]
..... Slab Happy Pinnacle T.R. [Levy: Oct. 14, 2009]
..... Slab Happy Pinnacle. Left Side. TR [Alexey: Jun. 7 , 2010]
..... The Yabo-Hill---SCARIEST OF THEM ALL [scrubbing bubbles: Jul. 19, 2014]
..... You asked for it! - How many ascents? [G_Gnome: Jul. 10, 2009]
Routes: Washington Column: Astroman's Pre-History [Mark Hudon: Jan. 21, 2008]
Routes: Misc: An early ascent of The Right Side of the Folly [Roger Breedlove: May 20, 2007]
..... Free Stone - Geek Towers [Chad Umbel: Aug. 7, 2009]
..... Hang dog Flyer [Peewee: Mar. 25, 2005]
..... Left Side of the Remnant [Largo: Oct. 17, 2007]
..... Owl Roof, Yosemite [poop_tube: Dec. 1, 2004]
..... Tales of Power [Marty Garrison: Feb. 23, 2009]
..... The "Cringe" [Largo: Feb. 24, 2007]
..... The Crucifix [Gobi: Feb. 24, 2009]
..... The Good Book [NoRushNoMore: May 7, 2007]
..... The history of New Dimensions? [Alexey: Apr. 10, 2009]
..... The Phoenix [Marty Garrison: Feb. 24, 2009]
..... the real meltdown....1986 [the kid, Mar. 7, 2008]
..... What is it about Arch Rock? [caughtinside: Apr. 23, 2007]
..... What's the deal with Fish Crack? [Nefarius: Sep. 16, 2007]

B. AREAS + ROUTES: EARTH [ - yosemite]:

Canada: Squamish: Goto 2.0 E. SQUAMISH
Canada: The Coast: The Eldred [kinnikinik: Nov. 8, 2009]
..... The Chehalis Peaks [Ghost: Jun. 10, 2011]
Canada: The Rockies: canadian rockies triptychs [nah000: Aug. 16, 2014]
..... Mt Alberta, North Face: First Six Ascents [Avery: Oct. 28, 2014]
..... Mt Chephren, "The Wild Thing": All Known Ascents [Avery: Dec. 27, 2014]
..... Mt Kitchener, Grand Central Couloir: All Comers Welcome [Avery: Dec. 13, 2014]
..... Mt Robson, Emperor Face: All Known Ascents [Avery: Dec. 7, 2014]
..... North Twin- North Face G.Lowe & C.Jones Ascent 75-76 [Steve Grossman: Jun 27, 2009]
Europe: Alps: Les Grandes Jorasses [Marlow: Oct. 13, 2012]
..... North Face of the Eiger: Who's done it? [BASE104: Dec. 8, 2013]
..... The Eiger Mordwand [Toker Villain: Jul .22, 2011]
Europe: Dolomites: Brenta Dolomites hiking, stories, history & adventure thread [Fritz: Sep. 8, 2014]
..... Dolomites [drunkfox: Jun. 14, 2010]
..... *Spiffy Dolomite Vacation Thread* [Tarbuster: Sep. 16, 2006]
Europe: France: Fontainebleau: Fontainebleau - The Dream Forest of French Bouldering [Steve Grossman, Nov 29, 2008]
Europe: Switzerland: Second ascent of the N face of the Grosshorn (Swiss Alps) [Guck: May 12, 2011]
Europe: UK: Gritstone photos from 1977 [Rick A: Mar. 19, 2007]
...... Welsh Rock: [Marlow: Nov 13, 2013]
Mexico: El Gran Trono Blanco [Gabe: Dec. 10, 2007]
USA: Alaska: Denali Diamond: All Known Ascents [Avery: Jun. 24, 2015]
..... Denali: Slovak Direct [Avery: Jun. 25, 2015]
..... Kichatna Spire!! [Avery: Jan. 31, 2015]
..... Mount Johnson [Gregory Couch: Feb. 22, 2016]
..... Mt Forakers Infinite Spur: All Comers Welcome [Avery: Apr. 9, 2015]
..... Mt Huntington: A Selective History [Avery: Jul. 1, 2015]
..... Solo Winter Route CASSIN Mount McKinley. [Watermann2: Dec. 11, 2014]
USA: Arizona: Arizona Climbing Appreciation thread [MisterE: Dec. 2, 2008]
USA: Arizona: Canyon de Chelly: Tse-n-t'ytl [survival: Apr. 14, 2009]
USA: California: Big Rock: Big Rock - a little history [DonC: May 3, 2007]
USA: California: Idyllwild/Tahquitz/Suicide: Idyllwild Appreciation thread [Gobi: Feb. 27, 2009]
..... Seldom Climbed Idyllwild Classics [Largo: Mar. 21, 2006]
..... Stories, fables, and photos from Tahquitz Rock [EdBannister: Jul. 20, 2014]
..... Suicide Photos [EdBannsiter: Jul. 27, 2014]
..... Top 20 Tahquitz/Suicide Climbs on Mtn. Project [Todd Gordon: Apr. 11, 2012]
USA: California: Joshua Tree: Calling all old skool JT craggers! [Watusi: Jul. 8, 2005]
..... Golden Josh Years Stories and Slander [?: Apr. 10, 2006]
..... Old school Josh shots! [bachar: Feb. 25, 2006]
..... Old school Josh shots! (Part II) [WBraun: Mar. 1, 2006]
USA: California: Sequoia/Kings Canyon: Castle Rock Spire with Roper and Powell-1962 [guido: Jan. 22, 2010]
USA: California: So Cal Climbing Culture: Valley Nick-Names [marty(r): Jul. 1, 2004
..... The Mussy Nebula: Goto 2.0 C. TARBUSTER'S CAMPFIRE CONVERSATION CURATION: The Mussy Nebula
..... The Sheep Buggerers of JT...BITD [Bushman: Apr. 6, 2016]
USA: California: Stoney Point: STONEY POINT [pyro: Sep. 30, 2009]
USA: California: Sugarloaf: Tapestry at Sugarloaf [Tripod? Swellguy? Halfwit? Smegma?: Apr. 9, 2012]
USA: California: Tahoe: the "golden age" of the Tahoe area~~ [Ron Anderson: Mar. 12, 2010]
USA: Colorado: Jello's long-lost route? [Rhodo-Router: Aug. 22, 2007]
..... "Scrambles Amongst The Rockies" [Tarbuster: May 21, 2006]
USA: Colorado: Black Canyon: Black Canyon Stories [Grug: Apr. 17, 2007]
..... More Black Canyon Stories [Tarbuster: May 26, 2006]
USA: New York: Gunks: Welcome to the Gunks! [TradIsGood: Apr. 17, 2007]
USA: South Dakota: Black Hills [mike m: Aug. 29, 2014]
USA: Utah: Big Rocks! [bvb: Jan. 23, 2013]
USA: Washington: Index: routes In Index WA [crazygremlin: Nov. 10, 2009]

Topic Author's Reply - Nov 9, 2017 - 10:15pm PT
thanks Tarbuster!

to USA: California: Woodson:
woodson shindig, april 28th [bvb: Apr. 4, 2007]

i'm going to add the grossman threads at a later date, as that's a larger loose end that needs to be tied, than i've got time for tonight... good stuff as always though.

San Jose, CA
Jan 3, 2018 - 03:49pm PT
1.Overhang Overpass- LoverCatedral, Yosemite

Overhang Overpass- bar dips and a hangover [ by Donini]

2.Owl Roof , Yosemite [ by poop_tube]

3. Hourglass Right Yosemite, [ by le_bruce]

4. PeterPan 5.9 , and Peter Left 10b Yosemite, El Cap Base[by Ed Hartouni]
with incredible FA story by Peter Hann how Schmitz&Hargis stole FA from him

5. Ahab 10b , Yosemite, El Cap Base [ by Iztok]

6. Plumb line: Yosemite, Elephant Rock
it was my trip report [ which I can not nominate] but I can nominate The Warbler FA story

7. The Wild thing, Yosemite, the Folly [ by Karl Baba}

8. "Milestone" V 5.12b 19 pitches FA Sean Shannon, Kevin Worrall May, 2004 Basket Dome Yosemite

right here, right now
Jan 4, 2018 - 04:28am PT

In a fairly recent post you mentioned that you have been deleting threads from your index which suffer too heavily from disabled picture links due to the foto buckit third-party hosting pay wall notice.

I'm suggesting you leave those threads in the index with, perhaps a caveat explaining their deficiency, or at least keep a record of them somewhere.
Reason being, I have been viewing threads and restoring those broken links with various browser extensions.

Google has offered their own embed fix (browser extension), along with updates, but I have found those don't work in perpetuity.

I am however having great success with an alternate extension currently, and have resurrected tons of broken links so that I can save those threads to PDF. If by any chance you have been keeping track of which threads you have been removing from your index, I would be interested in seeing that list so that I can go through and archive those threads with the broken links restored.

 Of course I risk foto buckit seeing this post and doing their best to disable the functionality of all of the available extensions. (Which we can imagine they are doing anyhow). If you can acknowledge this post, and work something out quickly, I would be happy to remove this post ASAP.

(I would have sent you a PM with this request, but we know this forum isn't functioning in that regard very well, if at all).

Topic Author's Reply - Jan 4, 2018 - 10:33pm PT
Alexey: thanks muchly for the suggestions to this and the other thread. i'll get them posted soonish...

mister buster: appreciate the early morning thoughts. don't worry the only ones i deleted were trip reports that were basically entirely photos. so no need to worry that i'll delete entire threads. also, the handful i did delete, i hot linked and listed in the comments below the trip report compilation. that way i can occasionally double check if the original poster has resurrected the photos as they are able to edit the original trip report post.

short version: i don't delete if there is basically anything more than just missing pictures. and if i do delete i leave a hot link in the comments so o.p's can hopefully have some incentive to clean things up.

thanks for making sure i stay honest... :)

Social climber
Jan 5, 2018 - 03:19am PT
hey there say, nah000 ... wow, you did it again!!

thank you so very very much...

happy good eve, or, morning, whichever the case, :)
Jon Clark

Jan 5, 2018 - 05:59am PT
I'd like to recommend the following threads for inclusion in the A. AREAS + ROUTES: YOSEMITE: in the Tuolumne section

Bachar Yerian threads

You Asked For It thread

Grizzlyville, WY
Jan 5, 2018 - 06:30am PT
USA: Montana

Topic Author's Reply - Jan 16, 2018 - 08:55pm PT
damn Alexey: you got the good shIt... t'was a pleasure to compile 'cause it t'was a pleasure to read a bunch of these that i'd never seen before... thanks:

to Routes: Lower Cathedral: Overhang Overpass- bar dips and a hangover [donini: Apr 3, 2009]
Routes: Misc: Owl Roof, Yosemite [poop_tube: Dec. 1, 2004]
Routes: El Cap Base: Peter Pan [Ed Hartouni: May 21, 2006]
Routes: El Cap Base: Ahab 5.10b? [Iztok: May 2, 2006]
Routes: Elephant Rock: How "Road to Astroman" ended up at Plumb Line [Alexey: Jun. 18, 2010]

i'll be adding le_bruce's hourglass tr, karl baba's wild thing tr along with the Warbler's two posts about Milestone and The Crucifix to the best of TR threads...

i'll also be adding the whole Old Geezers! (Yes you!) Write up your FA Stories and tidbits to the stories sections of Supertopo Climbing Gold 2.3

cheers dude.

thanks Jon Clark: gold for sure...

to Routes: Tuolomne: Bachar-Yerian timelinep-who did which ascent and when [shipoopoi: Dec. 28, 2009]
Routes: Tuolomne: Bachar-Yerrian???? [Clayman: May 8, 2008]
Routes: Tuolomne: You asked for it! - How many ascents? [G_Gnome: Jul. 10, 2009]

and WyoRockMan: supercool... i'll be sending your Humbug Spires nomination to the TR section... thanks!

right here, right now
Mar 14, 2018 - 06:33pm PT

New Zealand
Mar 14, 2018 - 11:37pm PT
Hey nah000

You can add the following thread to your collection if you like.

right here, right now
Apr 17, 2018 - 08:19am PT
B. AREAS + ROUTES: EARTH [ - yosemite]:

Europe: Scotland:

USA: Washington: Leavenworth:


B. AREAS + ROUTES: EARTH [ - yosemite]:

USA: California: Malibu Creek State Park:

Though this is put together as a trip report, I think it belongs here:
USA: California: Mount Rubidoux:


El Cap: NIAD:

right here, right now
Apr 22, 2018 - 07:33am PT
B. AREAS + ROUTES: EARTH [ - yosemite]:

USA: California: Santee Boulders:


El Cap: Free Rider:

B. AREAS + ROUTES: EARTH [ - yosemite]:

Europe: Scotland:

right here, right now
May 5, 2018 - 02:23pm PT
Routes: Lower Cathedral: Beggars Buttress

There is another thread somewhere with a really good discussion about this route. Couldn't come up with it. Oddly the search function, when selecting for titles, didn't come up with one of these which is simply titled: beggar's buttress.

right here, right now
May 19, 2018 - 01:37pm PT
B. AREAS + ROUTES: EARTH [ - yosemite]:
USA: Colorado:

The Diamond

RMNP photo TR
Gnome Ofthe Diabase

Out Of Bed
Jun 11, 2018 - 06:17am PT
well placed here but better placed into the -2:1 Individuals- Thread
This, From Jody & his dad, Rivexing

And. . . . . . . Tales of the Vulgarians

True Gold


right here, right now
Oct 11, 2018 - 05:56am PT
B. AREAS + ROUTES: EARTH [ - yosemite]:

USA: California: San Diego

 BTW:Photobucket rescinded their pay wall strategy, and all of those old photo links should be working again, unless of course those who had hosted their photographs there deleted their accounts out of disgust.
Delhi Dog

Good Question...
Oct 11, 2018 - 06:31am PT
Thanks for the bump tarbaby!
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