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Inner City

Trad climber
Portland, OR
Feb 16, 2019 - 10:49pm PT
I heard on the radio this week that Kaepernick and Eric Reid had received a settlement from the NFL for allegedly being black-balled by the league for their kneeling during the anthem.

Amount of the settlement was not discussed and all sides are to remain mum I understand. Was also stated during the story that the amount was thought to be rather large..hmm.

It is a free country...
Gnome Ofthe Diabase

Out Of Bed
Feb 16, 2019 - 11:33pm PT
I also saw 2 stories, the 1st implied that the Kaepernick's lawyers found out that someone on their legal team was feeding confidential information to the NFLs side, prompting a substantially large amount to be offered by the NFL in an attempt to reach a settlement. (more than -double the amount?- originally sought?)
By Saturday morning, (the 2nd story) All that was said that an agreement had been reached, & that both sides were satisfied with the settlement.

Trad climber
Portland, Oregon
Feb 17, 2019 - 03:50am PT
I predicted these settlements the minute they filed suit and did discovery on the owner's texts and emails. All these months have been consumed with getting that material, deposing the owners and them and the league trying to get the case tossed out. That all ended back in August when the court sided with Kap; the owners were good and f*#ked at that moment and since then it's really just been haggling over the settlement amount and terms. My best guess is he got $50-70 million and Reid about half that or slightly more. The last thing the league wants out there is just how blatant the collusion among the owners really was.

NYTimes 08.30.2018: Colin Kaepernick’s Collusion Case Against the N.F.L. Will Advance
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