Getting Stoned After 25 Years


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Bruce Morris

Trad climber
Belmont, California
Sep 13, 2017 - 11:51pm PT
You don't get drunk the same way at 55 that you did at 18 either. "All things are a changing, Sage Heraclitus said, but a tawdry cheapness shall outlast our days".
Jon Beck

Trad climber
Feb 2, 2018 - 09:14pm PT
You know pot has gone mainstream when girl scouts are selling cookies at dispensaries.

The scout's father told 10News his daughter has sold more than 300 boxes in a total of about 6 hours.

Credit: Jon Beck
dee ee

Mountain climber
Of THIS World (Planet Earth)
Feb 2, 2018 - 09:31pm PT
Try some edibles.

But go easy the first time, easy to overdose especially with alcohol.

Feb 2, 2018 - 09:51pm PT
I have a long proud and complete abstention from drugs. Turns out it may not be perfect.

A few weeks after bypass surgery I was out breaking rocks with a sledgehammer on our roads. A neighbor who earlier had helped this effort using a jackhammer, drove up saying he had the coffee I needed. I noticed he poured something from a flask into the coffee cup but I gave it no thought.

The rest of the afternoon I kept wondering why it is Arnold Schwartzeneger is never around when I am ready to take him on.

Just wondering.
Toker Villain

Big Wall climber
Toquerville, Utah
Feb 2, 2018 - 10:01pm PT
JSTAN lol,

a few months ago I visited my nephew in Philly.

a few of his friends took a couple of pulls off CO hi grade.

They had to retire inside to the coaches.

The Clint Eastwood quote comes to mind,..

Social climber
Feb 2, 2018 - 10:02pm PT
you cant appreciate a jackhammer unless you've enough of a gut to sling it across to top of the tools non working end


Boulder climber
Feb 2, 2018 - 10:17pm PT
Just because it's legal doesn't make it right.
Toker Villain

Big Wall climber
Toquerville, Utah
Feb 2, 2018 - 10:20pm PT
Does making it illegal make it left?

Social climber
Feb 2, 2018 - 10:31pm PT
only if your right...
T Hocking

Trad climber
Redding, Ca
Feb 2, 2018 - 10:59pm PT
Credit: Cheech and Chong
Jebus H Bomz

Sacramento, CA
Feb 3, 2018 - 01:29am PT

Feb 2, 2018 - 10:17pm PT
Just because it's legal doesn't make it right.

Please tell me youre talking about alcohol. They go on about the opioid epidemic and I looked it up to find alcohol is still winning by at least 20k deaths a year. You arent going to see them say peep about that though. Im not saying to kick it back to Prohibition by any means but lets cut the reefer madness bullshit and hypocrisy too while were at it.

The state of quantum flux
Feb 3, 2018 - 02:40am PT
Here here...

Im 28 years clean and sober and have no plans to mess that up, but if I could be a responsible recreational edible pot user now and then Id take that over alcohol. But I know what my alcoholism and addiction is, and it would be foolish beyond recklessness and selfishness for me to mindf*#k myself back into the quagmire I lived before I became sober.

Im just saying I know there are certain people who can use marijuana responsibly just the same way there are those who drink occasionally with impunity as well, and the health benefits or risks for them, however debatable, appear nominal.

Understanding that people should have the right to smoke or eat an herb that grows naturally from the ground without being vilified is very equal to the right one should have to drink fermented fruits and grains or distilled spirits if they can do it responsibly is only logical.

Blanketing intoxicating or mind altering substances as detrimental or immoral and criminal because some like myself can become addicted is just overeacting, and cannot be reasonably judged as so without the inclusion of alcoholic beverages being in the mix and prohibited as well.

If we were to outlaw everything addictive then we would have to outlaw food, money, power, and sex as well. The list goes on and on. But then, some folks cant help themselves from hating and judging others with differences or labeling pot users as hippies and somehow morally compromised.

Ice climber
Pomfert VT
Feb 3, 2018 - 06:41am PT
I had a smokeing habbit in the 7os but kicked it when weed went to $40.00 an ounce. I was saveing up for a new motorcycle and did not want to spend that money on drugs. Also not a mooch so did not want to be that cheap bastard tokeing everyone elses weed and not bringing anything to the party. Smoked a little bit in the 90s going to dead shows but certainly not a problem. I found a 1/4 oz on the ground back then and it lasted me about a year. bought a guitar that came with a half oz in the case and gave most of it away. the rest lasted a year or so. I did have a alcohol problem. sober since 2006 but do not feel that a toke of weed would affect that record one tiny little bit. when we were out west in 2016 I planned on smokeing a bit but though the opertunity was there never got around to it.... the kids I work with gave me a few buds for my birthday in june but have not had time to try it. part of that is Isa really does not like the stuff. The rest of it is that I feel to really enjoy it I need some real down time with no work obligations. perfect for cleaning the cabin on a day when when Isa is out of town and I don't have to go to work the next day. problem is that any time I get a day like that to myself I go solo climbing which is my high without the weed so I never get around to trying the weed.... It smells really good though.. Had to double bag it so it would not stink up the cabin....
Larry Nelson

Social climber
Feb 3, 2018 - 08:28am PT
Warbler posted
My guitar playing gets noticeably more creative when I smoke, and noticeably sloppier when I drink

Amen to that.
Never was much of a drinker and I was urine tested for 25 years at work. Every so often I would sneak a toke... but never on the job.

Nowadays I will use edibles, as I find my physical workouts seem to be more effective.
The side effect is for me to pick up the guitar while I'm still buzzed and I find so much more enjoyment out of playing.
It also enhances my sense of humor...if not wit.
The trick is to stay away from it until I've taken care of responsibilities.
reallyy big star

Social climber
some, place
Feb 3, 2018 - 09:59am PT
bush yo' a recrational poster.
please put supertopo in a vessel
and lests smoke er
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