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Nor Cal
Jul 10, 2017 - 12:34pm PT
a legend that will be missed and a new gap in this forum, damn.

Trad climber
Nothing creative to say
Jul 10, 2017 - 12:34pm PT
nice dirt claud!
Brian in SLC

Social climber
Salt Lake City, UT
Jul 10, 2017 - 12:34pm PT
Wow...ugh. Doesn't seem right.

Used to see him especially 'round Little Cottonwood bouldering. Some of us called him "suspenders dude".

RIP to a swole American legend.

Trad climber
San Diego, CA
Jul 10, 2017 - 12:35pm PT
Oh no!!! This is some gut-wrenching news.

God's speed BVB. Truly an American Legend


Big Wall climber
Terrapin Station
Jul 10, 2017 - 12:38pm PT
Wow. Very sad. Kind of speechless right now. Need to think on this.

Thanks so much for the madness Bob.

Gross Vegas
Jul 10, 2017 - 12:43pm PT

See you in the next world brother.

Social climber
Desolation Basin, Calif.
Jul 10, 2017 - 12:46pm PT
That's very sad news. I liked his writing style. Once I posted a simple question about The Thimble in San Diego County and got this:
we wuz all up on it babe, swole on that shizzle all the way back in the muthafukkin' day. stinkbuggin' the dimes, smearing the slabs, filling the bowls, plugin' the holes, pimpin the cracks, had one anuthrz backs, sea to shining sea, woodsun five eleven see. you know whut i'm sayin' babe? talking anza borrego oldskool OG backountry posse action. word to ya mutha, brutha.


Trad climber
Upland, CA
Jul 10, 2017 - 12:50pm PT
Sad news. RIP, American Legend, I will miss your posts here.
Sincere condolences to his family and friends.
Tom Patterson

Trad climber
Jul 10, 2017 - 12:51pm PT
Oh man...what a complete punch to the gut. This is sad news for so many.
Roger Breedlove

Cleveland Heights, Ohio
Jul 10, 2017 - 12:53pm PT
Very sad. My condolences to Bob's family, friends and loved ones.

Trad climber
Nothing creative to say
Jul 10, 2017 - 01:09pm PT

PigPen 2am session with some kinda new fangled bootwear. ;) [pic from the Sheep Buggerers of JT thread]

Mountain climber
San Diego, CA
Jul 10, 2017 - 01:38pm PT
I'm so sorry to hear this.

I had never met him, but always felt his presence at Woodson.

RIP to a True American Legend.

Big Wall climber
Jul 10, 2017 - 01:44pm PT
Bob was a legend to many of us who grew up in Southern California. If you spent any time at Mt Woodson you probably ran into him and his wide circle of friends.

R.I.P. Bob, you will be missed dearly.

dirt claud

Social climber
san diego,ca
Jul 10, 2017 - 01:53pm PT
I don't have the time or contacts to put it together, but a "BVB Woodson Memorial Shindig" would be really cool.

The Good Places
Jul 10, 2017 - 02:14pm PT

owe him a large debt for trailblazing so many great areas and an even greater one for *keeping the info on them sparse*

fly on you beautiful freak, fly on.

Social climber
Moorpark, CA.
Jul 10, 2017 - 02:31pm PT
Sad .... He was one of a kind.

I offer my sincere condolences to Bob's Family, Friends and Tribe.

Todd Gordon

Trad climber
Joshua Tree, Cal
Jul 10, 2017 - 02:54pm PT
Very sad day. I knew Bob as a climber..but lately as a dad to his two kids. He was a master at both. Today we grieve..hard.
Lynne Leichtfuss

Trad climber
Will know soon
Jul 10, 2017 - 02:58pm PT
It was wonderful to catch up with Bob a few years ago at the Woodson Party in Valley Center. He was kind to take time and share some stories with me about my husband, Dan.

Everyone has pretty much said everything a person could about BVB here and on FB. An enormously gifted human in so many ways, perhaps with a few demons to match. I especially liked his so very straight forward perspective and the words to match.

But where are the words we need now to express the grief and loss? lynnie

Sport climber
Made in California, living in The Old Pueblo
Jul 10, 2017 - 03:12pm PT
I am speechless. 💔

San Diego
Jul 10, 2017 - 03:16pm PT
I liked Bob Van Bell. Smart, acerbic, forgiving, uncompromising and a dam good crack climber. He was all those things.
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