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Social climber
Aug 14, 2015 - 06:38pm PT
Cruz as president would be a huge disaster. Worse than Raygun, or bush.

Ice climber
Aug 14, 2015 - 07:14pm PT
Was he carrying legitimate papers? I hope you arrested him for pandering.

Craig Fry

Trad climber
So Cal.
Aug 14, 2015 - 07:37pm PT
Why is he hiding his birth Certificate

What does he have to hide?

Was he born in Kenya or CANADA?????
We have many questions..

East Bay, CA
Aug 14, 2015 - 07:46pm PT
That first picture deserves some dialogue bubbles.

"Did you know that Texas is the only state left where 1 in 5 adults still does not have health care? That is my favorite Lone Star state statistic."
Ken M

Mountain climber
Los Angeles, Ca
Aug 14, 2015 - 11:22pm PT
What a fun and memorable experience. Here in Ca, we rarely get to get this close to a candidate. Great pictures, was gracious of him to spend the time.
Craig Fry

Trad climber
So Cal.
Aug 15, 2015 - 08:12pm PT

Gross Vegas
Aug 15, 2015 - 10:09pm PT

Trad climber
Aug 16, 2015 - 08:23am PT
Jody - that's cool that you and your son got to meet a contender for 2016. I got to meet Jimmy Carter a couple of weeks ago, and that was a thrill as well. I got to see Nixon, up close and personal, at a reception at the White House in 1970, and while I'd never vote for a Nixon now, it was still pretty cool.

Along with many others on this forum, it's hard to imagine someone like Cruz in the Oval Office. I find him to be pretty quick on his feet (as any good debater learns to be), but lacking in the kind of experience needed to face the national and global issues of the 21st century, and lacking in the kind of perspective that won't lead to increasing unnecessary bloodshed. I find his self-promotion a bit tough to take, and his self-touted accomplishments to be almost exclusively symbolic--and of appeal to a very narrow base.

But're a person of conviction, and I can appreciate that. Cool memory for you guys, even if I can't share the enthusiasm for the candidate.
Ken M

Mountain climber
Los Angeles, Ca
Aug 17, 2015 - 01:21pm PT
Like all those who claim to be constitutionalists, he is nowhere close to that.

He is another one who simply is an advocate of HIS opinion of the constitution, failing to acknowledge that the constitution itself spells out who gets to interpret it......and it ain't a backbench Senator.

Technically expert, safe belayer, can lead if easy
Aug 17, 2015 - 01:24pm PT
So Jody...why do you consider Cruz a viable choice for your vote?

Trad climber
Ouray, Colorado
Aug 17, 2015 - 01:28pm PT
So what are the current Vegas odds and who's taking book? I want to get in on this one,

Social climber
So Cal
Aug 17, 2015 - 01:55pm PT
Cruz so far has shown he's the only candidate with the balls to restore the Constitution and the rule of law, including the separation of powers and reining in the unelected fourth branch of government, The bureaucracy. He's eloquent, smart and principled. Alan Dershowitz praised him as the smartest student he ever had,so don't underestimate him.

With that said I don't think he has a chance.

You have the K street, Goldman Sachs bought and paid for Bush and Hillary duo with all the money behind them and the Donald and Bernie show that proves that we really do live in the days of Idiocracy.

[Click to View YouTube Video]

Social climber
From the Time Before the Rocks Cooled.
Aug 17, 2015 - 02:04pm PT
This is choice…

Maybe the fool isn't eligible to even hold his seat as a Texican senator, let alone run for president?

Social climber
Hell is empty and all the devils are here
Aug 17, 2015 - 03:10pm PT
Cruz so far has shown he's the only candidate with the balls to restore the Constitution and the rule of law

Except for that pesky bit about the president being born a citizen, huh?

Orly Taitz, a leading and litigious member of what became known as the “birther” movement during Obama’s presidency, says she likes Cruz, but she probably will file a lawsuit if he becomes president without a federal judge declaring him natural born.

“I’m very consistent in what I’m saying: I’m saying there’s the same issue with Obama and Ted Cruz,” she says.

Taitz -- a Soviet-born dentist-turned-lawyer -- says two other prospective presidential candidates, Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., and Gov. Bobby Jindal, R-La., may also be ineligible to be president as their parents were immigrants, which may make Rubio and Jindal dual citizens.

“Maybe those three candidates should stick together and file one legal action seeking declaratory relief,” she says.

Taitz appreciates Cruz’s sharp-elbowed approach to his fellow congressmen and to Obama and likes his tax plans, but says she believes "natural born citizen" means someone born without dual citizenship.

Republicans say the darndest things!

Big Wall climber
Terrapin Station
Aug 17, 2015 - 03:25pm PT
Separating the powers? How about the separation of church and state?

Trad climber
No. Tahoe
Aug 17, 2015 - 03:34pm PT

Aug 17, 2015 - 03:37pm PT
^^^but at least it will be constutional!

Social climber
So Cal
Aug 17, 2015 - 04:34pm PT
And Barack Husein Obama will have financed WWIII with his nuke deal.

You really don't think Khomeini is going to start a GI bill for the Quds Force with those billions do you?

Trad climber
Portland, Oregon
Aug 17, 2015 - 05:00pm PT
Let's be totally clear up front: it was republicans who decided to invest trillions in destabilizing the ME while perfecting asymmetric warfare.

And in fact, those investments have worked out so well for China and Iran that if you were really conspiratorially inclined you'd have to conclude W, Cheney and Rumsfeld were Chinese or Iranian agents.

With his political leanings, if TGT were Iranian, and surrounded on all sides by nuclear weapons states, he'd be a rabid proponent of a nuclear-armed Iran.
little Z

Trad climber
un cafetal en Naranjo
Aug 17, 2015 - 05:17pm PT
baby, I'm always ready for the Boomstick!

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