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Boulder climber
in the midst of a metaphysical mystery
Apr 6, 2015 - 07:08pm PT
I dunno, Gnome. Those sort of look the way I think a deep-space spice worm would look, dancing in the deep powered by star energy.

You managed to get some real sense of energy into the twisted coils, bravo!


Ice climber
Brujň de la Playa
Apr 6, 2015 - 07:43pm PT
As long as it's not snowing.


Social climber
Apr 7, 2015 - 12:13am PT
hey there say, mouse... and all...

say, taupe looks very nice, when you add colors, to it...


you know like when you plant pretty little flowers all along cement pathways... :)

or set potted flowers out-and-about, on it... :)

Credit: neebee

Credit: neebee;_ylt=A0LEVjwAhCNVfDsAojknnIlQ;_ylu=X3oDMTB0b2ZrZmU3BHNlYwNzYwRjb2xvA2JmMQR2dGlkA1lIUzAwMl8x?_adv_prop=image&va=flowers+on+cement&hspart=mozilla&hsimp=yhs-001

say, did i help? :)

wow--from the FRENCH NOUN, meaning 'mole' ...
hmmm, well, we DO have 'mousey brown' ...

Taupe (pronunciation: /ˈtoʊp/ TOHP) is a dark tan color in-between brown and gray. The word derives from the French noun taupe meaning "mole". The name originally referred only to the average color of the French mole, but beginning in the 1940s, its usage expanded to encompass a wider range of shades.

Taupe is a vague color term which may refer to almost any grayish-brown or brownish-gray, but true taupe is difficult to pinpoint as brown or gray.

Social climber
Apr 7, 2015 - 12:14am PT
hey there say, zbrown...

as to the 'benefits' ... well, ALSO, NOT:

when you have cats... :)

anyone that has cats, will know why, :))

Ice climber
Brujň de la Playa
Apr 7, 2015 - 07:01am PT
^you don't make the kitties sleep outside?? :}

Gnome Ofthe Diabase

Out Of Bed
Apr 7, 2015 - 07:25am PT
F F ,
Don't encourage me,as I am thinking of rocks,and what to do Post or keep quiet? thank you and I liked this too ,
Credit: Gnome Ofthe Diabase
it looks like legs, ??
Credit: Gnome Ofthe Diabase
, It was an aside from the norm, and reaching out to (Norm3)?,
Credit: Gnome Ofthe Diabase
Credit: Gnome Ofthe Diabase
A pin like that, gets iced over almost every year,

The cracked Pouding-stone,walls were a perfect match for the soft ring angle pins .
B. G. C.
B. G. C.
Credit: Gnome Ofthe Diabase

here are other things to do instead of ruin a secret spot,

mouse from merced

Trad climber
The finger of fate, my friends, is fickle.
Apr 7, 2015 - 07:49am PT
Moles can't be trusted. Everyone knows that.
Bond de-fusing the nuke--Juggler or Clown?  Hero or bed-sitter?  Rejoi...
Bond de-fusing the nuke--Juggler or Clown? Hero or bed-sitter? Rejoice or lament?
Credit: GI Broccoli
"Octopussy" is a short story by Ian Fleming and the title of the thirteenth James Bond film made by EON Productions, as well as a character in the film.
The film is the sixth to star Roger Moore as the British Secret Service agent, Commander James Bond.
It is also the second film Moore has done with Swedish actress Maud Adams, the first being 1974's The Man with the Golden Gun.
Produced by Albert R. Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson, it was released in 1983, the same year as the release of the unofficial James Bond film Never Say Never Again by screenwriter and Thunderball film-rights owner Kevin McClory.
The film is loosely based upon the Fleming short stories "Octopussy" and "The Property of a Lady", both of which were published in the collection Octopussy and The Living Daylights.

Credit: mouse from merced
Credit: mouse from merced
Sunrise was at @ 6:45, and hour ago.

It's raining, it's pouring, the old man wasn't snoring an hour ago.

Taupe was one of the standard "muted" fabric colors of The North Face backpacking tents, used on the flooring and the flysheet.

That is one gnarly old ring piton, Gnome! Quite a museum piece.

On this date, April 7, 1805, Beethoven conducted his "Eroica" Symphony in its premiere.

Timid TopRope

Social climber
the land of Pale Ale
Apr 7, 2015 - 08:25am PT
Nice having a beer with you at your local watering hole. That place is classic old school. Finally got some snow at the Easter party in Foresta.
A mouse in the house.
A mouse in the house.
Credit: Timid TopRope
Gnome Ofthe Diabase

Out Of Bed
Apr 7, 2015 - 02:13pm PT
I got yer'Taupe right here and Taupe Is dope
Credit: Gnome Ofthe Diabase
"Homer’s Nose, “Dance of Topo-Usho”. In August Dave Ohst, John Tuttle and I climbed this exceptional route that ascends the great cleft (chimney) that splits the south face of Homer’s Nose. Start fifty feet right of an obvious water streak—the Black Tongue—and follow flakes diagonally up and right to a ledge running below the huge overhanging bulge. Traverse left on this to a short leaning corner and belay just above on a small sloping shelf (F10). Pitch 2: Follow a thin crack straight up (Al) to a short blank section. Use hooks (A3) to gain the crack above (3-4 inches), and follow this (F9) to a small belay stance on the left (1 bolt). Pitch 3: Traverse left ten feet to another bolt and follow the obvious off-width and chimney above (F9+) to a huge belay ledge. The last pitch is easy and obvious, ending in a large cave near the top. (NCCSIII, F10, A3)."

Richard 'Dick' Leversee

Dance-of-Topo-Usha :

Where the above came from,

Credit: Gnome Ofthe Diabase
Just a blatant grab from the thread of the same name ...

And Another Blatant Grab for use in a way
Credit: Gnome Ofthe Diabase
Amazing Wren
An Amazing Wrench
Credit: Gnome Ofthe Diabase
No Wren
Credit: Gnome Ofthe Diabase
I wil be back. . .Is it Boston or Chicago?
mouse from merced

Trad climber
The finger of fate, my friends, is fickle.
Apr 7, 2015 - 03:25pm PT
At least you're blatant, Gnome.

Although the control of content posted to the forum is deleted if it is offensive, it says nothing over in the sidebar about wrong gnomenclature.

Otherwise, treewise and birdwise I'd have got the boot long ago!
"Makes you look a little like a military man."
"Makes you look a little like a military man."
Credit: see the link

A beer in the hand is worth two in my bushy beard, Timid TopRope. Thanks for stopping in to visit.
Lovely nita, etc....

Gnome Ofthe Diabase

Out Of Bed
Apr 7, 2015 - 04:44pm PT
Speaking of Moderation: Freezing Forum Topics That Degenerate into Personal Attacks
Okay Ok I can still spellt so gud but contest for writing,
with largo as judge was cool,
I am dead!but why not post this instead
When in Rome?

so I know that you are not a fan of this but when I went to find a nice Polka , I was side-tracked
THEN THIS FLASHED by, the Production value, picture edit, # of cameras, and such
IT is stoner too( me drinks and smokes a wee bit) . . .
And when you are low or out and trying to extend the glow depending on who and what you
Credit: Gnome Ofthe Diabase

Credit: Gnome Ofthe Diabase


or not if you are just old, To old to not know better

Ice climber
Brujň de la Playa
Apr 8, 2015 - 07:42pm PT
I just said, “Good luck”

gargling in the rat race choir

mouse from merced

Trad climber
The finger of fate, my friends, is fickle.
Apr 8, 2015 - 10:02pm PT
Lenna's view from the deck yesterday afternoon.  Cedar Ridge, Sonora.
Lenna's view from the deck yesterday afternoon. Cedar Ridge, Sonora.
Credit: mouse from merced
Need climbing content, guys.
That is Jim Shirley.  He left the dog at home.  It's somewhere in the ...
That is Jim Shirley. He left the dog at home. It's somewhere in the mountains, I believe. He seems...happy!
Credit: Jim Shirley
Say, hey up there!
The route only goes one way, Jim.  Traitor Horn, Tahquitz.
The route only goes one way, Jim. Traitor Horn, Tahquitz.
Credit: Jim Shirley
G'night, Gnome.
G'night, Grampa.
G'night, John.
--Walton's Mountain.
mouse from merced

Trad climber
The finger of fate, my friends, is fickle.
Apr 10, 2015 - 02:47am PT
I am a lonesome cowboy
With no way to get around.
My faithful horse has died,
He's buried in the ground.

He also goes by the alias "Songmith," Mister Jones.
He also goes by the alias "Songmith," Mister Jones.
Credit: GI

In searching for music from Sweetheart of the Rodeo this a.m.--my all-time favorite country set--I came across Wilf Carter.
The Byrds included a version of 'Blue Canadian Rockies' on their wonderful 1968 LP.
It was also recorded long before that by Montana Slim.

Montana Slim - Blue Canadian Rockies

Wilf (Wilfred Arthur Charles) Carter. Singer-songwriter, guitarist, b Port Hilford, on the Atlantic coast of Nova Scotia, 18 Dec 1904, d Scottsdale, Arizona, 5 Dec 1996. Inspired by a touring Swiss yodeller, Carter began to sing as a boy.
After working as a lumberjack he went to Alberta in the early 1920s and became a cowboy, but also entertained at dances and performed for tourist parties travelling in the Rockies.

He made his radio debut on CFCN, Calgary, in 1930 and was later heard locally on CFAC, and nationally on the CRBC. About 1932 he recorded for RCA Victor in Montreal; his first 78, comprising his songs 'My Swiss Moonlight Lullaby' (which featured a yodelling style now influenced by the US singer Jimmie Rodgers) and 'The Capture of Albert Johnson,' was popular - indeed, the first hit record by a Canadian country performer.

Many of Carter's early songs were published by Thompson between ca 1933 and 1949 in several volumes individually titled Cowboy Songs, More Cowboy Songs, New Cowboy Songs, etc.

In 1935 Carter went to New York, where, as Montana Slim, he was host until 1937 for a CBS radio country music show. He then returned to Canada (purchasing a ranch near Calgary) and was heard on CBC radio.

Before 1940, however, he had two other US radio shows, on the CBS and NBC networks. An automobile accident in 1940 left him inactive for nine years; his popularity was sustained by the periodic release of new recordings.

In 1949 Carter resumed live performance with tours in Canada and the USA. In 1950 he attracted 70,000 people during a week at the CNE Bandshell, Toronto. For several years he performed with his daughters Sheila and Carol; his early tours also introduced such country artists as the Rhythm Pals and Orval Prophet to audiences across Canada.

Although his popularity began to wane in the 1960s in the face of the changing styles in country music, Carter continued to tour in Canada and performed regularly on CBC TV's 'Tommy Hunter Show,' and at the Calgary Stempede, of which he was the Grand Marshall in 1979. As well, his song 'Have a Nice Day' was a modest Canadian hit in 1976.

Carter appeared in 1981 in western Canada with his contemporary Hank Snow. In 1991 at age 86, he undertook his last tour (aptly titled 'The Last Round-up Tour'), performing in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario, and Manitoba.

Carter had more than 40 original and compilation LPs released by RCA and its Camden and Pickwick lines, including several theme albums - eg, Nuggets of the Golden West (Camden CAL-840), Christmas in Canada (Camden CAL-889), Songs of the Rail and Range (Camden CAL-2208), Songs of Australia (Camden CAS-2362), Wilf Carter sings Jimmie Rogers (Pickwick CAL-2300), and the gospel Let's Go Back to the Bible (Pickwick CAL-814). In 1983 he re-recorded many of his most popular songs for Fifty Gold Years (RCA KXL2-5020). Carter recordings have also been issued or reissued by Apex, Decca, MCA, Starday (USA), Bear Family (Germany), and other labels.

Carter was known for his simple, straightforward singing and guitar style.

He wrote several hundred songs, many as much in the folk ballad tradition (eg, 'The Capture of Albert Johnson' and 'The Fate of the Old Strawberry Roan') as in a country vein, although he was known for his many songs with cowboy, hobo, and prairie imagery (eg, the popular 'There's a Love Knot in My Lariat').

Carter's versions of 'Blue Canadian Rockies' and 'You Are My Sunshine' were also popular. He enjoyed an international reputation as far afield as Australia, where he once toured.

Carter has been acknowledged as the father of country music in Canada,
a distinction based on his prominence as Canada's first country star, on his influence on Canadian performers, and on the assistance he gave to the careers of others. If the distinction does not belong solely to Carter, he shares it only with Hank Snow.

Carter was inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Association Hall of Fame in 1971, the Canadian Country Music Association Hall of Honour in 1984, the Juno Awards Hall of Fame in 1985, the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame in 1989, and the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2007. The video documentary The Last Round-up: The Wilf Carter Story (Telefilm Canada, 2000) explored the country star's career.

The Yodelling Cowboy (Toronto 1961)

Sweetheart of the Rodeo 1968

It was the one record along with Buffalo Springfield's first LP which I played the most.

Sharing middle-night wakefulness. Thinking of nothing in particular.

I ain't tryin' to start no trouble, pard.
I just been thinkin' how life's gettin' hard.

I got one old pickup sittin' in the yard.
I got a new Toyota ain't goin' nowhere.
And neither one runs.
And I'm out of funds.

The sub-frame's rotted and the paint is all spotty.
I been livin' like a Christian, I ain't been naughty.

(More verses, please, folks...let's make it a tribal effort.)

It's your chance to become a Nashville legend.
Post a few or just one will do.
Cuz it doesn't take much.

I guess I just wrote my first country song.
I'd like to have some music from my pal Rong.
I know you're able but I ain't known it long.
Or I could look to Chico.

I'm still savorin' that beer we had last Friday, Timid TopRope. Thanks for stoppin' by.
The Blue Mercedian Rockies.
The Blue Mercedian Rockies.
Credit: mouse from merced

Credit: mouse from merced
Reminds me of hot-air balloons waitin' to lift off out in the desert, but still tethered to the ground till daylight.
mouse from merced

Trad climber
The finger of fate, my friends, is fickle.
Apr 10, 2015 - 05:59am PT
The MC Courthouse Museum currently is showing an exhibit that is prett...
The MC Courthouse Museum currently is showing an exhibit that is pretty special.
Credit: mouse from merced
Centennials only happen every hundred years.

I visited it on March 25 but could only gloss over it because they were nearing closing time. Photography is not allowed in the museum, but I surreptitously took a few, but they are a bit blurry and I really needed to use a tripod to do them justice.

The ones which I did take are of Yosemite.
The sign reads:  Pillsbury's Pictures.  Yosemite & 219 Powell St., San...
The sign reads: Pillsbury's Pictures. Yosemite & 219 Powell St., San Francisco. PRICES THE SAME EASTMAN KODAK AGENCY.
Credit: mouse from merced
I know nothing about this Death Valley Dodge. Maybe they were selling bogus cemetery plots.

I wonder how these folks travelled to the park.  On the YVRR, started ...
I wonder how these folks travelled to the park. On the YVRR, started up in 1905 or '06.
"Look at the Stellar's Jay! Smile!"
Credit: mouse from merced
Tourons from Merced city and county because the population was only a few thousand. Probably some farm families, but that's spec.

A photo of the dam at Merced Falls, no date that I recall, but likely ...
A photo of the dam at Merced Falls, no date that I recall, but likely the 1910s, soon after the construction of the dam.
Credit: mouse from merced
The dam is for the production of lumber, specifically, but there may have been a small electrical power generator here. Otherwise, the water backed behind the dam was used as a storage pond for trees coming down from the south side of the Merced Canyon, mostly Yellow pines, which were awaiting the attention of the sawyers.

"In 1910, the Yosemite Lumber Company was formed and purchased 10,000 acres of timber on the south side of the Merced River opposite El Portal. Access to that timber was accomplished by the construction of a bridge over the river and an "incline" up the mountain toward the timber."

In the photograph above, the dam is spilling the entire flow of the river. There are now two dams right above it, both operated by the irrigation district.

Between the two they control the river's flow and so the old dam never spills any water but what goes through the old gate where the generator probably sat, if there was one in fact. The old spillway is on the south side of the river and these folks are ambling about on a small peninsula of rock which juts out just below the gate.

In addition, an even earlier dam is located a few miles further downstream, built by the irrigation district to divert water into the Main Canal and thence to Lake Yosemite, a holding pond which is only filled by the opening of the irrigation season.

It's a bit weird that Gnome posted the Skaters' Watz up thread. This pond which the hockey players are using is probably not alwasy frozen, and I'm not sure where it was located, except I think it must have been on the south side of the Valley in the shade of Glacier Point.
Hockey Night in Yosemite.
Hockey Night in Yosemite.
Credit: mouse from merced
Puck hockey, it's too violent. Give me NFL or give me death? Hardly.

Hours at the museum are W-S, 1 to 4 p.m. and it's located at N Street and 21st Street in the County Courthouse Park/Veterans' Memorial.

This exhibit about the PPIE runs until July 19. It's loaded with old photography and Sarah and staff have done a great job.
Gnome Ofthe Diabase

Out Of Bed
Apr 10, 2015 - 06:05am PT
Orbs in space, may save the human race but as to so much about the country minstrel
I was not right now enthralled to read , 'cause the sad me is Charlie Brown iNG again?.
I had the day today now all to my self
Climbing or Gettin' out??
Nawh it still sucs here cold wet like early March in mid April though
Climate Xhange
There has been one day of seven hours above 57 degrees in five months, it is like living in the pacific north west without the Grandeur.
I choose to stay east and stay within the means of what might be, not throw down and head out the way my general population did I stayed stoic the bones I made would be made here
Full stop

Trad climber
dancin on the tip of god's middle finger
Apr 10, 2015 - 06:20am PT
it is kind of the universe
to occasionally extend to
us a passionate advance.

i arrive, and by dumb
circumstance my pants.
they are already unbuttoned.

it's a good thing because
i have a muffin in my hand
and the moisture content
of said muffin is exceedingly
low and thus our reality
is crumbling.

i like to maintain a tidy
dream so i glide
thru the door of
perception and step
outside and seize
her moment.

she squeals
and the dry edge
of her round breast
falls off,
landing next
rusted machinery
that the rain
found appetizing.

and i don't know what
happened next,
because i was,
just for a wink,
afraid of dying.

and in my blind fear,
she got away.

when i came two,
i was standing
there with my pants
down and in my hand
only the torn
wrapper and
remnants of our

and now she is out
there, carrying
my soul child
and when that poor dream
is born a bastard
it'll never know
it's biological author.

and i'll spend the
rest of my life
looking for
the missing immaculate
word that could
have been king of my dumb.

Gnome Ofthe Diabase

Out Of Bed
Apr 10, 2015 - 06:23am PT
YIKES WHAT A BOTHER!! the warning flashed and sent me into a tither all half mast you understand from trolling where I shouldn't. I was just looking where, by chance some shrubbery comment took me to Brazilian wax and well weak and male still, and not getting' enough,
I did not resist. . . really 'xxx' would be more correct than . . . thats DotDotDot for alls you in the cheap seats,


wham bang thank' ya' mhame, It was a lame site and it infected my rig!!
that 'el learn me ,so sorry for the full stop, and any way it let the site refresh and now I see more of A crescendo witchy heralded the return of sunburnt swillywealth, the Broke Poet ala grey dyike filled corner of the world that is as good as anywhere, To end it all from a Lovers Leap.
have ya, ever stayed out. . . well of course YOU have. but that is a sweet place to sleep in the all together in the out of doors almost heaven! or was it .... i will chwecky...GOOD ON YA Weedge. Hope is the wrong word , dread to see you more here i hope.

hey Flip flop the sewer grates are like Gates? to some who seek wealth and fortune on the street,
WE all said phuki to manhole covers, we, me & my pals all followed streams and creeks and Brooks??
are you a Mo-beard alum? i was not that lucky there. ,
mouse from merced

Trad climber
The finger of fate, my friends, is fickle.
Apr 10, 2015 - 06:38am PT
Get over it, Gnome.  There isn't sheet you can do about the weather ex...
Get over it, Gnome. There isn't sheet you can do about the weather except talk about it. At least your loved ones are around you to share the experience. Try to be grateful for that, speaking as your friend.
Credit: mouse from merced
The poem is a fragment of Liz Browning's 'Sonnets from the Portuguese.' Not exactly fodder for a country song.

The last time I saw Charlie Brown, he was at the BAR Bar near the USMC base, Pendleton, getting blitzed. He had a gig as a long-haul driver and got his ass in a jam for faking sheet in his log book. And his truck wouldn't start.

I see we've come to the bottom.
Helter spelt her until she was finished talking on the phone to her sister.
Always outnumered, always outgunned.

Turn the page.
Gnome Ofthe Diabase

Out Of Bed
Apr 10, 2015 - 06:57am PT
That last one Trun The Page
was a song that i was saving, fo', the one at the end ya know. . . . but

How sweet it IS, a bout six different takes of the boys to sort thru that is an hour and a half so sit tight and listen all that up there ...

is. . .


Breaking news zzsays it is colder than a El Capp snow sloughphf all the damn ef sonzz otay crisp creepers wazzwe say around here, time to what . . . free zz 'em again
The Nancy Karrigan Whine WhyWhyWhy oh if only i could have made a bad movie about that oneor did i

IS THIS THE END?? again snicker
well shiver me timbers as i case it that is z and he is cereal. so i feel the heat and as if i was news it would' a'peer' your and my biggest deficit well no my biggest deficit is cost and costing and caustic catz with control who do not like my roll i think no me go away is a count try, song i should have tried harder to came downtime a flew knew too much and was not cool
had fun and got laid that made older cooler hippies with three in hand mad?? my bad it was the show back then i made the cut then , when after ten or so shows the party was as good or better with Regular folks, asset freeze as you will i call no shame in that you can remember being back on the couch with brent and the boyx ordoc, Roc & Scully i was just a sweet kid with my hand in the cookie jar okay .
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